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Two more days past on the Flacon and Rick found that they went by rather quick. He didn't have any more stray memories pop up into his head. The first one freaked him out and he couldn't decide whether or not he was glad he didn't have anymore or anxious to get more memories back.

For most of the spare time on the Falcon he had, he spent playing Sabacc.

"Wanna play, Han?" Lando had asked him.

"Do I know how?" He asked.

"Ahh, your a natural," Lando assured him, "In fact you won the Falcon off me playing Sabacc."

"Really?" he said, "Ok, then, I'll play."

Rick had won that game. By chance, he thought. Or maybe Lando was right and he really was a natural.

The hyperspace alarm chimed and Lando yelled from the cockpit, "Fifteen minutes till real space, Chewie get in here!" Going to the cockpit, Chewie strapped into the co-pilot seat and howled for Han to strap in behind him.

We've been callin' him Han for the past couple days and he hasn't even noticed. Lando noted. That's a good sign!


After following Rick in Donald's ship, Lina sat in the co-pilots seat, trying to hide her anger from Don. He didn't understand her frustration and frankly, she had no desire for him to understand. Don thought that she loved him and was cheating on Rick to get Rick to sell the cantina to Don's company, who had already bought out the all the companies in the entire area. That is, all except Rick's cantina which he had refused to sell.

Unbeknownst to Don, Lina was not actually trying to get his money. She really loved Rick not Don and was furious at the prospect that Rick would cheat on her. So immediately she had insisted to follow him and trace the hyperspace vector off that junk ship he had left in.

So here they were on their way to Coruscant and Don being in no way happy about it, grumbled the whole way.

Rick's past, my blaster! Lina thought, If there's another woman I'll kill them both!


After dropping out of hyperspace, Han leaned in to see the view of Coruscant. "Whoa," he said, "That's one big city."

"Biggest city in this galaxy: it's the capitol." Lando commented.

"How do you not get lost walking around down there?"

"You use a map," Lando said dryly, "Even the people who've lived here most of their lives have to."

Han sat back as they were contacted by landing control and given the bay were to set down in.

"So, what are we doing first?" He asked, growing nervous about what might happen when he was introduced to his family. /What will Leia say/

"Well first were going to show you around Coruscant, just to make sure you know your way around. I figured we will tell Leia slowly, it will come as quite a shock."

"Ok, but I still don't really remember anything about her though."

"That's ok, pal, don't worry about it. I'm sure it'll all come back in time."

Docking on Coruscant was easy. It was getting past all the security checkpoints once you were off the ship that was starting to annoy Han. Every time you even got to one, you would stop, have them go through your things and then, only after scanning you, they would let you pass. That seemed like it was more up to the officer's mood, than it was having to do with whether you were actually carrying anything illegal.

After they passed them through, Lando and Chewie decided they would take Han on a tour of the general vicinity of where they stayed. Down about 20 levels from the Senate apartments there were shopping areas and a trading outpost along the restaurants and cafes of all kinds. Lando had been talking once again when Chewie had caught sight of what appeared to be a kraite dragon peal and he pointed it out to Lando who immediately stopped chatting and mutter something about having to go inside the shop for a look at it. Han, having enough trouble-keeping Tremor at bay, decided to stay outside while Lando and Chewie went into the shop.

As Han looked around, he spotted a cafe that was outside. Walking over to it he saw that they sold Frozen Jawa Juices and decided to buy two. Sitting down outdoors, he ate fed one to Trem. The big lug just loved sweet stuff and for some unknown reason it usually acted as a slight sedative, which would calm him down and stop Trem from running loose at every suspicious character he was.

"Look Uncle Greg! A chapux!" a small voice cried from somewhere in the crowd. Han looked around, only to see two small children running up to him and Tremor, with bright expressions on their faces, filled with wonder, as a guy chased after them.

Upon reaching him, he said, "I'm sorry, we didn't mean to disturb you."

"Oh, that's alright," he started to say but the young boy interrupted him.

"Can we pet him? Pleeeease!'

