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Summary: Fuji realizes that there's only one person on Seigaku's team that hasn't noticed him. The one person he wants the most . . . Oishi. One-shot.

Fuji's Conquest

"They look good, don't you think Tezuka?" Oishi asked his stern looking captain.

Tezuka gave a silent nod as the members of the tennis club finished their laps around the court, the regulars leading the way. Oishi smiled as the regulars came in, catching the eye of one, Fuji Syusuke, who gave him a flirtatious wink before stopping his run.

Oishi looked back at Tezuka, his eyes were fixed on the roster sheet in his hand. There was no mistake, Fuji had winked at Oishi. Oishi gave a glance towards Fuji who was deep in conversation with Inui while the other regulars got water.

"Hey Oishi!"

Oishi felt a familiar hand on his shoulder. "Hello Eiji," he smiled.

"Did Tezuka finish the roster of the regulars' matches?" Eiji asked anxiously. "Maybe we'll play each other, see which one's the better half."

Oishi laughed. "I think he's finished."

They looked over at Tezuka who was now posting the roster for the ranking matches outside the locker room doors. Fuji was beside Tezuka, talking to him. Oishi had wondered how Fuji had gotten over to Tezuka so fast without him noticing.

"Let's go see," Eiji urged, pulling Oishi by the arm over by the locker room. As the Golden Pair approached, Tezuka and Fuji immediately stopped the conversation they were having. Fuji smiled AT Oishi as Eiji scanned the list.

"Momo and Kaidoh? That should be easy peasy," Eiji exclaimed as he moved out of the way for Oishi.

Oishi had only one match against a regular tomorrow, Takashi Kawamura. He smiled, fairly confident that he would win and proceeded to the next day's match, which would be against Fuji Syusuke. Oishi forced a smile at Fuji, who gave him one of those angelic smiles that were always displayed on his face.

Oishi felt a hand pull him out of the crowd now gathering around the list.

"Don't worry, Oishi, you'll definitely beat Taka and secure your spot as a regular." Oishi laughed at what Eiji had said, even though Eiji was wrong about what was worrying him. It was the fact that Eiji noticed he was worried that made him gratified.

The next day's matches were just as Eiji had said. Oishi had beaten Taka 6-3 and was now worried about the upcoming match with Fuji.

That night Oishi had trouble sleeping. Fuji always made him nervous, so he usually avoided being around by himself. Oishi then thought about the people at the match watching that would relieve him a bit. He had no reason to be scared.

Oishi decided to get to the courts early to open the locker room. He got out his keys to the locker room door to find it was already unlocked. He stepped into the locker room to find his captain sitting on a bench holding his racket.

"Oishi," Tezuka said, without looking up as if he expected for him to come so early. Tezuka stood up and walked past Oishi, stopping in the door, his back facing Oishi. "Good luck."

"Tezuka . . ." Oishi started to talk, but the captain was already on the court hitting balls.

Oishi sat in the locker room for about an hour, and couldn't help but thinking that he was in the middle of a bad joke . . . Just then, Fuji stepped into the locker room.

"Hello," he said sexily to Oishi.

"Hi," Oishi responded to Fuji who was now changing in the corner. Oishi got up to leave wondering why Fuji had not changed at home.

"Oishi," Fuji breathed, standing with his shirt off facing Oishi. Oishi stopped but still had his back faced towards Fuji. "Good luck."

Fuji had stood in the locker room shirtless for a few seconds anticipating that Oishi would turn around. "Thank you," Oishi replied as Fuji now pulled on his jersey. Oishi looked back giving Fuji a half smile before leaving the locker room.

The matches would start in thirty minutes, and Oishi was warming up with Eiji. Oddly enough, no one was around the court. "Eiji, I really thought a lot of people would be interested in seeing this match," he said while hitting the ball to his partner.

"Well, everyone will probably be going to see Tezuka's match against Chibi-chan," Eiji explained hitting the ball back to Oishi.

Oishi missed the ball. "Echizen? And Tezuka? Having a match at the same time as Fuji and I?"

"Yes, and I think I'm going to watch it, too. If you don't mind!"

