Luke had just entered his apartment room when the comm beeped. Walking over to the screen he pushed the answer button. Upon seeing Lando's face, he brightened, "Hey Lando. How's it going? Everything ok?"

Lando's face was grim, "Luke, we've found him," he said, not wanting to say something even on a coded line, "He has no memory, no sense of who he was. He's just as stubborn as ever, he wouldn't believe me or Chewie."

Luke was stunned. After five years of searching they'd finally found him. He had to tell Leia, the wedding couldn't go on.

"Luke," Lando continued, "You can't tell Leia. The shock would be too much if he decided not to come back."

"Lando, I can't not tell her. The wedding is in less than two weeks! It has to be stopped! She can't commit bigamy."

"I know that Luke, just wait a few days, I'll think of something, if it comes down to it I'll stun him and drag him back to Coruscant. I hope I don't have to though, if I did that he might never believe us."

"All right Lando," Luke sighed. "I'll wait to tell her, but hurry. There's not a lot of time."

Walking through one of the various marketplaces on Destiny, Rick wandered through his thoughts as he ignored the many natives and venders that approached him. Being only a cantina owner, Rick wasn't used to having a lot on his mind. So when he did, he hated it.

That Lando guy had a point, he couldn't remember anything before five years ago. What if he was telling the truth? Was he married? To a princess no less. Did he have kids! Rick had always thought of himself as a loner. Sure he had Lina,! He couldn't remember talking to a kid, let a lone having his own to take care of. One part of his mind told him to forget about it, to just walk away. There was just one problem with that though, the question: What if? What if that was what his life should be like? His wife and kids. If it was true then didn't those children deserve a father? Didn't they all deserve to know the truth? Some where in the back of his mind he decided he was going to find out.


Walking back to Rick's Cantina, Lando and Chewie were wondering whether "Rick" would even give their conversation a second thought. If he didn't then these last five years would be a waste of time, and Leia would make the biggest mistake of her life. Lando hoped it wouldn't come to that.

Walking into the cantina they looked around for Rick and once again spotted him at the bar.


Rick looked up and saw Lando and the wookie, Chewbacca walk into his cantina.

Well, I guess it's decision time. Feeling strangely fog-headed, Rick mentally shook himself as Lando and Chewie walked up to him.

Before they could say hello, Rick said, "Join me for a drink in my office, Gentlemen?" Ushering them toward the room where they had last spoken, he called a server to cover for him at the bar.

Upon entering his office, Rick and Lando sat down. Chewie on the other hand stood next to the doorway. For a minute it was a stand off then Lando spoke, "Have you thought about our issue, Mr. Wright?"

"Of course I have," Rick started, "You can't just spring something like this on a guy and only give him 3 days to think about it!"

"Time isn't exactly something we have Rick, we need your answer." Lando retorted.

"And what if you're wrong, and they aren't my family? What you think I can just come back there and say, 'Hey everyone, sorry I screwed you over but I'm back now, okay!' No matter what, my life won't ever be the same!"

"Yeah," Lando said bitterly, getting irritated, "Well, what of we're right and this," waving his hand around the room, "isn't even how your life is suppose to be. Suppose that's your family, your dreams. Or suppose I'm wrong. That your just a guy who can't remember a thing past five years ago from some accident that happened. Maybe this is your home. Maybe I'm just searching for a ghost that doesn't exist any more." he said looking dejected, "But," he continued, "the Han I knew would at least try and find out for himself."

Leaning back in his chair, Rick grimaced, "Give me four hours to tie things up and I'll meet you at the docking bay."

Sighing inwardly as relief consumed him, Lando said, "Great. Be at bay #239 in four hours." Getting up Chewie and Lando went to get some extra supplies for the Falcon.


The red-orange hue faded as the sun on Destiny set. The natives and foreigners alike started closing down their shops and restaurants. Normally this was the busiest time if the day at Rick's Cantina, but he had assigned one of his employees o keep the cantina going, at least for a temporary basis, while he was gone. Catching a speeder home, he took a turbo lift up to his apartment.

The first time I've left early in five years. he thought as he walked toward his door. Lina isn't going to be happy about what he had to say. Keying the door open, Tremor came running up to him barking deeply.

"Hey boy! I'm glad to see you too!" he said walking into he living room.

"Rick?" Lina's voice came from the bedroom. "Honey is that you? What are you doing home so early?" He walked into the bedroom.

"Uh... Well I have to go somewhere for a few days Lina. There's stuff I have to find out, about my past," he half lied.

She looked at him inquiringly, "What is it, Rick?"

Walking over to the closet he grabbed his pack and started stuffing clothes into t. Pausing, he said, "I can't say, I'm not sure." He took out a never used blaster and checked the battery pack before shoving it in the pack with his clothes.

Spotting the blaster Lina said, stunned, "Rick your not actually going to need that are you?"

Rick grimaced and turned to look at her, "I hope I don't. I'm not sure when I'll be back but I'll call once I get there okay?"

"Ok, but... where are you going?" she asked.

"I can't say."


"Please don't ask me why Lina. I... it's just, it's hard enough to do his as it is. You know I don't know much about my past. This is just something I have to do," he said.

"When are you leaving?"

"As soon as I'm done packing," he said, getting up.

"Now!" she shrieked, " Why didn't you tell me sooner?"

"I didn't know until today, Lina." He said as he closed his pack and slung it over his shoulder. Walking over to him, Lina wrapped her arms around his waist and made him face her, "You won't forget to call will you?" she asked.

He grimaced, "Of course not," he said, "I promise." Leaning down, he kissed her on the forehead and said, "See you. Oh and I'm taking Tremor with me."

