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Full Summary: She was a geisha, who just happened to accidentally kill a famous criminal. Now she needs protection from the criminal's partners. Naturally, she is forced to get a bodyguard. Okay, he's not really knight-in-shining-armor material, and he's promised to another woman, but Ino can't help falling in love with Shikamaru.

Pairings: TemaShikaIno, NejiTen, NaruHina, SasuSaku
Rating: T (may go up)

Started: July 26, 2006
Finished: April 2, 2007

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A Troublesome Fairytale

By Lily-Finn

Chapter 2

"I don't see why I have to attend that moron's stupid engagement party." Ino grumbled as she pushed a mound of rice with her chopsticks.

"Because I would be very lonely without you. Besides, Sasuke-kun will be there." Sakura chirped happily as she poured soy sauce over her bowl of white rice. Ino could see the starry gleam in her pink-haired friend's green eyes at the mention of the Uchiha man.

Ino also would have started daydreaming had not a certain pineapple-head been occupying her thoughts. Angrily, she stabbed her chopsticks into her rice. Taking another few experimental stabs, the maiko smirked. Then, with all her might, she brought her chopsticks down into the rice bowl while imagining that the little white flakes formed that lazy bum Shikamaru's face.

"A-ano...Ino?" Sakura's concerned voice asked. Ino turned to her friend with a questioning stare. Sakura pointed to Ino's dish and stated, "I think you can stop now. You broke the bowl."

Looking down at her meal, Ino let out a sheepish laugh. She had indeed broken the bowl. Then, grimacing, Ino realized what that meant. It meant that Tsunade-sama would take money from her and use it to buy a new bowl. She had already broken four that week. If Ino kept breaking bowls, she'd go broke! Which meant she wouldn't get any new kimonos or get to buy sweets from Anko at the dango shop. And it was all that lazy bum's fault for making her think about him and getting angry at the thought of him! Ino held her chopsticks in a death grip.


Ino stared in horror at the broken chopsticks as they fell from her hand. She'd have to pay for those, too! It seemed that whenever she thought of that lazy bum, she broke something that would have to be replaced with her money. Damn that lazy bum Shikamaru!

Nara Shikamaru sneezed into the bowl of ramen in front of him. Grimacing, the genius stared into his bowl. Deciding that he did not want to eat the delicious meal anymore, he scooted the bowl towards Naruto. The blonde took the bowl without any questions asked, leaving Shikamaru to stare at him in disgust.

Turning to the other man sitting with them, Shikamaru asked, "What were you saying?"

Uchiha Sasuke shoved his empty ramen bowl away from him with a disturbed glance at Naruto. "Kakashi-sensei and I have a new mission. Some enemy shinobi group managed to get past the gate last night. Whoever they are, they're hiding in Konoha somewhere."

"When's the mission?" Shikamaru questioned.


The blonde on the other side of Shikamaru snickered. "Then Sasuke-teme won't be able to come to the party. Which means I'll have Sakura-chan all to myself." With that said, Naruto went back to eating his snot-filled ramen.

The young Uchiha's coal eyes narrowed at the Uzumaki. He chucked one of his chopsticks at the blonde's head. The chopsticks hit with such force that Naruto was knocked from his seat. Not minding the cursing blonde on the ground, Sasuke continued to tell Shikamaru, "As a matter of fact, I will be attending the party. The enemy ninjas seem to be going after Gaara. Kakashi-sensei says that the group will attack Gaara at your engagement party."

"Why would the do that? There's too many people who will notice the attack, dattebayo." Naruto rubbed his butt where he had fallen on it. He glared at the young man sitting beside Shikamaru and added under his breath, "Stupid Sasuke-teme."

"It's because there'll be too many people that the group will attack." Shikamaru explained. "No one will notice if any suspicious people show up. The ninjas will blend in. The only people who will know who they are are Temari, Kankuro, Gaara, and me because we've seen the entire guest list. But we might become so caught up during the party that we might not even notice an enemy among us."

"But knowing Gaara, if he spots someone he doesn't know, he'll want to chase off the intruder by himself." Sasuke interjected.

Naruto stated, "Yeah, but Gaara can take on anybody, dattebayo."

"Maybe, maybe not. For all we know, this group may be stronger than Gaara." Shikamaru laid his head down on the counter of the Ichiraku ramen stand. "Troublesome...this is all so troublesome. Temari's not going to like this."

Oops...Ino's not going to like this, Shizune thought to herself. She picked up the drenched kanzashi from the floor and set it aside. Tsunade's assistant had been helping Ino get ready for the engagement party. The maiko had refused to dress into her kimono or put on her make-up unless someone found her favorite kanzashi. Ino had cleverly hid the hairpin so that no one would find it. Sakura, feeling annoyed at her best friends childish actions, had pointed out the exact location of the kanzashi (Ino had told the pink-haired maiko, thinking she could trust her friend...but she thought wrong!). Shizune had found the kanzashi, and on her way back to Ino's room, she thought she should do something about the rats in the storeroom.

So the assistant had gone to the kitchen to find some rat poison. She found the poison in the upper most cabinet. But right as she was taking it out, the old chair she was standing on collapsed, bringing Shizune down with it.

When Shizune looked over the mess, she spotted Ino's favorite kanzashi...

...soaked in spilled rat poison.

So now Shizune was kneeling on the kitchen floor, cleaning up the spilled poison and fretting over what to tell Ino about her hair piece.

"Shizune!" Said assistant jumped at the call of her own name. Ino was calling her. Picking up the kanzashi, Shizune ran to the maiko's room. When she knocked lightly on the door, Ino slid it open roughly, stating immediately, "I know that forehead girl told you where my kanzashi was, so just give it to me and I'll gt dressed like a good little maiko."The girl held out her hand, waiting for Shizune to present her with the hair piece.

