Devils and Ninjas May Cry

I'm back with a new chapter, to clear up a few things again for those who want to know the reason why Naruto won't get Devil Arms. It's simple….he's FULL human, with a demon fox in him, and he uses the chakra of the beast for power, and doesn't transform into a demon, just gets some fox traits. Half demons and demon containers are two, completely different people. However, him being a demon container WILL play an important part, he will also get a new toy, not a D.A. just a regular tool okay?!!

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"Devil form Dante/ Kyuubi/ Kyuubi-Naruto/ Agni and Rudra speaking"

'Kyuubi thinking and talking to Naruto telepathically / Devil Arms Telepathically talking to there master/ Inner Sakura'


'though speech'


(action sounds during speaking)

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Chapter 6: Can Anyone Say "Here Comes the Clones"

Naruto yawned as he woke up, he smiled as he looked around his new room, it was larger than his old apartment, and this was just his room. Dante finally found them a place to stay, a two story building close to the market, it was a very empty building, even when they had all the stuff moved in; the whole first floor was dedicated towards his room mate's business. He had a desk and a chair, behind him pinned to the wall was Kisume's forehead protector pinned held up by a kunai; that was it except what was already in the building. The second floor was their living space, it had the kitchen, bathrooms, and their bed rooms, his white haired friend took the master bed room.

After a quick shower and a change of clothes he went into the half demon's room, since he never woke up on time it was his duty to get him up before any of the teams got their. Of course, normal techniques wouldn't work on his roommate, so he used this chance to work on all his new pranks, but this time he decided to for an oldie but a goodie. He carefully set down a glass of warm water next to his bed, he chuckled evilly as he slowly went for Dante's hand that was hanging off the bed.

"I don't think so." a voice called out, making the young ninja freeze in fear; another part of the tradition was when the half demon caught the demon container in the act. Slowly the blonde looked towards Dante, to see the son of Sparda grinning as evilly as the blue eyed teen chuckled not too long ago. "Now what should your punishment be this time?" The white haired young adult asked to no one in particular with that same grin on his face, making his young roomy sweat in fright.

An hour and some rope later

Ino hadn't stop laughing at the sight she saw when she walked into the office building of her latest crush. There she saw the whiskered faced boy, tied up, hanging upside from the ceiling, mouth covered with tape, and had a sign on that said 'Hello I'm an idiot' taped to his forehead. Soon she was on the ground laughing as said boy was wiggling like a worm trying to free himself, the rest of her team were chuckling at the sight of the knuckle headed ninja, even their sensei was laughing. The white haired man just sat on his chair with a grin on his face as he looked at his roommate just hanging round on their ceiling. "I know you like to hang around Naruto, but don't you have to meet your team now?" Dante asked the hanging shinobi, who just fumed and start letting out a string of curses that would make Anko blush.

Another dull hour later

"UUUUGGHHH!!! This is so boring!!!" shouted a certain blonde as she plopped onto the couch. After cutting Naruto down from the ceiling nothing else really happened except to occasional person stepping into the wrong building. So for Dante, it's like he never left his dimension at all. "How do you stand this Dante-kun?!!" She asked as she waved her arms for effect.

"…I usually just order pizza and drink some tomato juice." The white haired one in the group shrugged as he did just that, ordered a pizza and pulled out a bottle of tomato juice. ((A/N: READ DEVIL MAY CRY 3 MANGA, HE DOES DRINK IT!!)) Of course this action caused all the nins to face fault, "What?" the half demon asked as he saw their reaction. Of course the moment was ruined when a generic ninja burst into the building, panting heavily as he try to hold what was left of his clothes together. "You look like shit." The half demon plain said as he stated the obvious.

"H-HELP! Mon-monster…near academy…" and with that he promptly passed out. While the ninja's were helping him over to the couch, Dante was smirking as he grabbed Rebellion and Cerberus and quickly left the building, it was time to earn his paycheck.

Iruka was tired and bloody, but he wouldn't dare run and leave this demon kill his students. He was surprise this thing fitted into the room, all he could see was its black cloak, blue light coming from the skull, and its massive scythe. All he had was his kunai and he was down to his last one. He braced himself for the strike, which never came. He instead heard an inhuman scream and opened up his eyes to see the…thing had a sword sticking out where the neck was. Then with several loud bangs red sand shot out of the beast. He then turn to see a man in a red leather coat running along the wall, shooting with some weird items at the beast. 'Who ever he is it seems like he knows what he's doing' "EVERYONE QUICKLY GET OUT NOW!!!" the scarred man shouted at the students, who had no objection and quickly done so followed by the teachers.

"Glad he made my job easier." Dante said as he called back his sword to his hand before he looks at the demon. "Well well well, looks like you're lost just like me." he commented to the demon as he smirked and pulled out his three nun-chuck and started to twirl it and then knock the demon for a loop into the dojo. "Time to earn me some money." the half demon said to no one as he went through the hole and started to whack the hell out of the demon, making ice form where he hit. He then switched to his sword and started his thousand stab, letting the blue dust fly everywhere. He say the scythe coming down and simply side stepped out of the way by a mere millimeter.