"Oh good. 'Cause he never listens to me," she snidely remarked.

Grabbing the electronic leash, Rick called Tremor to him and activating the leash, they walked out the apartment and to the docking bay.


"What a hunk of junk!' Rick exclaimed. He had just arrived at docking bay #239 and was being approached by Lando Calrissian. "Whose heap is this?"

"It's yours buddy," Lando smiled. "The Millennium Falcon. She doesn't look like much, but she'll get you where you want to go. She's the fastest hunk of junk in the galaxy."

"Hunk of junk is right," Rick murmured. "Did I actually fly this thing? I must have been crazy."

Lando's smile turned into a wide grin. " Follow me and I'll take you to your sleeping area."

As Rick walked toward the Falcon he called Tremor, who ran happily up to him. He patted him on the head.

"I hope you don't mind, I brought my best pal along."

Lando smiled again, "No that's okay." He went to pet Tremor, but the chapux growled menacingly at him. Chewie's sure not gonna like this. Lando looked at Han who was getting licked on the face by Tremor. "Well, follow me please."


It had been only a day since Rick had left and Lina was missing him already, though she would never admit it to herself. She only wished that he'd let her go with him.

I mean we were practically married. She smiled to herself.

She would love to be Mrs. Richard Wright. She would have an overly handsome husband who had a good amount of money. If only he'd get rid of that stupid chapux thing.

She had always tried to like Tremor, but he had always seemed to know what Lina was really up to. She snarled. Like an animal could really know those things.

Just then someone came up behind he and put their hands over her eyes.

"Guess who?" A deep male voice said.

Lina smiled "Donald, honey, where have you been?" She turned on her barstool. "I missed you." Donald uncovered her eyes and gave her a kiss. "Don, not here."

"What, I can't kiss the woman I love in here?" He looked around, "Besides, Rick's not here."

Lina looked up at him, "No, but his employees might tell him about us."

"Nah, they wouldn't," Don shot a glare at the bartender, Ralphie, "Will ya, Ralph?"

Ralph looked at him wearily, "I din't see nothin'."

Don smiled menacingly. "See? I told you. His employees aren't as loyal as they seem." Lina smiled sweetly at him then patted the sat next to her.

"Sit down." When he had done so, Don took her hands in his.

"What's up?" He asked.

"Do you know where Rick really went?" She asked innocently.

"Are we really going to talk about this now? I mean the guys gone; can't we have some time for us? We never get any time together."

"I'm just curious. He left without telling me anything. Just that he had to find out stuff about his past. Do you know anything? Please tell me." She pleaded.

He looked into her eyes. For a moment he didn't speak. "I do know something," he paused. "A few days ago, I was in here, as always, having a few drinks, and a man and a wookie came into the cantina. I thought this was unusual since you don't often see wookies come in here." He swallowed down some ale and continued, " The wookie went off somewhere while the guy sat here and drank some ale or whatever."

"Is there a point to this?" Lina anxiously asked.

"Yes, I'm getting there." He drained his glass of ale. He looked over at Ralphie who quickly refilled his glass. He continued. "Well anyway, the wook got in some argument with Jaxeel and you know how his temper is. So Rick came out to break up the fight and the two of 'em, the wook and guy, looked though they'd seen a ghost." He looked at her and noticed the look of boredom on her face and continued hastily, "So, skipping all of that, I head Rick talking to them about many different things, nothing I really remember." He paused to think. "Although I do remember them talking a bout a woman, someone name Leia."

Lina looked up quickly, "What woman? Who?"

Don smiled slightly, "Jealous are we?"

"No." She promptly lied.

Chuckling at her quick answer he stood up, "Well, that's all I know."

"You don't know where they're headed?"

"I'm thinking Coruscant."

"Well then, that's where we gotta go."

He looked at her curiously. "Why are we going there?"

"I have to find out about this woman. If he's cheating on me, I'll kill him."

Happy with this suggestion, he grinned, "Well then, what are we waiting for?"


The tour of the Falcon was interesting. Rick couldn't believe this ship had ever belonged to him. He hadn't ever flown a ship before in his life. Funny thing was that when he told Lando, the guy cracked up laughing and told him just to wait until they got him into a simulator.

Until then he had resolved not to touch anything. So for a while he sat in the lounge sipping some synth ale.

After a while Lando came back from the cockpit saying, "We've just entered hyperspace. The change in gravity isn't causing any disorientation is it?"

"Huh?.. . Oh, I didn't even notice."

"You see I told you you've flown a million times."


Lando and 'Rick' continued talking for a while; Rick had asked how it was that Lando had found him and how he had been missing in the first place.

"So you sent me on a mission to Gallinore, to pick up some rainbow gems that a client of ours ordered and you agreed to ship. But I was boarded and kidnapped along with all the gems and all that was found was an empty ship?" Rick asked.

"Um, yeah, that's pretty much what happened. I am sorry Han. If I hadn't sent you, you'd be living a happy life right now."

"It's ok, Lando. You found me now right? That's all that matters."


"Hey, watch the hair Chewie!" Rick yelled and Chewie chuckled.

"Whrrrh.." Chewie said.

Suddenly, a flash overtook Han's vision. He suddenly saw a moving picture in his mind. It was a time in the past, when he was much, much younger...a teenager...a...thief? He was talking to a wookie, not Chewbacca but...Dew...Dewl...Dewlanna! She, she had brought him up, taken care of him. The only one who really cared. Even died for him... When Han thought of her a warm feeling of safety came over him. Snapping out of his reverie he gasped "Dewlanna!"

"Whrghhh?" Chewie asked concerned.

"I don't know," Rick said out of breath, "I think I just had a flash back."