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Category: Books: Twilight

Genre: Romance/Drama

Summary: It was only natural in the end when he broke his promise, that I broke mine.

Dedication: To all whom have showed and expressed concern for my recent trials, this is for you.

Til We Meet Again
By: Dark Huntress

The large home was silent as I looked around my bare room once more, and I knew if I were still human, I would have had tears running down my face. Eleazar had abandoned me, and of course Irina would be out of my life permanently. As for Carmen, she hadn't spoken to me since she saw the destruction of her sister, and the news of the death of the other. My closest friend besides Alice had decided another way, and I must travel the other.

Esme, Rosalie, and Alice had come home to complete turmoil, at first in a state of rage at the sight of poor Irina and the death of Tanya. But Carlisle had sat them down and explained everything, they had retracted their words instantly, comforting me as best they could, well, Rosalie didn't, but she didn't try to kill me at least. I belonged with them, not with Irina's clan. I knew, whatever happens in future times, they would not abandon me.

"Bella?" Alice's voice whispered, her fairy body easily sliding through the open window since she would most likely like to avoid the downstairs area.

"Hey," I said, turning away from her to stare at the blank wall across from me, a place that had only hours before been covered in posters.

"You okay?" she asked, sitting down beside me and trying to look me in my eyes.

I didn't answer, I didn't have to, the concern that doubled on her face easily made that clear. Her large doe eyes fell partially shut, her small mouth frowning.

"Its alright, I love you," she stated, wrapping one of her arms around my shoulders and laying her head upon my shoulder.

"Yeah, I know," I answered, closing my eyes for what seemed the millionth time, trying to make all the pain disappear from my life. "Do you think...I could be alone?"

"Sure hun, we're leaving in an hour, okay?" she said, standing and walking out the door, I merely nodded my head in affirmation.

Standing from my bed, I stepped out of my room, looking at the millions of pictures on the walls. One was of the marriage of Eleazar and Carmen, that was the happiest day of her life, or at least it looked to be by the sparkle in her eye. Another was of Tanya and Irina, hanging all over each other smiling happily. It appeared to be at some club, men of various ages eying them hungrily in the background.

Touching the next, I smiled wistfully, remembering the day it was taken. It was of me and Eleazar and Carmen, each one of us making strange faces at the camera, mine a little less outlandish than their's. It had been in the early years of my transformation, back when I was new to the clan and nervous of every sound around the corner. They had shown me so much, shown me the way to live to hunt, to get along in regular vampire society. Everything I knew about this life, I had learned from them, minus a few things I picked up from the Cullens back in Forks.

Taking the picture off the hook, I felt another dry sob form in my throat as I took the picture from the frame. Holding the thing as if it were the most precious treasure anyone could possess, I silently tore my picture off, crumpling it up in a tight ball and throwing it on the floor. They didn't need reminded of my presence, it would be hard enough for them to move on without my help.

Walking away, I gently touched the railing, remembering the days of gaiety when we flew down that smooth wood. Many times we would up in one large pile at the bottom, laughing as we stood and ran back up to try again. Many nicks were firmly etched in that grain, forever left there by firm hands as we tried pushing each other off the edge, knowing that we could not be harmed.

I didn't dare go into the living room where they were healing Irina, so I skipped that room and went into the kitchen. Had it really been such a short time when Carmen and I had been sitting in this room cooking another crazy recipe of her's? I could see it so clearly in my mind's eye, her shining face and bubbly personality as she went about her work, filling the room with sweet aromas. Now, I would never experience it again.

Turning away, I looked back over my shoulder once more, firmly saying goodbye to my home, to my life, to my friends, and to my past once again. How many more times would I have to leave things so dear to me because of what I was? I left Forks to let my father die old and alone, and to allow my mother to slowly go insane with disease. How many more people would I hurt in the process of my life? The total was already too many.

Grabbing my coat off the coatrack, I opened the door as if in deja vu, marveling at how the simplest of things could seem so hard. Turning the knob, I opened the door, and stepped through, shutting it firmly behind me.


The north wind blew cold, yet it didn't bother me to feel it, it never did. But that surge of air brought back things I wanted desperately to forget, but knew my strengthened memory would not let me do so. I would always remember the fault that was my own, the blood, or rather death, that was forever staining my palms with its hideous memory.

I let the woods wrap around me, drowning me in my own sorrow, letting me get firmly away from the others. Should I even go with the Cullens? Was I only destined to bring them pain as well? I could not stand to see Edward, or any of them in pain as what Irina, Eleazar, and Carmen were experiencing. If I were to harm one of the Cullens, I would not be able to live with myself. They had done so much, was I about to repay them for all that by ruining them as well?

Looking to the east, I felt my fists nervously clench and unclench, desperately wondering what was best for them, for me, for everyone. If I were to leave, I would bring Edward pain for a short while, but would it be best in the long run? Let me suffer, let him move on and find someone that would not jinx him for all eternity.

Letting myself fall to the ground, I covered my face with my hands, rocking back and forth, trying desperately to make a decision. I could not be selfish, I had to think of what was best for them. At first I was sure he wouldn't agree, but someday, someday, he would see that me being with him was not for the best.

