Leia paced around her apartment after leaving Lando's. Greg had left a note saying that he'd taken the twins out to see a holo-cartoon and wasn't back yet so she had time to think. She knew she had to tell Greg about Han. It wasn't right to lead him on, but she couldn't bare to hurt him. She'd been completely unfair to him already.

Suddenly the door to the apartment opened and Greg and the twins came in. Turning around Leia saw Jaina and Jacen come running up to her, "Mommy mommy!" They yelled, hugging her around the knees.

"Hello dears!" she said, kneeling down and wrapping her arms around them in a hug. "what did you go see today?"

"We went and saw Jawa Tales," Jaina said, "they were so funny."

Greg walked into the room just then and his comlink went off. Stopping he answered it and after a few seconds he clicked it off saying, "Sorry dear there's an emergency, I have to go."

"Alright, I'll see you later then," she said, slightly relieved.

"Okay, bye." He said before leaving.

Leia sad down and rubbed her eyes, "Mommy what's wrong?" Jacen asked.

Looking up into the eyes of her children she found she couldn't lie to them. "Oh I've just had a long day is all. Here, come here," she said, "I have something to tell you." As they sat down she picked them up and placed them on her lap.

"What is it mommy?" Jaina said inquiringly as she and Jacen cuddled up close to Leia.

"Well, Tomorrow I want you to come with me. There's someone very important that I want you to meet."

"Who mommy?" they asked.

"Oh, someone who's a very good friend of mine and Uncle Lando's and Luke's," she said tiredly. "Are you hungry?"

"Yeah, Uncle Greg gave us sweets to eat though." Jaina said grinning ear to ear. Leia laughed finally noticing that Jaina's teeth were green. "I can tell. You've got sugar all over your face," she said tickling her. Kissing them both on the cheek she said, "come on then, lets go get something to eat."


Leia woke up a little late that day. She had slept better than the night before but she still felt aprehensious at the things to come. Getting up she pulled on a robe and went out to the leaving area only to find Jacen and Jaina plaing with a remote X-Wing and Tie Fighter set that Luke had given them. "Good morning mommy!" they said.

"Goodmorning darlings." She said, bending down she kissed them on the heads, "what do you want for breakfast?"


After they had eaten Jacen and Jaina wanted to go back to playing, "No Jacen and Jaina we have to go visit someone today remember?"

"Oh yeah. Are we going now?" Jacen asked.

"Yes. Now come on lets go get you two dressed."


Leaving their apartment, Jaina asked, "Mommy, where are we going to?"

"Well your Uncle Lando and Chewie are on Coruscant for a while I thought we should go see them."

"Ok!" They both shouted in unison.

Catching a speeder to Lando's they went in and took the turbolift up to Lando's apartment. Walking up to the door Leia hesitated for a moment, before knocking. Not hearing anything Leia waited. Suddenly the door slid open, "Hi Leia," Lando said cheerfully, "Hi kids!" he said grinning.

"Hello!" they replied.

Stepping back he said, "Come on in. Han's out walking Tremor but he should be back soon."

"Alright," Leia said. Walking in she and the twins went to the couch and sat down and immediately felt herself sink in. Lando's couch was apparently one that liked to conform around its occupier. Hearing a slight "Eeep!" next to her, Leia looked at Jacen and Jaina and tried furiously not to laugh and failed. Jacen and Jaina had completely sunk into the couch so deep that the cushions were formed tightly against them and they were squished against each other manically trying to climb out of the couch.

Lando came over after sealing the door, "does anyone want anything to drink… Oh, here let me help," he said, seeing the twins he picked up Jaina and set her on solid ground, making it worse for Jacen who was now unable to move from sinking in too deep and all that he could do was sqweek out a small, "Help!" as Leia pulled him out of the couch."

"Sorry about that," Lando said, "it's new." Feeling a tug on his cape, Lando turned and looked down. "Are you Uncle Lando?" Jaina asked.

"Yes." He said.

"Oh ok. Can I get a glass of blue milk then?"

"Sure kiddo," He said going over to the food replicator. "Here you go, anyone else?"

"No thank you." Jacen replied.

"Thank's anyway Lando." Leia said.

"No problem." He said, "Well Leia I'm sorry but I have somewhere I need to be right now so I'll just call Han and tell him you're waiting for him."

"Alright that's fine, we'll see you later then."

"Okay see you soon," he said, walking to the door he palmed it open as Han was just about to. "Hey buddy Leia and the kids are here," as tremor started barking. "Quiet Trem!" he said.

A shreek was heared from the kids, "A Chapux!" they said, running over to Tremor.

"I gotta go," Lando said as the door closed behind him.

All Han could do was stair in amazement that the children in front of him were the ones he had met the first day he was back on Coruscant. Hearing a giggle he snapped back into focus. Tremor was now licking the twin's faces fervently at the same time, making Jaina laugh. "Tremor calm down," he said pulling on the leash. "Come on Trem settle down," pulling him over by a cahir he said, "Stay," and Tremor sat although he still wagged his tail enthusiastically at the children. Turning around Han looked at his kids in amazment. "Hey you're the person we met the other day," Jacen said.

"Yes that's right," Han said grinning.

"The other day? What do you mean?" Leia said.

"You remember mommy when we went with Uncle Greg to get ice cream," Jaina said.

"Oh," Leia said thinking, "Oh ok I remember you telling me there was someone with a Chapux."

"Yep!" they said.

"Alright, you two come here I… that is, wee have something very important to tell you." Leia said. Curious, Jacen and Jaina ran up to her. "Tell us what mommy?" Jaina asked.

"Well Honey," She paused, looking up at Han uncertainly, "I'd like you to know someone very special. I'd like you to meet your daddy." For a minute the twins just stared at her with confusion painted clear on their faces.

It was Jacen who broke the silence, "Mommy, I thought you said everyone said daddy was gone?"

"I did honey, but everyone was wrong. Your Uncle Lando and Chewie found him and brought him back to us."

"Oh," he said. "I don't understand, I thought Uncle Greg was gonna be our daddy?"

"No dear, he," She started but was interrupted when Jaina turned and walked up to Han. Closing her eyes she reached out tentatively with the force to find some connection to Han. Opening her eyes she peered at Han with a childlike innocence. "You're my daddy?" she asked.

Looking down at her Han said, "Yes. I am," and smiled.

"Oh," was all she said, then held her arms out to him. Shocked han looked at Leia who just smiled and nodded her head. Kneeling down he reached out to his daughter and hugged her for the first time in his life. Her arms were wrapped firmly around his neck as he picked her up still hugging her not even realizing it when he started swaying back and forth. "I'm glad you're back home safe then daddy." Jaina said.

"Me too princess," he said.

As if following his sisters example, Jacen reached out through their twin bond. Apparently deciding that what was being said was true he hurried over to Han and hugged his leg. Leia gasped from happiness, and tried not to cry as she watched Han's grin widen as he reached down with one hand to ruffle his son's hair. Walking over to them Leia picked Jacen up and hugged Han and Jaina close.

Everything was happening so soon. Han couldn't help but wonder how it was possible to love people so much when you only just met them. Oddly enough it didn't seem strange, in fact he had never felt so complete. Like this was what everything should be like. And mostly he hopped that it would always be that way.