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Chapter Nineteen - Wakka's Story

The Night Before . . .


Wakka turned up the volume on his iPod, but it did nothing to help drown out the shrieking noise of the phone that was now filling the house. For some reason that Wakka was unsure of, the phone had been ringing nonstop for the past two hours in his house, which he shared with his grandmother and older sister. He knew there were worse things in life than having to listen to the phone ring, but this thought didn't comfort him or assist in perserving his sanity as he prayed for nine o'clock to come so he could get out of the house and head over to Tidus's. Even asking his grandmother what was going on was out of the question, because if the phone wasn't ringing, then she was locked in her bathroom, talking to some unknown person.

Just then, Wakka's phone lit up and began vibrating on the bed next to him. At first he considered just throwing it out the open window and officially giving up phones forever, but he dismissed the idea and instead picked it up and answered it after removing the headphones from his ears. "Wakka here."

"Hey, Man." It was Tidus. "I'm just calling to make sure your still coming over tonight to watch the blitzball tournament."

"Yeah. I wouldn't miss it if you gave me a million dollars." It wasn't exactly an exaggeration.

"All right!" Wakka could practically hear Tidus grinning on the other end of the line. "See you then."

There was a click on the other end before Wakka could say anything more. Dropping the phone in its original place on the bed, the boy proceeded to pick up his headphones again. Before he could get them anywhere near his ears, the phone beside him vibrated again, this time accompanied by a small beep to indicate an incoming text message. After fiddling with the buttons for a few seconds, the message was opened. Although it was short, Wakka reread the words displayed on the miniature screen several times.

'I'm watching you.'

"I'm watching you"? The puzzeled teenager studied the message. The sender's number was unfamiliar to him. It was probably a joke. After all, it was just like Tidus or Sora to give Wakka's number to a random schoolmate and say, "Text this guy and freak him out a bit." Pressing the 'close' button on his phone, Wakka put the text message behind him and opted to turn on his television instead of attempting to listen to his iPod again, since that didn't seem to be working out so well.

As he stood up to reach for the remote resting on the dresser across from the bed, the phone behind him beeped again. He considered ignoring it, but his curiosity got the better of him, and he opened it right away.

'What? You don't believe me?'

"You'd be right," Wakka said to the mystery texter, though whoever it was couldn't hear him. Or so he thought.

A new message came only moments later.

'Well, I may be right, but you, My Friend, are wrong.'

Only now was Wakka beginning to become a bit freaked out. He studied the number again, and he definitely didn't recognize it. All he could tell about this person is that he or she was a speed-texter, and they were either a really good guesser or there really was some psycho watching him.

When the next text arrived, he already had his inbox open, waiting on edge for it.

'If you need proof, then we'll test it. Go ahead and say something aloud. It can be anything.'

Wakka, understanding the general gist of the message said the first random thing that came to mind. "The buckets are yellow."

The next message came only moments after the words left his mouth.

'The buckets are yellow.'

The text quoted his works exactly. This had to be some sort of cruel prank. Now what was he supposed to do? Call the police? Tell his sister?

'And make sure no one finds out about this. I know more about you than you know about me. I could hurt you more easily than you could hurt me.'

Whoever it was had a point. Right now he could only do as he was told. And wait for the next message to light up his phone. "What now you're a mind reader?" he asked aloud, knowing very well this time that this person could hear him, though he still felt a little strange talking to someone he couldn't see.

'No. I just know how a simple-minded teenage boy's brain works. Now, be a good boy and calls this number. I'd like to talk to you more personally. Keep in mind, this isn't even my phone, and I'd have no qualms ditching it if you try anthing cliever. I can see your every move after all.'

It seemed to Wakka that, not only were the messages becoming longer and creepier, but they were also arriving quicker, and he couldn't help but wondering how the person on the other end of the message managed to text so quickly. Pushing this thought aside, he reluctantly did as he was told, and began dialing the number that he had practically memorized.

Wakka didn't really want to be any part of this, which he was still half-convinced was a prank, but since he was, he figured he might as well go along with it. Besides, he was more than anxious to find out what exactly he would hear when the person on the other end picked up.

The phone only rang once. There was a click, but no greeting on the other end. Just the sound of someone else's breathing.

Wakka wasn't exactly sure what to say or if he should say anything at all. "Um, Wakka here."

"Yes, Wakka, I know it's you." The voice was unrecognizable, as the speaker was obviously using some device to disguise his voice. In fact, he sounded almost like a chipmunk, and, if not for the intensity of the situation, Wakka would have had a difficult time taking this person seriously. "I need you to listen to me."

Assuming that it would be better to just let him continue talking, Wakka said nothing in response.

