interLUDE: Vacation Destination!

By Xenomorph666

Disclaimer: I own only Perfection and Wraith.

DigitalMan and K2 are © My close friend.

Everything else is copyrighted to their correct owner.

Universe: Spliced-Verse (Misfit-Verse, Evil Dead, Mask TMNT Planeteers, Beast Wars, Jurassic Park)

Home at Last

"I miss the island." Lance grumbled as he sat at the kitchen table.

"I don't." Gi said with a smile as she held Claudius.

"Yeah, well you don't have to eat Kitty's cooking." Lance groaned.

"What'd she make this time?" Gi asked.

"I'm not sure. It was either some sort of stew or graham crackers in milk." Lance groaned again.

"Down!" Claudius struggled.

"Ok, but be careful." Gi said as she put Claudius on the floor.

"So where's your dinosaur?" Lance asked as he laid his head on the table.

"Oh, he's with Xi and Wanda giving Ralph a bath." Gi smiled.

Seconds later a grayish-green mass bolted through the front door and plowed through the couch where it started to moan and call for help. It was Ralph and it was panicking and on his back was an absolutely terrified compy.

"Shu!" Gi gasped as she tried to pry the small dinosaur off of Ralph.

"Shu?" Lance asked with out raising his head.

"It means art, basically." Gi said as she continued to pull on her small dinosaur.

"Oh my god, Gi I am so sorry." Althea, Wanda and Xi came running in. "The triplets got a hold of few sticks of dynamite…"

"But I didn't hear anything…" Gi said right as a huge explosion echoed through the Pit. "Oh…"

"Apparently the dinosaurs knew that dynamite and my sisters don't mix well for others." Althea smiled weakly.

"Oh it's all right." Gi smiled. "He's just a huge coward anyway." With suddenness that surprised the Althea, the small dinosaur chirped and jumped onto Gi's arm. "Looks like we'd better get home now."

"I'll take you." Wanda said as she grabbed Wanda's shoulder and punched in Hope Island's coordinates into her watch.


"So…" Xavier was playing a game of poker in the astral plane with Splinter, Captain Planet and Dr. Strange. "Why are the rings broken?"

"Like the Scions said, their powers are adjusting." Planet smiled as he held his hand away from the master telepath.

"Adjusting how?" Xavier asked.

"Mostly they're becoming more powerful, more versatile." Planet said.

"More powerful how?" Dr. Strange asked as he eyed Planet warily.

"From what I've felt Heart can now affect people's inner-darkness." Planet frowned. "He'll be powerful and a huge target when they come."

"And the others?" Splinter asked. "I call."

"I'm not so sure about Kwame's ring, but I've felt Fire's destructive power growing, along with Wind's." Planet threw in his final chips. "Water on the other hand; I haven't felt any more power in it."

"Perhaps their control over the elements is being refined." Xavier said.

"I wouldn't doubt it." Dr. Strange tossed in his final chips, right after Xavier. "All right boys, prepares to weep: A straight flush…"

"Ugh…" Planet groaned. "How does he do it?"

"I wish I knew." Xavier groaned. "I'm just glad we weren't playing with real money."

"Oh, but has he won?" Splinter smiled.

"And what do you have Sensei Splinter?" Planet asked.

Splinter smiled as he set his hand of cards down. "Royal Flush."

"Unbelievable." Dr. Strange groaned. "Every time I loose it's to that hand!"

"At least it's a good sign." Planet smiled. "All hearts."

"Yes, let us take this as a good omen." Splinter smiled.

"Why are hearts a good omen?" Dr. Strange asked.

"Come to the institute tomorrow." Xavier sighed, "And make sure to bring Amanda and her mother."

"Very well, and my apprentice?" Dr. Strange flinched inwardly.

"Him too, I have a feeling he'll get along swimmingly with Perfection." Xavier smiled.

"Who?" Dr. Strange asked.

