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Serena Shields stood on the gravel driveway that wound around her house staring out across the sleepy neighborhood. It was still early, and there was a light mist hovering around the neighborhood. The humidity was already heavy creating sweat at her hairline.

She turned around looking up at her the house behind her. It was beautiful in the Georgian style, rectangular exteriors with slender curved iron railings. Her husband had designed and built for her as their wedding present. A symbol of the new chapter they would build together, and the future of their family. But it was her home and she loved it.

She broke from her daze and looked down at her watch; it was seven thirty. She needed to wake up her son.

Serena walked up the stone steps and paused at the door, she looked over her shoulder at the neighborhood. Mrs. Reynolds in a pink workout gear power walks around the corner, and waves at her. Serena waves back and gives her a small smile.

She closes the door behind her stepping into the long decorated hallway. In front of her was the large polished staircase. She ascended the steps at the top she stopped her eyes falling on her closed bedroom door. At her son's bedroom door she hesitated, she opens the door. The light falls on a small figure hidden under the covers.

The lump wiggles, but doesn't make a sound. Serena steps over a few toys making her way to the bed, she plops down next to the lump.

"Jonathan, time to get ready for school."

"I can't go to school today," he said muffled from the covers.

"Oh, and why not?" Serena said smiling knowing that he was going that he was going to claim sick.

"I don't feel well."

"And what's the matter with you?"

"My tummy hurts," he said.

"I'm sure it does," she said.

He sat up throwing the covers away. "It does mommy, I'm really sick. My tummy is all grumbly grumbly." Serena smiled at her six year old. His black as night hair, blue sapphire eyes, and curious expression made him look just like his father.

She opened her mouth but was cut off by another voice.

"Jonathan, get up and stop trying to con your way out of school you only have a month left," said the stern voice from the doorway. Darien stood in the doorway fiddling with the button of his white work shirt.

"Okay daddy," he said, his voice a little dejected.

Serena caught her husband's eye for a moment, then his gaze shifted back to Jonathan.

"Hurry and get dressed, Christina will have breakfast for you downstairs." He gave his son a nod of the head then went back to their bedroom.

Serena looked at Jonathan and he gazed up at her. "You should hurry, or you'll be late." Jonathan nodded, and threw the covers all the way off and climbed around her. Serena watched him go to his closet to grab his uniform. She watched him for a few moments then walked out closing the door behind her. She walked around the staircase into her and Darien's


Darien was fixing his tie in the bathroom mirror. She leaned against the doorframe watching him. His eye caught her's for a moment.

"So what's on your agenda for today?" she asked.

"I have a meeting with a new client at Ten and I'm meeting Kevin for lunch afterward."

She entered the bathroom standing next to him at the second sink. She opened her jewelry box that stood on the countertop pulling out a pair of small earrings.

"Why did you want to know?" he asked.


"Why did you want to know about my agenda?"

"Oh," she said, "Just wondering about your day." The silence pressed down upon Serena's shoulders. "Did you book the McNeil project?"

"Yeah, we're going to start working on the additions next month. I might have to go to Atlanta for a weekend or two."


"He wants a specific type of wood for the new dining room. I think Bob can get it for me at a

better rate."

"Oh I see," she brushed her long hair back and began braiding it. Darien walked out of the bathroom and into his closet. Serena's eyes followed him.

"Are you going to be home in time for dinner tonight?" she asked.

"I should be."

"Good, so is this a new client?" she asked.

"Which new client?"

"The one at Ten."

Darien focused on tying his shoe. "He wants me to design a house for him here in Savannah. Pretty sure he wants to knock down a few of the old houses downtown," Darien said.

Serena stopped, "Those old historical houses?"

"Yeah, the old rundown ones by the Main Street park."

"But they've been there for years."

"Yeah, now he owns them, and he wants to demolish them," Darien said.


