Devils and Ninjas May Cry

I thought it would funny and cool as hell to do a crossover with Devil May Cry (A/N: and by DMC I mean DMC3: Dante's Awakening) and Naruto. I mean, who doesn't want to see a half-demon and a with a demon sealed in him mocking each other, kicking ass and taking name, and wooing women…well that would be more of Dante than Naruto. But anyways I might as start to discloser ((clears throat))

I don't, by any means, own Naruto, Devil May Cry, or anything related to these two anime and video games/manga (A/N: the Devil May Cry 3 manga came out about a month ago, go read it, it's fucking great) the setting is going to be AU so don't be bitching about how it's nothing like the two, cause it isn't supposed to be or else this would just be a rip off. This will be rated T for safety, but I might change it later if the need calls for it. Now that is out of the way, in the words of the Black Eyed Peas "Let's get it started in here."

Oh, this takes place a year after Devil May Cry 3, I think the young Dante would go best in this.



"Devil form Dante/ Kyuubi/ Kyuubi-Naruto/ Agni and Rudra speaking"

'Kyuubi thinking/ Devil Arms Telepathically talking to there master'


'though speech'

(action sounds during speaking)

(A/N: author notes)


Chapter One: Demon Hunter Meets Ninja

"(yawn) damn," a white haired teen yawned out as he strained to stay awake at his desk to his business, "another slow day, what does a guy have to do get a job." He looked over the trophies of his past, yet few, jobs; most of them being the heads of minion demons. Yes, Dante Sparda has been having very hard time getting a job in his line of work, demon hunter. Ever since he closed the portal to hell, leaving his twin brother there to much of his dismay, a year ago; demons haven't been showing up as he wanted them too 'Fuck man, I was getting calls before my business had a fucking name, now I'm just lucky getting a client with a ghost problem' the son of Sparda thought as he twirled one of his guns, Ebony, in his hand as he looked at his phone as if by doing that it will cause it to ring, but instead the front door opened up.

"Are you, Dante Sparda?" a voice that seemed to lack emotion asked as a hooded figure in black walked into Dante's workplace. The man was tall, about an inch taller than Dante himself, every part of his body was covered, even his hands had black gloves that went into the coat that covered the hoodie that kept the man's face totally out of view.

'Well this feels very familiar,' Dante smirked at the man as he walked towards his desk'maybe I'll finally get some real fun' "What do you want tall and darky, do you have a job offer?" the green eyed half demon asked as the guy ran his fingers across Dante's new pool table.

"No," the man simply said as he stopped right in front of Dante's desk, looking mincingly at half demon, "can I use your bathroom?" he then started to do the 'potty dance' in front of the demon killer which caused Dante to lean to far back in his chair from the out of place question.

'Okay, maybe not' "It's in the back." Dante said with some disappointment in his voice as he used his thumb to point to the door behind him as he righted himself back up. The man made a quick dash to the bath room after a quick thank you. "FUCKING DAMNIT I WANT TO KILL SOMETHING!" Dante screamed out, which caused the building to shake, he's a half demon so he had some powerful lungs, which he then slammed his head into the desk, leaving a nice imprint of his face on it when he heard the phone ring and picked up his head to answer it. "Devil May Cry."

"Hello, I'm in need of your skills." A very sexy feminine voice said over the receiver.

'Alright, damsel in distress, I might get lucky if I play it right' Dante thought to himself; women were always his one weakness, he just can't get enough of them, must be his demon side. "Oh, and what skills would those be?" he asked in a husky voice.

"The demon hunter skills."

"How bad are we talking?"

"Enough to pay you 20 million dollars if you get rid of the problem." the woman stated business like. Dante let out a low, long whistle as the price she was offering.

"Where at?"

"I have a car waiting outside for you to pick you up, oh and make sure you bring all your tools that use, this will be one large job." and with that she hung up the phone.

Dante hung up the phone and quickly put his favorite red leather coat on with nothing underneath but his bare chest, put on his holsters, and then two fingers gloves with holes for the knuckles (A/N: Just think of Dante from DMC3). He then grabbed his sword Rebellion and slid it into it's home on Dante's back, he then slipped on Beowulf on his forearms and shins, and he put Ebony back in its holster right next to its kin, Ivory. He then grabbed his traveling back and quickly stuffed his other Devil Arms; Cerberus, the triple nun chuck of ice; Nevan, the guitar that can turn into a scythe and summon electrified bats with its tunes, and Dante could play her very well to boot; the two VERY talkative Devil Arms Agni and Rudra, the twin blades of wind and fire; and finally his father's sword in its dormant form, the Force Edge, without the other half of the pendent, thanks to Vergil, it's nothing more than a sword, but it wouldn't be safe to just leave it behind. He then tossed the bag over his shoulder. "Massive killing spree, a butt load of cash, and a sexy sounding lady; things are finally looking up." He said to himself out loud as a smile formed on his face. He then headed out the door only to be met with a blinding light before he covered his eyes with his right forearm.

When the light finally died down, Dante opened up his eyes and lowered his arm "…Well shit," he said as he took in his surrounding, nothing but trees, trees, guess what, more fucking trees, "looks like I'm not in L.A. no more; the bitch must of set me up." he scratched the back of his head in frustration.

'What's wrong hun? can't handle a simple woman, but you handled me so well.' A lust filled female voiced said in the mind of Dante.