Grinning, Han replied, "Sure kids, go ahead!" Tremor had started to pant as soon as he saw the children and gladly welcomed their small hands reaching to scratch his chin. It wasn't long after that when the girl giggled, "Ewwww, Uncle Greg, he licked my face!"

Smirking, Greg bent down and pulled out a napkin to wipe off the mass amounts of slobber that had been placed on the girls face. When he was done, he said, "Ok, Jacen, Jaina, we need to get going. Your mom should be home soon."

"Kay! Bye, bye, Mr. Chapux!" the said as Greg whisked them away and down the street.


Lando and Chewie had come out of the shop a few seconds after the kids had left. He glanced around for Han.

But Han spot them first. Walking up to him he said, "Hey Lando, done shopping?"

"Yeah," he answered, "Hey, what were ya doing?"

"Oh, just talking to some kids. They just wanted to see Trem here." He said, patting Tremor on the head, "Cute kids." Han had turned to stare after the young children, "When will I get to meet my kids, Lando?" he asked, looking back at Lando.

"In a day or two. We still have to get in touch with Leia. First though, we have to go see her brother, Luke. I already called ahead and told him we were coming."

"Why are we going there first?" Han asked, anxiously waiting to see his wife.

"To see if he can find any of those lost memories of your." Lando said with a grin, "Come on, I'll tell you about him on the way. Lets go find a speeder."


After taking Trem back to the Falcon, they arrived at Luke's house and Luke let them in. When he saw Han come in, he abruptly gave him a hug. Uncomfortable at first, Han hugged him back, grinning warily.

"Uh...you must be Luke, right?"

Luke released jim and smiled back at him. "That I am." He held out his hand. "Sorry about that, Luke Skywalker." Han shook his offered hand.

"Rick Wright, wait...sorry ..er...Han Solo." He laughed at his mistake. "Guess I'm gonna have to work on that." He grinned lopsidedly and Luke knew at that moment that Han had indeed returned. "You're my brother-in-law, correct? Leia's brother?"

"Yes, I am." There was a moment of awkward silence. "Well, lets get started." He walked them into the grand room. Lando and Chewie sat down on his repulser couch, while Han just stood there.

"Over here Han." Luke signaled to him to stand in front of him. "Are you ready?"

"Are you sure you can do this?"

Luke smiled. "Don't worry, I've done this before."

Han grinned again, "Then I'm not worried."

Closing his eyes, Luke began to speak softly, "Just stay calm, keep your mind open, you wont feel a thing." After about a minute of searching, Luke sensed a dark area of Hans mind. Probing it, he found what he was looking for.

Flashes of memories went through Han's mind:

Sitting nest to Chewbacca, with an old man and a younger Luke nearby… Walking down a long aisle with numerous people in uniform lined along the walkway... Stopping a slaver from beating a wookie… Kissing a woman, only to be interrupted by a golden droid… Watching that woman while begin lowered into a pit, then suddenly feeling a burst of ice cold…

A wide-eyed Han jumped back. The flashes immediately stopped.

"What did you see?" Lando asked excitedly, now on his feet.

"I...I saw...a woman...I was being lowered into a...pit..." He looked around the room.

Lando was looking down, not wanting to make eye contact with Han. "It was my fault." Lando said to the ground. "About 7 years ago, I made a deal.." he trailed off.

"He mad a deal with Darth Vader that would allow his city, Cloud City, to be left alone by the Empire. But with that deal, he would have to surrender Leia, Chewie, Threepio, and you." Luke finished.

"You gave us up to Darth Vader?" He began to charge toward Lando but Luke stopped him.

"Han, stop! It was the hardest thing for him to do." Luke spoke forcefully, "He..."

Lando cut in, "Darth Vader promised to keep you all safe, but he broke that promise. I should never have made you suffer. I'm sorry."

Han was speechless.

Luke spoke again. "He helped save you. When Boba Fett took you to Jabba the Hutt, Lando and Chewie went to Tatooine to star to plan out your rescue. After that ordeal was over, he joined the Rebel Alliance. He became a general, as did you. He helped bring down the Empire."

Han turned to Lando. He just looked at him for a few seconds, until he finally spoke.