"Because that's what he wants Serena. God, ask him if you ever meet him," Darien snapped. He huffed then left their bedroom. She sighed looking in the mirror. She saw herself and sighed again, she looked so proper. A white skirt with a black sleeveless low cut tank top, the typical fashion of a boring housewife.

She touched the frown line around her mouth, noting the tired look in her eyes . "How did we get here?"

Serena sat at the table drinking her tea while reading going over the corrections her editor had sent her. Jonathan came running downstairs and skidding into the kitchen backpack and shoes in hand.

"Mommy we have to go or we're going to be late," he said.

Serena looked at her watch and realizing the time she shot up from her seat. "Damn it," she said.

"Mommy! No swearing!"

"I know, I know," she said rushing him towards the door.

As she pulled out of the garage she stopped at the gate, she had left the corrections on the table. Serena looked at the house in her rearview mirror contemplating.

"Mommy no! I can't be late again or I'll have a detention," Jonathan said. Serena looked at him and the smiled.

"Alright, alright keep your shoes on, I can just come back," she said. She pulled out of the driveway and turned onto the street.

Serena had been able to drop off Jonathan without making him late, unfortunately, the same would not happen for her. She had left behind the corrections that she was going to discuss with her editor and needed to retrieve them for their meeting. She pulled into the driveway parking at the front door. She ran up the stone steps opening the door and calling out to Christina. "Hello, Christina it's just me I forgot something." She went to the kitchen where she had left the corrections.

The table was clean, her manuscript gone. "Christina, did you put my manuscript in my office? Christina?"

There was no answer. "Damn it." She headed up the back stairs, her office was on the third floor and she prayed that Christina he just left them on her desk.

Reaching the landing of the second floor she stopped. Her bedroom door was open, and she could swear she heard the shower running. Curious she was about to investigate when her phone dinged in her pocket. She pulled it out, it was Taiki reminding her of their meeting. She muttered a curse word and continued to the third floor.

The third floor had four rooms; one used for storage, one was a playroom for Jonathan, the other two were their offices. The two rooms were directly opposite of each other, and in the beginnings of their marriage, they would often distract each other looking across the hallway at each other with flirty eyes. Now, most of the time either one or both doors were shut.

She opened her office door, the room, her sanctuary, decorated in pale greens and blues, and was where she spent most of her time working. Against the far wall were two large white bookcases filled with various books, magazines, notebooks, portfolios, files, and photo books. On one of the top shelves a camera waits, a layer of dust covering it.

Her eyes scanned her desk, in a neat pile, were her papers. She gathered them together neatly, grabbed a folder, and after one last glance around the room she left.

At the top of the staircase she stopped, there had been a sound. She listened for a moment, nothing. She descended the steps to the second floor, she stopped on the landing, she had heard it again. It was a woman's voice.

The shower was still running in her bathroom. She moved towards her bedroom, breaking into a cold sweat her stomach sunk further into her body with each step.

The bathroom door was open, and she could see clearly inside. Darien stood in the shower his back naked, she watched his muscles move as he thrust into a long legged, dark haired, noisy female.

Serena's eyes were fixed on the woman's face. She knew her, Cassandra, she worked as an assistant in Darien's architect firm. Her head was thrown back against the tiles of the shower, her eyes clenched tightly. She let out a string of over exaggerated moans and whines.

Serena grimaced, it sounded so fake. She wanted to look away, but her eyes were transfixed. Her glare never wavering as she fought the rage bubbling from some dark pit inside of her.

Then Cassandra opened her eyes and looked at her. She began to frantically hit Darien on the shoulder. She whispered into Darien's ear. Darien turned around and looked right at Serena. They stared at each other for a moment, then he let go of Cassandra.

At the same moment, Serena found she was able to move, and she wasted no time running out of the room. At the top of the stairs, she paused for a moment then turned, instead of running down the steps she slipped into Jonathan's bedroom and pressed herself against the wall.

"Serena," Darien yelled down the stairs. She pressed herself harder against the wall clenching her eyes.

