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Serena Shields stood on the gravel driveway that wound around her house and led to the back garage. Serena turned around and looked up at the beautiful house that her husband had designed and built for her as their wedding present. It was her home and she loved more then other place she had been to. She came from her daze and looked down at her watch; it was seven thirty and she realized that if she didn't wake up her son he would be late to school again.

Serena walked up the stone steps and opened the beautiful oak doors that led into her house. She closed the door behind her and stepped into the long decorated hall way. In front of her was the large staircase that led to the second floor. She stepped on the first step and then walked up the next five. She stopped halfway up the staircase and looked to the right; through the railing she could see her bedroom door closed. She knew that her husband was inside getting dressed for work.

Serena took a deep breath and went to the top of the stairs but instead of going right she went left and then walked around to the left and went to the second door on the right. She opened it and then switched on the lights; she saw the small figure of her son pull the covers over his head and try to go back to sleep. She smiled slightly at his attempt.

"Jonathan, come on time to get ready for school," she said kindly.

"I can't go to school today," he said from under the covers.

"Oh and why not?" Serena asked smiling again knowing that he was going that he was sick.

"I don't feel well," he said.

"And what's the matter with you?"

"My tummy hurts," he said.

"I'm sure it does," she said.

He sat up and she stared at his blue eyes, "It does mommy, I'm really sick." She smiled at her six year old son; his black as night hair, blue sapphire eyes and strong tanned face. He looked just like his father, the exact image.

"Jonathan get up and stop trying to con your way out of school you only have a month left," said a stern voice from the doorway. Serena looked to see her husband standing there trying to fix the sleeve on his white shirt.

"Okay daddy," he said. Serena hadn't stopped looking at him the whole time; but he hadn't looked at her once. Then his eyes flicked up and they looked in each others eyes for a second. But then he looked at his son again.

"Hurry and get dressed and Christina will have breakfast for you downstairs," Darien said, then he walked away.

Serena looked at Jonathan and he looked at her, "You should hurry or you'll be late." Jonathan nodded, and threw the covers off and climbed around her. Serena watched him go to his dresser and begin to pick out clothes. She stood and walked out closing the door behind him as she went. She went to the left and walked around the staircase and then into her and her husbands room across from her sons. Serena walked in and saw Darien in the adjoining bathroom getting ready for work.

"So what's on your agenda for today?" she asked.

"I have a meeting with a new client at ten and then for lunch I'm meeting Kevin," he said his eyes looking at her in the mirror. Serena walked into the bathroom and stood next to Darien at the second sink. She opened her small jewelry box that stood on the countertop and pulled out a pair of small pearl earrings. "Why did you want know?" he asked.

"I wanted to know what you were doing today that's all," she said. There was a long pause and neither said anything as they got ready. "Are you going to be home in time for dinner tonight?" she asked.

"I should be," he said looking at her through mirror.

"Good, so what are you working on with this client you have a meeting with?" she asked.

"He wants me to design a house for him here in Savanna," he told her. "Wants to knock down a few of the old houses downtown," Darien said.

"Those old historical houses?" Serena said.

"Yeah, the old rundown ones by the park," he said.

"But they've been there for years," Serena said.

"Yeah and he owns them and now he wants to demolish them," Darien said.


"Because that's what he wants Serena God ask him if you ever meet him," Darien said then he walked out of the bathroom. Serena watched him in the mirror as he left the room and went downstairs. She sighed and then looked into the mirror. She saw herself and sighed again; she looked so proper. A white skirt with a black sleeveless low cut tank top. After a few seconds she walked out of the bathroom and went downstairs to join her son for breakfast.

Serena sat at the table and drank her tea while going over a few papers her editor had sent her. Jonathan came running downstairs and skidding into the kitchen backpack in hand. "Mommy we have to go or we're going to be late," he said.

Serena looked at her watch and her eyes widened, "Damn it," she said. "Okay come on let's hurry and get out of here." Serena grabbed her keys, and went outside and got into her car. She pulled out of the garage and began to drive down the white gravel driveway. She got to the gate and stopped realized that she had left a file that she needed in her office. Serena looked at the house in her rearview mirror.

"Mommy no, I can't be late," Jonathan said. Serena looked at him and the smiled.

"Okay sweetie I can just come back after I drop you off," she said. Then she continued to drive. She pulled out of the driveway and turned to the right. As she did this she didn't notice the red mustang that pulled into her driveway and drive up to the house.

Serena had been able to drop off Jonathan without making him late; unfortunately the same would not happen for her. She had left behind a very important manuscript that her editor wanted to read. Serena pulled into the driveway and waited for the gate to open; when it did she drove up to the house and turned off the car leaving the keys in the ignition.