The assistant hid the kanzashi behind her and laughed nervously, "Ino-chan, why don't you just use another one? That kanzashi is so old."

"But it's my favorite. If I don't get it back this instant, I'm not going to the party," Which wouldn't be so bad, Ino snickered mentally. I'm sure Shizune won't give me the kanzashi, so I'm off the hook! But then again, she looks very suspicious. What if she damaged my kanzashi? That was my favorite one! She'll pay if it's broken!

But much to Ino's disappointment, Shizune brought out the kanzashi and placed it in Ino's waiting palm. Grinding her teeth together, Ino closed her fingers over the hair piece. Now she'd have to go to the party. And on top of that, her kanzashi was wet! This was so not her day...

Wait a minute... Ino inspected the hairpin in her hand and then growled, "Shizune, why is my kanzashi wet?"

Shizune winced, wishing she could sneak away. Letting out a nervous laugh, the assistant explained quickly, "I accidentally spilled some rat poison on it. Sorry. Now get ready for the party." Then, before Ino could stop her, Shizune ran from the room.

Barely holding in her anger, Ino turned to her mirror. She observed the kanzashi in her hand. There was no time for her to wash off the rat poison because she still needed to prepare herself for Shikamaru's engagement party, and since Shizune ran away to who knows where, Ino couldn't just force the task on her. She'd just have to deal with it. Besides, it's not like the poison would kill her. She just had to make sure she doesn't prick herself with the edge of the kanzashi. With these thoughts roaming her mind, Ino, harshly dug the kanzashi into her already pinned-up blonde hair and muttered, "Great. Now if I see a rat at the party, I can just stab it with this."

At least that was something she could vent her anger on. Although she would rather prefer bashing in Shikamaru's skull.

It didn't surprise Shikamaru that as soon as he got home, Temari was sitting with her brothers, planning what they'd do if the enemy group showed up at the party. Temari always knew when something was up with either of her brothers. An enemy shinobi group planning to attack Gaara at their engagement party was nothing new to her.

So until Gaara and Kankuro left, Shikamaru waited on the couch, staring at the sky through the open window. When Temari's brothers were gone, said woman sank into the couch next to him, letting out a long, exhausted sigh. Shikamaru asked, "What are we going to do?"

"Gaara's going to be on the look out tonight. So if they do show up at the party, Gaara will alert either Kankuro or me. Whoever he alerts will get Sasuke or Kakashi and they'll deal with them form there." Temari went silent after her explanation. Shikamaru glanced over at her to see she was glaring hard at the wooden floor. He could just imagine all the thoughts going through her mind at that moment. Why did this have to happen at their engagement party? Why did the enemies have to ruin their celebration? But Temari would never say any of that out loud. She was a strong kunoichi. She did not let her emotions show.

But still, Shikamaru thought. some emotion would be nice. He smirked to himself as the image of a blonde maiko getting frustrated invaded his mind. Without realizing it, Shikamaru muttered, "Pig..."


His eyes widening, Shikamaru quickly made up a lie. "I was thinking that we shouldn't have that pig at the party."


Slumping further into the couch on account of his feeling guilty about thinking of another woman when his finacee was sitting next to him, Shikamaru explained, "One of the geisha's names is Ino. She'll probably go balistic once she finds out we'll be eating a pig. She already hates me enough, so I want to male sure she doesn't start yelling at me again tonight." The genius huffed a short, exhausted sigh. "She's a troublesome one..."

Temari frowned at the mentions of geisha. She was none too happy when Shikamaru had announced he'd hired geisha for the party. (She had a problem with other beautiful women stealing her spotlight, Shikamaru had found out). But then she chuckled as she cuddled next to him. Placing her head on his shoulder, she stated seductively, "I thought I was a troublesome one."

"You are," Shikamaru said as he wrapped his arm around her torso. "the most troublesome one of all."

And as the couple sat in silence on the couch, Shikamaru couldn't help but feel even more guilty. Because he had lied to his soon-to-be wife. Because Ino was much more troublesome than Temari could ever be.

Ino puckered her lips, spreading red lip paint on them as the finishing touch to her make-up. She admired herself in the mirror, liking the way her golden hair shined in the light and the little plastic flowers hanging from her kansashi tinkled together as she turned her head. She looked perfect. She was perfect. She couldn't help but fawn over herself. Sasuke-kun would be amazed!

Shizune came back to help her put on her kimono. Ino couldn't resist sending her a couple of death glares. But then Sakura had stopped by her room and forced Ino to stop being so foolishly child-like. Ino pouted, while secretly envying Sakura as she moved about in a flowing dark green kimono with embroidered fans scattered upon the silk. In Sakura's hand was an emerald-colored fan that matched her kimono and was shaped similarly to the tiny fans on her kimono.

Once Ino's kimono was on, the maiko took another chance to gaze at her reflection in the mirrior. She smiled at the way the kimono sleeves flowed down her porcelain-colored arms and the swishing sound of silk upon silk. Shizune placed her okobo in front of her, and as Ino slipped her tabi-clad feet into the wooden clogs, a couple of comments flitted through her mind.

And I thought geisha were supposed to be graceful.

I never thought geisha could be so troublesome.

Making sure her okobo was on tight and wouldn't fall off, Ino took a final look into the mirror. (Another look won't hurt, right? That doesn't mean I'm a narcissist, thought the ever delusional blonde maiko.) Anyone observing Ino at that moment could probably notice the firey gleam in her cerulean eyes and the look of determination set in her face.

Determination to prove to that Nara baka just how troublesomely graceful she could be.

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Maiko: apprentice geisha

Okobo: black lacquered wooden clogs

Kanzashi: hairpins

Tabi: white split-toed socks