"This is what I need you to do," the voice continued after a short pause. "Leave your cell phone on and keep it with you. I'll text you from time to time. All you need to do is whatever the message says to do. Simple, right?"

No response. Wakka still couldn't help but feel that he was being ordered around by Chip and Dale.

Now his tone was becoming annoyed. "You wouldn't want something to happen to you or your friend, Kairi, would you?"

"What do you know about Kairi?!" Wakka blurted out without thinking.

"Well, don't become egotistical. You're not the only one I'm keeping tabs on."

Wakka bit his toungue to avoid another outburst as that wouldn't help anything.

The person on the other end waidted to see if Wakka would say anything more before he went on in his condescending chipmunk tone. "But as long as you do what I say, she will stay perfectly safe, along with all of your other friends and loved ones."

Biting his toungue yet again, Wakka silently vowed to find out what this creep wanted with Kairi, but for now, he could only say, "Okay."


Wakka laid on his bed, replaying in his head the conversation he had had with Mr. Chipmunk, the nickname he had come up with for the mystery person he had talking to not even two hours ago. The phones downstairs were still ringing nonstop, but his own phone had remained silent since then. He had no edia what to expect from this guy or when to expect it, but he knew, whatever it was, it wouldn't be pleasant. He had, in fact, received a text message after an hour or so, and Wakka's heart had raced as he opened it, but it was only from Tidus, yet again confirming Wakka's visit at ten.

Glancing at the clock, Wakka realized that it was about time for him to leave for Tidus's. Mr. Chipmunk hadn't siad that he couldn't leave the house, and, though the thought of stepping outside with some weirdo watching his every move unnerved him, the option of staying alone in his room the whole night with the same weirdo watching creeped him out even more. He stuck his cell phone in his pocket, remembering Mr. Chipmunk's condition, but just as he stood up to grab his overnight bag, in case he decided to stay over, the phone vibrated. Sure enough it was a text message. And this time it wasn't from Tidus.

'Before you leave, I have a favor to ask. Call Kairi. Be sure to block the number. Don't say anything, but stay on the line. Freak her out a bit. You'll be able to leave and go to Tidus's hould soon after, but waid until I tell you to.'

To be sure he understood the directions perfectly, Wakka reread the message three times. He was supposed to call Kairi? To freak her out? Wakka tried to decipher the purpose of this, but it make no sense. It wasn't like he was completely keen on the thought of tormenting his friend, but Mr. Chipmunk's threat kept ringing through his mind.

"You wouldn't want something to happen to you or your friend, Kairi, would you?"

Wakka picked up the phone and began dialing.

The phone only rang once before she picked up the phone, as if she were standing right next to it. He practically winced when he heard her voice. He would ahve enjoyed doing this to Tidus, or even Sora, but why did it have to be Kairi.

"Hello?" Her voice seemed to be shaking a bit, but Wakka figured he was only imagining it.

He didn't say anthing, despite his lingering compulsion to tell her to get out because "he's" watching. The only thing stopping him was the threat playing over and over in his head. So he just breathed heavily into the phone as he was told. Actually the whole thing seemed way too old-school-horrible-effects-horror movie for him, but he wasn't about to argue with his directions.

He almost thought he heard a chuckle from the other end.

"Sora, is that you?"

Wakka said nothing.

"Hey, did you send me this IM--"

Unable to take it anymore, Wakka hung up. He was ordered to call and freak her out a bit, not sit there and listen to her have a desperate conversation with herself while his conscience ate at hime.

He sat there on the bed, thinking about what just happened, what was happening, and what his options were, though he didn't have much time to do so. Only a few seconds later, his phone lit up with another message, and he didn't need three tried to guess who it was.

'Okay. That will suffice for now. But I need you to do something else this time. Go out the the alley near Tidus's house and wait there. You're headed in that direction anyway, no?'

To respond to him, Wakka decided to text him back this time, because he felt ridiculout talking to someone he was unable to see.

"What will I be waiting for?" he typed in quickly.

The next message took longer than the others, even though it was fairl shorter.

'You'll see when the time comes.'


Wakka stood, as he was told, waiting inthe alley, silently. He had been there for only about two minutes, which seemed like an eternity so far, and he had not the slightest notion how much longer he would be there. Standing in the shadows to avoid detection, his initial concern, besides the fact that he might have been called out here so that Mr. Chipmunk could stab him or something, was that someone might see him and think that he's some sort of rapist. But those thoughts were soon replaced as he wondered what exactly he was supposed to be waiting for. All he could do it trust what Mr. Chipmunk said about knowing when the time is right.

And just then, it came to him, because standing in front of him in the spotlight was Kairi. First he was supposed to call her and now this? For whatever reason, there was some creepy jurd out there who was obsessed with Kairi, and the only one who could get to the bottom of it was Wakka.