"I guess if I forgave you then, I can forgive you now." He grinned broadly and patted Lando on the back. "So, the woman with the brown hair would've been Leia?"


"Mommy, Mommy! Guess what?" Jacen shouted excitedly, when they arrived homefrom yet another day at the zoo.

"What Jacen?"

"We saw a man with a chapux today!"

"Yeah, we did! It licked my face!" Jaina chimed in.

"Really? Where did you see it?"

We met a man near Harlends," Greg explained, "He was kind enough to let them pet the chapux."

"His name was Tremor." Jacen said matter-of-factly.

"Who, the chapux or the man?" Leia laughed.

"The chapux, silly!" Gigled Jaina.

"Well, kiddos, you best be getting into bed." Greg picked up the twins, one with each arm. "You want me to tell you a story?"

"Yay! 'The Happy Little Ewok!'" The twins cried.


Lina sat down at the table in Jorsilli's Diner. Don pushed in her chair.

"Thank you."

"Your welcome m'lady." He joked. He sat down across from her.

"Right Don, Real funny." She said rolling her eyes.

"So how are we going to accomplish our 'plan'?" He asked.

"Well, I set a small seeker droid by that hunk-of-junk ship they came in on. When one of them comes by it will follow them to where ever they are staying and alert us at the same time."

"Clever," he said sipping an ale, "Then what?"

"We watch him, see what he does, and go from there."


Han sat starring up at the water stained ceiling of Lando's apartment. He had hardly used it the last 5 years, since he had been searching for Han, so he had not kept it up. They had no hot water in the 'fresher so Han had to take a cold shower. He now sat in the bed under the slightly damp covers. His hands were behind his head.

I wonder what my family's like. He thought to himself. I can't believe I ever got married. He chuckled aloud. I wonder if Leia is as beutiful in person... probably. He grinned. A princess and a guy like him… He shook his head. It was unbelievable.

I hope my kids are as cute as the ones we met today. I wonder if they look more like their mother or me. He ran his wet hand down his face. I better get to sleep, I've got a big week ahead of me.


The next morning, Luke paced around his room debating how he should tell Leia. He was never good with direct confrontations.

Well, I guess I better tell her. After all, the wedding is coming up.

Luke started for the door. Punching the keypad for the door, Luke walked down the corridor to the turbo lift, taking it up to Leia's floor. Walking up to the door he palmed in the passcode. Stepping through the doorway, he saw Leia sitting on the couch resting. For the last five years she had had the same tired look in her eyes that made her appear older than her years. Since her wedding was coming up soon she looked even more tired than before. Now, he hopped her weariness would vanish. He walked over to her and sat down next to her.

She opened her eyes, "Hi Luke," she said, giving him a hug, "How's everything going?"

"Alright," he said taking a deep breath, "Leia, I know there really isn't an easy way to tell you this, so, I guess I'll just come out and say it."

"Luke what is it?" she said worried, "Is something wrong? Is it Greg?"

"No, nothing like that," he took another deep breath, "Lando and Chewie got back yesterday. They had to travel all the way to the unknown regions but the found Han." Luke finished in one breath.

Leia gasped at the sound of Han's name and the light he hadn't seen in five years came back into her eyes, "Are you sure? Luke please tell me your sure."

"Leia, there's something you have to know about him," he said, taking her by the shoulders, "When Lando and Chewie found him he..Leia he has no memory of who he had been. He is slowly starting to remember who you, Lando, Chewie and I are. His memories are crwling back into his mind, but very slowly. Lando and Chewie think you should go over tomorrow"

"Take me to him now!" She as ludly as tears stained her cheeks. The twins, hearing her raised voice, raced in and sat on her lap.

"Mommy whats wrong?" They asked seeing the tears.

"Nothing," she said kissing their foreheads, "Everything's perfect. Why don't you go back and play with Threepio, Okay?"

"Okay, Mommy." They raced back into their room.

"Leia, when Greg comes tomorrow, why don't you have him watch the kids and then go to Lando's."

"I will," she managed to say, her crying turning into sobs.

"I'll leave you alone for now." Luke got up and kissed her on the head. "I love you, Leia." He said as he left.


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