"Trust me; you'll need to see him to believe it." Planet smiled.

"Perfection is the Scion of Chaos." Splinter said.

"A Scion…" Dr. Strange looked concerned. "Interesting."

"You know of them?" Xavier asked.

"It's hard not to when you've communed with some of the most powerful beings in the multiverse." Dr. Strange said. "And I've heard some "interesting' things about these Scions."

"A piece of advice." Xavier stared at Dr. Strange. "Forget everything you've heard."

"Why?" Dr. Strange asked.

"What ever you've heard about their insanity, trust us they are a million times worse in person. They're like the Misfits crammed into three people and given lunacy steroids." Xavier groaned.

"I haven't heard anything like that." Dr. Strange blinked. "All I have heard is their exploits involving the world of demons and death."

"What is this Scion's name?" Splinter asked.

"Atropos." Dr. Strange said. "I'm guessing she took the name to sound like fate."

"Oh…" Lachesis appeared, her eyes glazed in her usual madness. "You've heard my sister's screams? Cast them aside, let them fall on the deaf ears of the Master of Scream!" She grabbed Strange's arm. "Dig no further lest you dredge her evil high upon this world. Stop your lips and still your mind on this, my sister must be left in the underworld."

"What?" Dr. Strange asked.

"Lachesis." Splinter said calmly. "I believe your sister might be looking for you."

"Oh, dear Clotho she must be worried." Lachesis bowed and vanished.

"You have got to be kidding me." Dr. Strange blinked.

"I'll explain it tomorrow." Xavier sighed. "Bring some heavy aspirins."


"I like this." Wanda smiled as she sat on the roof of the Misfit Manor with Perfection. They were watching the sunset.

"So do I." Perfection smiled.

"So how does Chybee get to be an adult within my lifetime when he won't be a kid for hundreds of years?" Wanda asked, and then Chybee appeared and crawled into her lap and fell asleep.

"I guess he adapts your world's specific time sense." Perfection smiled. "Remember, he used to only stay in the Verge or travel the universes randomly."

"Yeah, well you better hope that if we do have a kid in the future that it is a painless delivery or I will neuter you." Wanda glared at her boyfriend.

"Yeesh…" Perfection flinched. "What set this off?"

"I've been thinking about the future." Wanda said. "The fact that Wraith's daughter came from the future tells me that either we will beat the Heartless or we'll be locked in a constant war with them."

"Yeah?" Perfection asked.

"Yeah." Wanda sighed. "If we are going to have a kid in our future, I don't want to raise it in a world drowned in war."

Perfection looked down.

"Also, when I was talking to K2 a on the ship, he told me I there's an alternate world where I have a kid with Kurt." Wanda bit her lip angrily. "What the hell is wrong with our universes?"

"Basically…" Perfection smiled. "You have crazy writers."

"What?" Wanda asked. "That made no sense."

"Talk to Deadpool." Perfection smiled.

"That lunatic?" Wanda laughed.

Perfection stopped smiling when he looked down off the roof.

"What's wrong?" Wanda asked.

"Mouser." Perfection smiled as a small robot blew up outside the mansion.

"Wow…" Wanda blinked. "Aren't those made to hunt rats and mice?"

"Well, which Maximals are staying here?" Perfection laughed.

"Rattrap…" Wanda laughed as Perfection levitated her off the roof. "Oh he'll love to hear this. I'm going in."

"I'll be in soon." Perfection waved.

"So, you guys might be wondering what the heck's going to happen in our future, right? Well even I'm not sure, after all I'm Chaos, Charisma and Air; not some crazy foreknowing Scion." Perfection spoke directly to the readers. "But I think I know who is, and you're probably beginning to see it too. Well, I guess that means this story's over, so I'll see you next time when I'll try to break the new narrator."

To which the narrator simply smiled evilly.

"Or not." Perfection whimpered and vanished.

To which the narrator, from the lands of Latveria, smiled happily.