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Warning: hints at SasuNaru, but could be taken as friendship.


You never passed more than a glance at me. I hated you for that.

You never wanted to spend time with me.

You never paid attention to me unless we sparred.

Was I ever more than a tool for your selfish benefits?

Did you ever take me seriously? Just for once?

The best moments we shared, were our arguments, at least then you didn't cast me aside.

I guess I should've said I was used to it.

I just didn't understand why you had to be the one.

I couldn't stop pestering you, couldn't stop seeking you out.

In the end, maybe I should've been the one to cast you aside.

Why does it hurt so much? That we never made our bond as it should've been.

Why is it that when you left us, you told me there was actually something there, even if it was just a spark.

You wanted to kill me. I wanted you to come back.

You were always a stubborn cold hearted jerk. I should've known you'd never be back.