The creature screamed as it vanished and reappeared behind Dante and brought down its weapon to slice him into two, but was blocked by the demon hunter's sword. The suddenly the white haired man disappeared. The demon franticly looked around the room, trying to find its prey, but it became stiff as a bored as Dante appeared in front of it with his back turned…holding its head. "Another trophy for my wall." He said as he walked away, the body turning into blue dust as he left.

Naruto sighed, he had failed yet again to ask Hinata on a date. . .he didn't know why, but he just wanted to ask her out. Yet every time he tried. . . Well. . .

Flash to the Past

"Hey Hinata, why are you so red, are you sick?" the blonde placed a hand on the red faced girl's forehead…THUNK!! ". . ." said girl had fainted.

Back to the Future

He sighed as he opened the door to his new home…and then screamed as he saw a skull of…something on the wall over the seat his newest friend was, looking at him oddly as he screamed. Finally after a full five minutes, the blonde idiot stopped, "…you like it?" Dante asked.

"WHAT THE HELL IS THAT?!!" Naruto screamed out, pointing at the skull that looked like some guy's artwork.

"A demon head, got this afternoon, funny thing is, it looks like the one from my dimension."

"Oh. . ." Suddenly the hyper-active ninja head an idea, "Dante, can you teach me to be a flirt?"

Said person raised an eyebrow "why?" he simply asked. After about a minute of the brash ninja explaining his problem, the slivered haired man just got a wicked grin on his face. "Not only will I teach you in the ways of the flirt, but I will also train you in my personal fighting style and it's many forms." He watched as Naruto drooled at that bit of information.

"Awesome, what do you call it?"

Dante smirked, "It's called 'Devil May Cry' style."

A week later

No one had seen the number one surprising ninja in about a week; when Tsunade asked the son of Sparda where he was he just said training. After the whole demon at the academy incident. . . The entire male student body started to dress like the demon hunter, and even getting wooden swords close to the same design; even going with his hair style. God it scared her when she walked in to give a speech to the class, she thought the damn ass hole was breeding. All this gave her a headache, especially when Gai complained how Dante's flames of youth were contagious. She did not want any more Dantes in her village. . .it was enough having a clone of Gia, she didn't want a bunch of flirty pricks running around everywhere. But now wasn't the time to think about it, it was time to pick the next team who would watch the person who kept ordering pizzas on her tab. Speaking of the devils ((A/N: Pun Intended)) they were both late by a good thirty minutes. "They're late." she calmly said. . . While giving off a killer intent that the Kyuubi itself would cower into a corner; so everyone in the room went into a corner and cowered trying to hold their bladders. . .good thing they were ninjas and are able to hold it for long periods of times. Not too shortly after that, everyone's favorite anti-hero step through the door, a smirked that just said he was going to create some mischief. "Well it's about time." The hokage barked as she eyed Dante.

"Sorry, we had to pick up something for Naruto," he said with that smirk still on his face, "come on in, time for your test to see if you're good enough to train." he step to the side and the door opened the rest of the way.

Okay people get ready to laugh, get ready to laugh and probably beat me later for it but I think it was worth it.

And in walked in a person that made everyone gasp, indeed it was Naruto but he had greatly changed. No longer was he in his god awful, 'here I am kill me' orange jumpsuit ((A/N: you know I'm god damn right about that!!)) but instead he wore a long, black trench coat with no undershirt and wore some dark brown loose leather pants. He replaced his ninja shoes for combat boots. He had on a pair of fingerless gloves with metal guards on them. The necklace he won off the sucker hanging proudly around his neck, and sword with a fox head on the hilt of the blade was strapped to his back; his ninja head-band was worn on his right bicep. In other words. . .the young females were blushing. . .more so for a certain girl we all know. With a look towards his roommate, who gave him a nod and a grin; he slowly made his way to the Hyuga heiresses, a sexy grin plastered on his face that just made the girl blush even more than normal. 'Oh mine…NARUTO-KUN IS SO HOT!!'

'CHA I WANT TO GET INTO HIS PANTS!!' screamed inner Hinata as it drooled at the perverted thoughts ((A/N: Told ya you might kill me)) while her outer self just blushed as her crush came closer and closer.

Naruto just smirked and then stopped, and leaned towards her, never losing that grin of his "Hey there beautiful would you do this humble soul the honor of a date?" he asked in a smooth voice. About everyone minus Dante jumped back in shock at the question.

'YES DAMNIT SAY YES!!!' Inner Hinata shouted out.

"Y-y-yes!!" she managed to shout through her red face. 'I can't believe it!! He asked me out and I said YES without Fainting!!'

"Great," the blonde haired flirt said as he smirked 'time to see if I pass the test.' he then leaned towards her ear and whispered, "and maybe later I can show you what my sensei taught me how to make a woman smile back at your place."

After a few seconds to let the information she was given by her crush. . . A trail a of blood came from her nose and she promptly passed out with a smile on his face, Dante just smiled as he saw his student pass the test. He faked a sniffle and wiped an imaginary tear away from his eye, "He learns so well, he's on his way to becoming a man." that said he swiftly earned a punch in the face by all the adult females there. The toad hermit just laughed and thanked the Kami that it was him that was on the receiving end of the punches. . .but then he started to write again for his next book about an idiot being trained to ask a girl out who secretly has a crush on him, 'Can you say "best seller"' he thought as he kept himself from chuckling, he didn't want his teammate to destroy the gold mine he had here.

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