Willing my heart to stop breaking, I set my mind forth, I had made my decision, despite everything, I knew the path I had to walk. Picking a stray piece of grass, I nimbly twisted it between my fingers, watching it give way underneath my strength. Running my plan through my mind, I bit my lip, choking down another sob of agony.

Sitting on my knees, I felt my back pocket, making sure through it all, that my wallet had remained in place. That's all I would need, I had a good sum of money in my account, enough to last me for awhile, long enough to disappear. Sticking the wallet more firmly in the pocket, I stuck my hands back in my coat pocket, crossing my fingers just for luck.

Standing shakily, I looked at my feet, mentally calculating just how insane I truly was right now and my entire life. I had befriended a strange boy who turned out to be a grandfather aged vampire turned vegetarian that desired my blood. I had taken on a vampire that also lusted for my blood, but had no desire to resist taking it all because I refused to tell the others that I thought he had my mom. If he had truly had her, it would have probably been wiser to tell the others, one against seven, it had definitely been in our favor.

Chuckling, I felt my body grow warm for only a few moments as the happiness of my previous years filled me. I had never had any sense of self preservation, it was rather scary how bad I was at it. I held no feeling of protecting myself in the least, was I really that stupid, or just incredibly naive? I decided on a little bit of both.

Looking over my shoulder, I gave a slight smile, the wind blowing my locks around me, framing my face. Turning with my back to them, I ran, ran away from my past and my future all in one.


Looking at the city of Los Angeles, I marveled at the clear night sky and millions of people that still walked the streets. It was a wonder anyone got anywhere around here, and if I was still back in my mortal days, I would have feared for my life being alone like this.

Dropping gracefully to the balcony, I opened the glass doors silently, slipping in unnoticed by the slumbering occupant. Creeping over to the bed, I pulled up a chair, and sat down quietly, wrinkling my nose at the odor of this place. I had never liked the smell of hospital clean rooms, but I would suffice for the meantime.

The old woman stirred, her brown eyes opening and shutting rapidly before opening fully and staring around the room. Her long gray hair fell down around her, she looked poor, no one was taking proper care of her. Placing my hand in her own, I placed her wrinkled knuckles against my still smooth cheeks, letting the still familiar scent of her skin to sink into me again.

"Hey," I whispered, leaning forward slowly as she turned to stare at me, her face blank for several moments.

"Bella? Is that you?" she asked, gripping my hand stronger than anyone her age should still be able to do. "They told me you died, but I knew they were wrong, I just knew it."

"I'm here mom, I thought I'd come for a visit," I said, smiling and dryly sobbing all at once, my eyes taking in as much as I could.

"I'm so glad, I don't understand why they won't let me leave dear? Will you talk to them? I mean really, I can't let Phil go to too many ball games without me. He gets so down when he doesn't get to play, I have to be there for him. And I'm sure Charlie is ready to head back to Forks with you dear, where is he?" she ranted, her mouth moving strangely as if not used to the exercise.

"He's back at the hotel, he was tired after the long trip," I replied, not quite looking her in the eye, hoping she could no longer sense my deception.

"Oh well, he must visit me tomorrow. And how is that Edward fellow you're so head over heels for? Did he finally propose to you? He seemed like such a gentleman when I met him that once. Don't let that one get away Bella," she warned, shaking a bony finger in my face.

"I won't mom, I promise," I answered, appeasing her as she rested on her pillow once more, falling instantly into slumber.

I stayed with her all that night, watching over her as she fell into dreams of her past before she had slipped away from it all. She died that night, with a smile on her face.

The End.

A/N: Yes, everyone, this is truly the end of the story, questions will be answered right after this, so let's get this show on the road.

1) Which one of them died?

Tanya is the one that died, Irina was just terribly hurt.

2) I thought Eleazar loved her (Bella) like a daughter?

He did, he was the one that created her, but still his loyalties were with Tanya and Irina. They were the ones that introduced him to Carmen, and gave him the love he always wanted. They are also the ones that gave him a home and taught him a better way of life so he wouldn't despise himself as much. So you see, no matter his love for Bella, he would always stay true to the other two.

3) Where was Alice? (during the fight between Tanya and Irina vs. Bella)

Her and Rosalie were out shopping in a nearby town, she didn't get a vision of this because, well, in some story of these, maybe not one of Stephanie Meyer's, but someone, said that Alice never really had a vision of Bella by herself, so she couldn't see Bella's future, only other's, Bella just happened to be in them. If that was your idea by the way, I don't own it, and I hope you don't mind me borrowing it, it was a wonderful idea.

4) I hope Edward will be there for her.

Yes, Edward is, he doesn't want her to leave, in fact he didn't even know she did. That was of Bella's own choice.

5) Will there be a sequel?

But of course. I could not leave Edward and Bella's story so sad now could I? The next story should be out soon, after I get Jealousy firmly established, as well as Dusk further on in its life. The next one should is roughly titled My Immortal, thought of by the song yes, but it makes sense. They're both immortals, so yeah. I can't wait to get that one out, but I must start writing it first mustn't I? Got the idea, just not written out.


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