Summary: The IM and phone calls scared Kairi. But not as much as finding out who sent them.


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Sora12836: riku, we all kno ur jealous cuz u can't dance

luv2laugh06: is it tru, riku

luv2laugh06: r u a bad dancer?

way2sexy7: no, kairi, soras just an idiot

luv2laugh06: lol thats for sure

Sora12836: hey! not nice!

I laughed as I sat back in my seat, staring at the computer screen. In the internet chat room we were in, my friends, Riku and Sora, and I were, for some reason, discussing dancing. I couldn't remember how exactly they had gotten onto the topic, though . . . Oh, yeah. Now I remember.

Riku and I had been talking online for a while. Then, we noticed that Sora had signed on, so Riku invited him into our conversation. Bad idea. At first, we just talked about school and junk like that, the usual, until Sora went away for about five minutes. When he come back he kept talking about how good the raviolis he just got were. Although Riku and I kept attempting to change the subject, Sora wouldn't let us. Either he really loved raviolis or he wanted to annoy Riku and me, probably the latter. The conversation went something like this:

Sora12836 has returned

Sora12836: wow I just got these rlly awesome raviolis

luv2laugh06: ew! I hate raviolis! neway do u guys kno what 2nites math homework is?

Sora12836: how could u hate ravioli! they r awesome! especially these ones!

way2sexy7: uh . . . that's great sora . . .

way2sexy7: kai, we had 2 do pgs 346-349 in the workbook

luv2laugh06: thnx

way2sexy7: so r u 2 going 2 the carnival on Friday


Sora12836: If I'm not 2 busy eating these amazing raviolis

And it went on and on like that for fifteen minutes before Riku finally exploded and started yelling (well typing in capital letters) at Sora that nobody cares. Sora didn't answer for a few minutes. I tried to change the subject again, assuming that Sora was done with the whole ravioli thing. but before I could Sora started typing again.

Sora12836: u kno raviolis shuld be able 2 dance w/out ppl judging them

luv2laugh06: sora . . . raviolis can't dance

Sora12836: well, mayb they could if ppl wouldn't judge them

way2sexy7: raviolis wouldn't b able 2 dance even if ppl didn't judge them

Sora12836: riku, we all know ur jealous cuz u can't dance

And that is what lead us to our current conversation. Man, I have some strange friends . . . but they keep things entertaining.

Just then a new window popped up. It was the IM catcher, which read:

'You have received an instant message from the following screen name:


Would you like to accept?'

I had never heard of that screen name. Scratching my head, I wondered who it could be.

Interrupting Sora and Riku's conversation about fish pudding (I told you they're strange), I asked them if they knew who it could be, but they both said no.

"It could be one of my friends from school with a different screen name," I thought to myself. So I clicked the 'accept' button. Now, I regret ever doing that.

I couldn't believe what the IM said.


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