Oishi desperately wanted Eiji to stay, but felt bad. "Of course I don't mind," Oishi kindly smiled at his partner. "I secured my spot as a regular didn't I? I have nothing to worry about."

Eiji ran to the courts where Tezuka and Echizen will play, shouting "Good luck!" as he left.

Ten minutes until the match . . .

I'm overreacting. Fuji has never done anything before; not that I'd give him a chance! But really, what could happen? It's just tennis.

"Hey, Oishi." Oishi turned around to see Fuji standing with his racket at his side. "We have to judge our own match, since the line judge went to watch Ryoma's and Tezuka's match."

Fuji walked over to the middle of the court, smiling, he held out his hand. Oishi walked over and shook Fuji's hand. "You can serve. I'll take this side."

Fuji just smiled, turned around, and walked back preparing to serve. "Luv-luv."

Fuji served the ball hard, but certainly not his best. Oishi returned it easily. These easy serves continued, Oishi winning each short rally. He'd won the first game, and he could tell Fuji was not playing seriously. As they switched courts, Oishi grew angry. He had seen Fuji play this way before, but the had never expected Fuji to be rude enough to do this to his own teammate. Oishi decided to brush it off and figured Fuji would begin to play seriously.

Oishi served the ball and Fuji returned it in a way that made it extremely easy for Oishi to hit. Oishi decided to lob the ball, forcing Fuji to smash it; but it was no good. Fuji just lobbed it back to Oishi.

Oishi was starting to get angrier, but he wasn't losing it. He knew if he smashed it, Fuji would surely use his Higuma Otoshi to easily counter it. But no, Fuji simply missed the ball. Again Oishi won. 2-0. Then 3-0. Now 40-luv.

By this point, Oishi was really angry. Was this it? Did Fuji and Tezuka plan this to get Oishi back? Did they get satisfaction when a nice guy lost his temper?

Oishi's hand was shaking as he gripped his racket preparing to serve. Oishi served the ball hard to Fuji, who lobbed it, again. This was it. Oishi was pissed. He jumped up to smash the ball and yelled, "Play seriously, Fuji!"

Fuji's eyes opened, he missed the ball. Oishi had won the fourth game in a row.

Fuji smiled at Oishi as they switched courts. As they passed each other, Fuji mischievously winked at Oishi. Fuji was serious now . . .

Oishi was still mad, because he felt that everyone was against him. Everyone was having a good laugh at his expense.

Oishi didn't play well the rest of the match, losing six games in a row, making the final count 4-6. Fuji went again to the middle of the court, sticking out his hand for Oishi to shake. Oishi reluctantly shook Fuji's hand and tried to let go, but Fuji refused. Fuji was holding his hand tight, an unrelenting grip.

"Fuji," Oishi started.

"Come with me. I have something to show you." Fuji was pulling Oishi towards the locker room.

"Fuji! What is this about? I really just want to leave." But Oishi still allowed Fuji to drag him to the locker room because he needed to change anyway.

They got to the locker room. Fuji immediately went to Tezuka's bin, searching for something. He finally found what he was looking for - Tezuka's keys.

Oishi was sitting down and looked up. "Fuji, what are you . . .?" Fuji locked the door.

Oishi immediately stood up, towering over Fuji, who grew a huge smile on his face. "Fuji . . ."

Fuji placed his fingers on Oishi's lips to silence him. He then brushed past Oishi and ran to the showers. Oishi checked his pockets looking for his own set of keys to unlock the locker rooms, but found they were missing. Fuji must have taken his keys.

Oishi instinctively ran after Fuji now enraged at the situation. He couldn't believe Fuji had the audacity to steal his keys. "Fuji!" Oishi was walking through a thick steam. He could see nothing. He felt something on the floor. He picked it up. It was Fuji's uniform.

Oishi turned, but was quickly whipped around by Fuji who slammed him into the wall, kissing him passionately. Fuji continued kissing Oishi, slowly running his hands up Oishi's shirt.

Oishi pushed Fuji back. He didn't understand. He was being kissed by Fuji? What?