'Well you were a special case Nevan' Dante thought to Nevan. About a month after sealing the portal, he learned that he could talk to his Devil Arms through his mind, though they may have lost their bodies, they still held their minds and…souls if demons have any.

'I'm touched' she replied and ended the link, Dante just chuckled.

"Well I guess I should just pick a direction and try to find where the hell I am." Just as he said that he heard a large explosion and a hugs cloud of dust appear over the tree tops. "Well I'll just ask those guys over there." he said as he smirked and started to walk in the direction of the cloud of dust, 'Time for some fun'.

At the battle site

Naruto panted heavily as he struggled to get up, his orange and black coat, and orange sweat pants had tears and burns all over, he glared at his opponents, two men in black cloaks with red clouds on them, a single slash going across their forehead protectors, one looking like a shark face, the other being the older brother of the two Uchiha traitors; yes it was Kisame and Uchiha Itachi of the Akasuki having once again come to try to capture Naruto and remove the Kyuubi no Kitsune from him. His teammates, Sakura and Sai; his sensei Kakashi, and the Ero-Sennin were all too weak to move; it would seem that the Akasuki will finally have the nine-tailed demon fox, "Damn it." the fox container panted out.

"Hm, looks like you lose brat, now you're coming with us." The shark man chuckled as he made his way to the boy, but then a large red flash appeared between Naruto and the sword master as the light tore through the ground and split a tree in two. "WHO DID THAT!" The shark man yelled out, looking towards the direction where the attack came from.

"That would be me," came a voice as the man stepped out into the clearing, smirking "got a problem with that you shark face freak?" Dante answered smugly as always when he enters a battle. 'Well this should be some fun at least' he thought to himself, he made sure to hide his bag of his other devil arms before he made his grand entrance.

"This is none of your concern, you can leave now and live." The Sharingan user stated in his usual emotionless tone of his.

Dante scratched his chin as if he was thinking "mmmm, nah, I'd rather kick your asses." with that said he redrew Rebellion and charged straight at Kisame who met Dante's blade with his own. "Not bad for a wanna be Jaws." The twin of Vergil mocked again, causing said shark man to fume and knock Dante back into a tree and stab him straight through him and the tree, the tip coming out the other end

"Now then," Kisame said as he turned to Naruto, "where were- huh?" the blue skinned missing-nin stated as he try to pull his sword out of Dante and the tree, but couldn't.

"Sorry pal," The white haired demon hunter stated as he looked Kisame right in his shocked filled eyes, "but it'll take a lot more than a small flesh wound to kill me." he said grinning

Even his emotionless partner was stunned at what was taking place, the should be corpse was not only alive, but calling a mortal wound a flesh wound. Dante drew one of his fist back and it started to glow an eerie white, the next Kisame knew, he was hit with a fist and a strange force and was sent flying right into a tree, breaking it in the process.

The spawn of Sparda them pulled his body through the blade, hilt, and the handle till his body was free; there was blood all over the sword, but not even a scratch on Dante, only a simple cut on the back of his jacket, "Damn, and this is my favorite jacket too," he then glared at the downed shark boy, "I hope you have the money to repair this or I'll tear you a new one."

To say that Naruto was stunned at seeing this would be a gross understatement, 'Does he have a demon sealed in him too?' he thought to himself, but his tenant heard him.

'No kit, I do sense demon charka coming from him, but not from a sealed demon, a container he is not.' The legendary demon said to his container, a little worry in his voice.

'What else could it be then!' The yellow haired ninja yelled at his jailbird


'OI, no need to be rude about it' and with that he cut the connection with Kyuubi and continued to watch the fight, which was looking like it was in favor of the white-haired mystery man. He didn't even notice that his pink-haired teammate passed out after she woke up seeing Dante getting stabbed then pulled himself off the blade.

"I'm going to kill you!" Kisame yelled as he got up and began doing hand seals 'I'm not going to let this nobody beat ME!'

'Now this is just boring as hell, I might as well end it now' Dante thought to himself with a sigh, he snapped his fingers and then everything just stopped, his opponent was just to finish the finally seal before he froze time, but Dante not knowing thing one about ninjutsu didn't know. He quickly ran to the shark man and made time run again, then he sent Kisame into the sky with an uppercut before he knew what happened, then he pulled out his pair of guns and twirled them "Time to go to work boys." he told them and then pointed them up right at the flying black robed guy and started juggling him in the air with a barrage of bullets, spilling blood everywhere. After about a minute of this Dante got bored and finally stopped and let the body fall to the ground with a gross sounding splat and put his partners away, then picked up his sword and put it back. "One done," he turned to the Uhicha, "care to make it two?"

"We will meet again." and with that Itachi disappeared into the forest.

"Well then," The Toad Hermit spoke up after just seeing the new comer take down an S-class missing-nin and dared another one to attack him, "looks like we won this one." he chuckled 'this guy can't be human', Dante then turned to him.

"What do you mean 'we', I'm the one that took done this fish faces ass!" He shouted as he pointed to the body. He then went over to the body and pull off the forehead protector, 'might as well keep a trophy'. "Now that I had my fun," he turned to the group who have gotten to their feet, "think you guys tell me what the hell is going on?"

Tell me what you think of this first chapter. this will be a Naruto X Hinata fanfic along with a Dante and ...this is where you come in and vote for which female gets paired with the half demon, who is 22 in the fanfic btw.