While Spike
Sat in the
Living room,
Watching T.V.
The Buffybot said,
"I am a good sister.
I will make
Dinner for you."
And like, 'cause
Willow and Tara
Were like, out
Doing Wicca
And all that stuff,
You said "O.K."
But before you
Could stop it
While cooking
Hot dogs,
The 'bot
Stuck its hand
In the boiling water,
Fished them out,
And dumped
Them down
The disposal
Before pouring
The water
Into a mug and
Handing it
To you.
"Enjoy your soup!"
It chirped-
All shiny
Happy plastic.
You started
Not because
You wanted
Hot dogs
But because
On mom's
Book club nights,
Dad would boil
Hot dogs,
And let you
Drink the water.
After he left,
Mom let you
Do the same;
She knew
You missed him.
Later Buffy
Did too...
So what if it's
Little kid's stuff?
And now…
…this thing…
That looks…
…like your
Has made you
Hot dog soup…
T.V. forgotten,
Spike charges
Out of the
Living room,
"What the
'ell's goin' on
In 'ere?"
The 'bot
At him,
"I made soup
For my sister.
Soup is nutritious
And deli…"
Spike almost
But doesn't
Hit it,
"Go upstairs!"
The thing
That looks like
Your sister
Cocks its head.
"Go upstairs!"
Spike yells again,
The thing
That looks
Like your
In mom's apron and
Stiffly marches
Head down
Spike stands
In the kitchen,
Hands clenching
And unclenching
For a long time
Before going
Back into
The living room
And throwing
Onto the couch
In front of the T.V.,
Leaving you to
Cry into
Hot dog soup.