It was just then that he noticed that Fuji was only wearing a towel around his waist.

"Fuji . . ." With one hand, Fuji grabbed Oishi's face, "You were the only one who never noticed me."

Oishi hardly noticed that while he was talking, Fuji's other hand was sliding down his shorts. He was now kissing Oishi as his hand began to stroke his erected member.

Oishi pushed Fuji away again. Fuji looked at Oishi, his brilliant blue eyes glowing. Oishi looked into Fuji's eyes, entranced, he pulled Fuji into an intoxicating kiss.

Fuji lifted the shirt off of his teammate, and started tracing the lines on his chest with his tongue. Oishi couldn't believe this was happening. This intense feeling could have been fueled by his anger from the match. Either way, this new pleasure he felt only grew more fervent. Oishi slowly ran his hand down the side of Fuji's firm body, dropping the towel gracefully to reveal Fuji's also erect member.

The two rubbed their groins against each other as they continued to kiss. Fuji roughly turned Oishi around so that his erection was looming at his entrance.

"Are you ready?" Fuji asked, grinning sadistically.

"I-I-I've never done this before . . ." Oishi blushed.

Fuji was slightly taken aback. "Really? You mean, you and Eiji . . ."

"No!" Oishi declared.

Fuji laughed. "Good thing you told me. It would have been painful if you didn't." Fuji grinned again, thinking that it would not have been a bad thing.

Oishi's anger rose again. He felt helpless to Fuji's taunting.

Fuji continued, except this time his fingers closed in on Oishi's entrance. "Relax," Fuji whispered.

Oishi immediately turned around facing Fuji. He lightly gripped Fuji's shoulders. He stood there, searching Fuji's eyes, for something . . . anything. Fuji's brilliant blue eyes looked into Oishi's, letting his feelings show. Oishi gasped at this rare moment. He had never seen such beauty in Fuji's eyes.

Fuji smiled, retaining his usual manner. He then took two large steps back. Oishi picked up his clothes and silently walked back to the lockers and changed. Fuji never came back and after waiting for about twenty mintues, Oishi left.

Tezuka and Ryoma still had a match going on and the crowd was roaring. Oishi really didn't feel like seeing anyone so he just went home. All night Oishi couldn't stop thinking about Fuji. Everytime he closed his eyes he saw Fuji's wet body and brilliant eyes shining at him. Even when his eyes were open, he heard Fuji talking to him. Was Oishi in love? He knew that he liked what they were doing in the locker room, but he didn't like the feeling of being used.

Oishi was aware of Fuji's sadistic nature, but Fuji let him go. And what about the way Fuji had looked at him? These thoughts kept running through Oishi's mind all Sunday. He was not looking forward to school the next day. Although they were in different classes, he had still managed to see Fuji in the halls, and at breaks. Each time he had darted in the other direction, avoiding Fuji. During class, Tezuka also avoided Oishi, not saying a word to his best friend. This made things even more awkward. Oishi was dreading practice.

It seemed Fuji wasn't the only one noticing his coldness towards him. The others noticed, too, especially when Oishi refused to warm up. Part of Oishi wanted Fuji to admit that he felt the same way he did. But he couldn't see Fuji to be the type to confessing his "undying love". So Oishi turned his frustration into anger.

"Oishi!" Eiji whined. "Why are you being so mean?"

Oishi just shot his partner a look that made Eiji quiet. Oishi was practicing horribly and this was not good. The Kantou Regionals were this week and their first match against Hyotei was tomorrow. He couldn't take it anymore; he ran from the court, and grabbed his bag, not looking back.

The regulars were so confused about Oishi's behavior. They were all gaping when Fuji shot a look at his captain, who just nodded. Fuji ran off the courts following Oishi. The regulars stood in shock even more at Fuji's departure. They all looked at Tezuka waiting for an explanation.

"Hey!" Tezuka exclaimed. "Did I say to stop practicing? Twenty laps everyone!"

Oishi felt horrible. He didn't want his team to be let down. He felt bad about being mean to Eiji, he also felt bad about Fuji, too. He had stopped in the park and was now resting on a tree, half hoping Fuji would embrace him and let him know it was alright.