"What is she doing here?" came Cassandra's voice.

"I don't know I thought she had a meeting this morning," said Darien.

"Well is she gone?"

"I didn't hear the door close, and I think her cars still here." There was a lengthy pause, "You need to leave, and I need to talk to my wife."

"Darien," she whined.

"Cassandra, go. I need to handle this."

Cassandra let out a frustrated gruff and stomped back into the master bedroom.

Serena waited for Darien's footsteps. There was a heavy sigh then he whispered, "Fuck me."

She heard his footsteps creaking as he made his way to the third floor. Serena cautiously peeked around the door, the hallway was empty. She carefully closed Jonathan's bedroom door. She waited. Nothing.

She went to Jonathan's closet grabbing a small duffle bag from a top shelf she started shoving clothes inside. She went to his dresser and began to throwing whatever various socks and underwear in. She grabbed another bag and threw a few of his favorite toys inside along with a few different pairs of shoes.

Then she waited. She heard Cassandra and Darien's voices on the steps. She made her way to the bedroom door and opened it just a crack to listen. They were downstairs, Cassandra still trying cajole Darien into paying attention to her.

Serena took off her shoes and as quietly as possible went over to her own bedroom to pack another bag. She went to the bedroom safe and took out her legal documents and the hidden cash Darien kept there, she grabbed a few sentimental trinkets, and some clothes then went back across the hallway to Jonathan's bedroom keeping the door cracked to listen.

"I don't know where she is, but you have to leave we're going to need to talk this out and having you here isn't the best idea. Go back to the office and clear my schedule for the rest of the day. I'll call you later," Darien said.

"You could always come over later," Cassandra deepened her voice to a sultry tone.

There was a long pause, Serena wondered what was happening at the bottom of the steps be dared not look.

"Go back to work," Darien's tone was harsh and final. Cassandra let out a huff then threw open the door. She started yelled as she walked outside, "I won't be treated like this anymore..."

"Cassandra," Darien's voice faded away, then the door slammed.

Cautiously Serena looked around the door, they were gone. She listened and could hear loud voices outside. Shaking her head Serena grabbed her and Jonathan's bags then went down the back steps and into the kitchen. She grabbed the garage door opened and crept to the front door. Looking through the thin windows she saw Darien and Cassandra arguing. She took her key from her pocket and readied them in her hand. She waited then pressed the garage opener, the last door began to slowly open. Darien and Cassandra were distracted, and that's when Serena sprang into action. She threw open the front door ran around her car as quickly as she could, jumped into the front seat, threw the bags next to her, locked the doors, started the ignition, then peeled out of the driveway into the street.

For a moment she almost looked back, but then stopped herself.

Serena had gotten about seven miles away when she pulled off of the road and into a public parking lot. She turned off the car and sat, her hands on the wheel, her knuckles white. She could feel her hands shaking, the anger that had clawed its way out of her stomach was spreading through her arms and legs. She took several breaths trying to calm herself. Hot tears poured down her face, she tried to wipe them away, to no avail.

Suddenly, her phone rang. Serena picked it up, Darien's name with his picture of him and Jonathan popped up on the screen. She ignored the call then threw the phone down onto the seat next to her.

Her anger continued to spread, her entire body shaking. The phone rang again. She waited until it stopped, she took a deep breath and composed herself.

"Stand up, keep walking, you have two legs to stand on, you're strong. You have Jonathan. You have Jonathan. You have Jonathan." She repeated the words over twice more before her tears stopped.

She grabbed the phone and dialed. She waited, the phone rang twice and then a woman picked up.

"Dr. Jensen's office how may I help you," she said.

"Candy, I need to speak with Ami, tell her that this is Serena and its an emergency."

"Yes, ma'am hold just one moment."

Smooth jazz music clicked on. Two minutes later she had Ami on the line. "Serena, what is it? What's wrong?" she asked.

"Ami, do you still have your house in Milan?" Serena asked.