Cataracta's Notes: gasp Two in one night? Actually this one came about because of a line in "Trust". Kudos to those who figure out which. Now, enjoy! (Oh, and for all those wondering, I do have a full-length story in the making. I just have to finish it. o.O;)


"Ryuhou wakes up one morning and muses on a quirk of a certain Mrs. Kiryu while exercising one of his own. Mimori X Ryuhou"

Ryuhou hates the alarm clock, mainly because it is loud and annoying, but also because it's positioned abnormally close to the edge of the bed. It's not his fault, he knows, and so he glances over at the one whose fault it is and fights back a smile.

She is lying there peacefully, blissfully unaware of the loud beeping not three inches from her head. Ignorance is bliss, Ryuhou quotes soundlessly as he reaches over to brush a wayward piece of hair from his wife's face. The alarm has escalated from simple beeps to annoying, fast paced beeps, yet Mimori never stirs.

He's learned that this is normal behavior for the dark-haired beauty, and has also come to except the fact no amount of noise can rouse her from sleep. Since Mimori has not, though, Ryuhou's been forced to endure the alarm clock. He doesn't mind, he decides, as he watches her rest, because Mimori is beautiful in her sleep.

The alarm clock has finally given up, and falls silent. Ryuhou tries to hear past the ringing in his ears (the louder the alarm, Mimori insisted, the easier she'd wake), wanting to hear her breathe. It's been a quirk of his that Mimori has come to except, and mainly, expect. There are some nights that Ryuhou spends with his head resting on her stomach, feeling as well as listening to her quiet, serene breathing.

Grinning, Ryuhou pushes back the covers, ignoring his wife's sleepy murmur of protest, and places his head on her chest, just listening. And while he lies there, he thinks that he'll let Mimori sleep a little longer, and also that he can forgive his wife of her odd little quirk.

After all, he grins to himself, that would rather be like the pot calling the kettle black.

.:Because it's the little things that make us human:.

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