He was sitting for half an hour and decided to go back to apologize to everyone. He stood up and as soon as he turned around Fuji was in front of him. He fell backwards onto the ground. "Fuji!"

Fuji kneeled down and was sitting down over Oishi's body. "That was quite a scene you caused," Fuji said.

Oishi sat up, knocking Fuji back. "Why did you come here Fuji?"

Fuji only smiled at Oishi. "Don't play with me," Oishi ordered.

Fuji smiled again. "Stop it Fuji!" Oishi said as he stood up.

"I thought I could add to the drama," Fuji smiled.

"Be serious, Fuji!" Oishi was angry.

"I am," Fuji replied calmly.

Oishi started to walk away. "Oishi," Fuji called. Oishi stopped but did not turn around. "Why did you ask me a question you already know the answer to?" Fuji smoothly inquired, still smiling.

"I didn't . . . I thought . . . Ugh . . . I don't know anything! Sorry for the trouble I caused," Oishi sighed as he walked away.

Fuji didn't reply; he just walked Oishi walk away, his smile never fading.

"Captain!" Oishi exclaimed, as he made it back to the courts. Tezuka looked a little surprised to see Oishi. "I'm sorry for my behavior. I'm sorry!"

Tezuka looked at Oishi. "Twenty laps around the court."

Oishi looked at his teammates and waved at them in apology. They continued to practice knowing what Oishi meant. Oishi's heart was crushed, but in the sake of the Hyotei match the next day he needed to be in top shape.

Oishi was walking on his way to the match and he passed a flight of stairs. He saw a pregnant woman. Suddenly she collapsed in his arms. She was in labor!

Oishi felt it as soon as the lady fell onto him. A sharp pain throbbed in his wrist. He helped the woman to the hospital. He decided to stay with her, sending Momo to play doubles with Eiji. He did not want to leave the woman's side, and his wrist made it impossible for him to play. Oishi couldn't help but feel he was letting his team down.

The woman had safely given birth and Oishi had gotten his wrist bandaged, so he thought he might be able to catch the end of Momo's and Eiji's match. Oishi arrived at the courts and when Eiji saw him, he smiled. Oishi almost came to tears when he saw Eiji backing up Momo, like he had always done for Eiji. He didn't let the team down. Everyone was just happy to see that he was okay.

Oishi was beaming when Eiji and Momo bombarded with victory hugs. Taka's match soon followed. He suffered an injury, and had to go to the hospital. Oishi was slightly worried, even though Taka would be okay.

His mind however, was quickly brought to Fuji who was playing next. Fuji played elegantly against Hyotei's Jirou, not holding back. Oishi was speechless, he wanted to learn more about this beautiful man playing tennis. He never felt this way before and was even more surprised when it was Fuji's tennis that provoked these feelings. However, Oishi was still doubtful of Fuji's intentions and was just playing with him.

Fuji won his match and Tezuka was now up. Fuji took a seat next to Oishi, not even looking at him.

Oishi could feel Fuji's breathing and could smell the glistening sweat running down his perfect cheeks. It was like a drug, a sweetness that only left you wanting more. Atobe and Tezuka's match seemed to be going on for ages, no one giving in. Oishi was gripping the bench, he felt nervous for Tezuka. They were now in a tiebreak.

Then it happened. Tezuka gripped his shoulder, falling to the ground. Oishi immediately jumped out of the stands and onto the court. "Tezuka!" He wasn't the only one that shouted. Everyone had joined Oishi.

"Get off the courts! There's still a match going on!" Tezuka shouted.

Eiji lightly gripped Oishi's shoulders and lead him back to the benches. Oishi was beyond worried. He would break down crying if it wasn't for the frozen state his face was in. He sat down and watched as Tezuka painfully regained his stance and carried on with the match. He felt sick, he wish he could pull Tezuka away, making the pain stop. Oishi felt something grab his hand softly, yet firmly. He looked to his left, and saw Fuji staring at him, letting him know that everything would be alright.