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Better description: this is a fanfic that i have seen a bit lately and i fell in love with the idea. Edward and Bella have finally given into that one moment of passion and she gets pregnant without him knowing now three months later she moves away in one night while Edward is hunting but when he sees her 13 years later how will he react to her reason why she moved?

It had been thirteen years since I last saw Isabella Swan. I still lived in the same house that we had shared together with my family time to time, hoping she would come back to me one day. But I knew by now she would be at least 30 and probably had a family and children. I laid on Bella's old bed, like that night I last saw her. I went hunting for the shortest time possible one day, when I came back in the morning she was gone. The house emptied with absolutely no signs of Bella or where she went, even her father had left. My head lay on her old pillow it still held some of her scent after all this time, but not as much as it did before.

Flash Back

"Bella I have to go hunting today, will you be alright while I'm gone?" I asked in a worried tone afraid she might hurt herself with her clumsy-ness

"Yes Edward, you know I am not that deadly." Bella said as she sat on her bed her knees bent so my head could rest on her lap enjoying her warmth.

"Without me in your presence you could be Bella."

"You worry too much."

"You love that trait about me though."

"Yes I do." Bella said softly as she ran her hand softly through her hair, I noticed that Bella had gained a bit of weight around her lower stomach, I didn't mind I was glad I would never be able to gain or lose weight she could blow up all as big as she wanted too, I would love her anyway. Bella and I had been together for a whole year now and three months ago I had promised her to stay with her forever, I told her I would change her once I found myself able to have stamina to control my blood lust for her, I would. After that night Bella had become a woman and I had become a man in human technical terms. I saw the ring I had placed on Bella's finger three months ago, it was a small diamond but I didn't want anyone to know of our engagement yet. She never took the ring off and it stayed on her middle finger to hide suspicion.

"Edward You know I love you don't you?"

"Yes, and I love you my love." I said as I sat up and kissed her lips tenderly along with her forehead. " I will be back tomorrow morning, not a minute before and not a minute after I promise." I said as I stood up and walked out of her window and was running to the hunting grounds.

I returned in the morning her whole room was intact mostly, her clothes were gone a few nick nacks she had loved but every else was there. Along with most of her house the major things that would need a mover were all left behind.

"Bella?" I asked the quiet house but was left to hear the blaring silence of nothing. A few days later after searching Seattle every where in the area I had found out that Chief Swan and Bella had packed up what they could and moved as fast as they could.

End of Flash Back

I was so hurt when Bella seemed to pack up and move by the time I would get back from hunting. I opened my eyes to see that the sun was rising I had lost track of time since I no longer cared for human times, since I wasn't waking Bella up for school or making sure she went to bed at the right time. I wanted nothing more for my immortality to end right here and right now, but my life would not end easily and I did not have the power to kill myself fully, I would need others but my family would refuse in a second.

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