Serena ran up the stone stairs and opened the door. "Hello, Christina it's just me I forgot something in the office." Serena ran up the stairs; when she reached the top landing she stopped and heard the shower running. 'Strange why Darien would be taking a shower now?' she thought but it was pushed form her mind as she glanced at her watch and saw the late time.

Serena ran past Jonathan's room and opened the door to the small staircase that lead to the third floor. Serena ran up the stairs and when she reached the third floor she went straight to her office.

It was a beautifully decorated in pale and dark blues. With a silver and glass desk that housed her computer and keyboard. Next to the desk on the right was a bookcase made of a chrome substance. Serena went over to the bookcase and pulled out a green file folder; she opened it and looked inside at the contents. Thankful she had found what she was looking for Serena left she room and locked the door behind her.

She was walking towards the staircase and reading over the manuscript when she heard voices from the room at the end of the hall next to Darien's office. She went over and opened the door; all that was in the room was the spiral staircase that went down to a small room which adjoined to her and Darien's bathroom.

Serena listened again and heard a giggling sound coming from below; she took a step down onto the first step and listened more intently. She could now hear a woman's voice; a voice that she had never heard before. Serena reached the bottom of the staircase and put her ear against the door to the bathroom. She grabbed the door handle and turned opening the door just a crack.

Serena looked in and because of the glass doors surrounding the circular tub she saw everything. Darien stood in the shower with another woman pushed up against the wall; though Darien had on his soaked clothes the woman had on nothing. Serena gasped as she saw her husband make love to another woman.

Serena turned away and then looked back at the woman's face; within seconds she knew who it was. Cassandra Darien's personal assistant; Serena glared at her and then Cassandra looked right at her. She began to hit Darien on the shoulder and she said something; Darien turned around and looked right at Serena then let go of Cassandra and opened the shower door stepping out.

Serena wasted no time in leaving the small room and going across the hall into the staircase. She then saw Darien watch her movements then he went up the spiral staircase. Serena ran back down and into Jonathan's room. Serena could hear him calling for her as he walked over to her office and started to bang on the door. She thanked God that she had locked it he thought she was in there hiding.

Serena quickly went into Jonathan's closet and grabbed a small duffle bag, then she went over to his dresser and began to throw whatever clothes she could get her hands on into it. When she was done she set it one the floor next to his door; Serena peeked out and saw Cassandra got upstairs to Darien now fully clothed. Serena took off her shoes and as quietly as possible went over to her own bedroom and did the same as she had in Jonathan's room.

When she heard them start to walk back over to the stairs Serena zipped up the bag and ran back into Jonathan's room. She pressed herself against the wall and didn't breathe. She could hear them talking as they came down the stairs.

"So she locked herself in her office and wont talk to you, you act as if its that big of a deal," Cassandra said.

"Cassie you don't understand what's just happened, all hell is going to break loose," Darien said to her. "You need to leave."

"But we didn't even get to finish," Cassandra said to him.

"Doesn't matter you still need to leave, I'll walk you out," he said and they went down the stairs. Serena waited until she heard them at the bottom and then went to the top she watched as they walked outside and then Serena grabbed the bags and ran down to the kitchen in the back of the house.

She went over to the sliding glass doors and quietly opened them. Stepped out onto the back patio and then shut them behind her. Serena then went to the left side of the house and looked around the corner as Cassandra pulled her car out of the driveway. Darien watched her leave the gate and then turned towards Serena right as she pulled her head back. Darien then went back inside the house.

Serena waited a few moments and then ran over to her car she jumped in, threw the bags in the back, and turned the keys in the ignition. The car started and Serena slammed her foot down on the pedal. She tore out of the driveway and went right into traffic. She glanced back at the mansion as she drove towards her son's school.

Serena had gotten about seven miles away when she pulled off of the road and into a park. She turned off the car and then sat her hands on the wheel, she stared out across the green and then leaned her head against the steering wheel. Tears poured down her face; then her phone rang. Serena picked it up and looked at the caller ID. It was Darien trying to call her he must have figured out that she wasn't in the house.

Serena let it go to voicemail and then opened the phone pressed the ignore on the message notification and dialed a number. She waited as the phone rang twice and then a woman picked up. "Ami Jensens office how may I help you," she said.

"I need to speak with Ami, tell her that this is Serena and its an emergency," Serena told the woman. Within seconds she had Ami on the line.

"Serena what is it what's wrong?" she quickly asked.

"Ami do you still have that apartment in Milan?" Serena asked.

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