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To my beautiful Beautifly,

Knowing how scatter brained you are, I'm sure you've forgotten that today is Valentine's Day. I have planned to tell you soon that I care for you, but knowing how weak I am, I'll probably just chicken out. To hold your interest until then, I wrote a poem telling all of the things I love about you. Take this poetry seriously, and keep on smiling. : )

I love the way you smile,
The way the light hits your face,
The scent of your hair,
You're beautiful grace.
You're eyes full of innocence,
You're step full of pride,
The way that you look
Is nothing to hide.

I've seen the way you look at yourself
And how hard that you try,
To be someone you aren't
And tell many a lie.
But I love the way that you walk,
It's cute when you stumble.
You're innocent eyes,
Can be much too humble.

So stop this acting,
I command you at once.
To become the one I know you can be,
Because no matter what,
I love you.

Secret Admirer

May read over the letter for the hundreth time that day. She was happy, but annoyed at that the same time. Why couldn't the secret admirer of left his name. Suddenly May got a disturbed thought. What if it was really from a girl? Shocked for a minute, she shook her head at her ridiculous idea. Most likely not. May jumped off the tree branch she was sitting on and stumbled once she hit the ground.

"Oh great, just like poem," May thought out loud with a dumb look on her face. "But it's not cute."

"Who are you talking to?" a familiar voice spoke from behind her.

Turning, May saw a head full of light green hair and an arrogant face.

"Drew," she said coldly. "What do you want?"

"I was just walking by when a girl fell from the trees almost landed on me." he answered, flipping his hair.

"I wasn't falling, I was jumping!"

"What's the difference?"

"Gah! You make me so m-"

"Hey May, we're going to eat. Are you coming?" Ash called from down the street.

"I make you what?" Drew smirked as he started to walk away.

"You can't walk away from me!" May screamed.

"I just did. Later," Drew threw in her face. Holding up a hand to wave, he continued walking down the street in the opposite direction.

May childishly stuck her tongue out at the boy's back, clearly unhappy from talking with him. She didn't understand him at all. The last time they'd talked, she was sure they were getting along better. Guess not.

"Are you coming?" Ash called again. He was starving, and didn't want to waste any time getting to the resturant.

"Yeah," May shouted as she started sprinting down the road. Fighting with Drew had made her very hungry.

They decided to stop at the Pokemon Center to let Ash and May's Pokemon to recover from any battles they'd been in recently before they went to eat. May realised that her Skitty had worked a lot lately, and her Munchlax hadn't been eating properly. Like that chair he ate the other day...but that's getting off topic.

"Can we go now?" Ash complained, his stomach objecting with a huge rumble as well.

"Yes, Ash. I think you can wait a few more minutes before we've reached the resturant," May retorted. He was really getting on her nerves today.

Finally getting a table after waiting for ten minutes (ten whole minutes of torture next to a hungry Ash), May slid into the booth next to her brother Max. They all ordered different types of ramen (they were at a noodle shop again), hers being a veggie lover dish. It's not that she really liked vegetables that much, it's just that she was on a secret diet. May was surpised that the person who wrote the love poem noticed the way she thought she was fat. Not even Max noticed that, and he was her brother. Either way, May knew she was gaining weight and didn't want some random guy telling her she couldn't stay on her diet. Suddenly there was a hand waving in front of her face, waking her from the deep concentration she was in.

"Hey May! Where's your brain at?" Max asked innocently, but slightly annoyed since she was ignoring him. "Me an' Brock have been trying to talk to you for the past few minutes."

"Oh, um, sorry," May apologised softly, kind of out of it still. "What did you want?"

"As we were saying," Max started up again without hesitation. "Were you planning on giving anyone chocolates today? It is Valentine's Day you know. Or did you forget?"

"I knew that!" May shot back. The fact really was that she had forgotten until she read it in that love letter. "But why would I tell you if I was giving anything to anyone?"

"Brock says that you'll give something to Drew," Max put in slyly, looking at May's face for a reaction.

May blushed just thinking of it.

"But I thought you might try to find your secret admirer to give him something."

"Are you crazy? I wouldn't give anything to Drew! That's just, weird." May exclaimed.

Max looked at her with a smirk on his face. Her late reaction meant that she was actually thinking about Drew. And she didn't even hear his comment about the secret admirer. May stood up and left the table. Irritated.

"I'm going for a walk!" she announced.

"But you haven't even eaten y-" Ash attempted to say, but she was already out the door within seconds.

May stomped out of the resturant, letting her feet carry her to her next destination. What did Max know anyways? Just then her stomach rumbled, reminding her she hadn't eaten yet. Of course. But who cares? If she skipped a meal, that's part of the diet, right? Who cares about what some stupid secret admirer wrote anyways.

The truth was, May really did like Drew. No, she loved him. But Drew was too cool for her, and they always fought. There was no way he could like a clumsy fool like her. Knowing all this, May decided to go on a diet even though she never seemed to have a problem with her self image before. Guys liked skinny girls, right? Maybe Drew would notice her then.

May sighed, walking down the path to nowhere. Tears started welling up in here eyes as she got a huge wave of depression. There was no way he would go out with her. She wasn't important enough. No, not in May's eyes. To May, she was a failure. She couldn't keep up with all the ribbons the Drew kept winning. And she wasn't as beautiful as some of Drew's fangirls either. Her brown hair was an unkept mess that never stayed straight down, and her eyes were the most common color of blue she knew. Why was the world so cruel?

May's stomach growled again, trying hard to get her attention. Feed me it says. May looked down to her abdominal area, sighing. She'd forgotten that she hadn't had breakfast either. Not to worry. She could handle a stupid thing as weak as hunger if it was to get Drew to notice her. And it's not like she'd never eat again, there was dinner that night, or breakfast the next morning.

"Love is a crazy thing," May said a loud to herself. "It makes you do crazy things."

"Do I detect someone talking to themself again?" sneered a boy, not far ahead from where she was. "You've really got to stop doing that, or they may send you away."

May didn't have to look at his face to know it was Drew. His voice was music to her ears, even if he was making fun of her. Keeping a strong front to the tears that wanted to leak down her cheeks, May put on a frown.

"You're so annoying," May lied. "Why don't you ever leave me alone?"

"Because you don't ignore me," he stated.

"What's that supposed to mean?"

"All my fangirls just gawk at me and won't have an actual conversation. Even if you're angry, you still acknowledge what I'm saying."

"Don't bring up your stupid fangirls! I don't need reminding how popular you are and how not popular I am." May said, totally missing the sincerity in Drew's voice.

Drew just raised an eyebrow at her. May could be so weird sometimes. He almost started saying something, but he was cut off by a loud noise coming from the direction of May's stomach.

"You better be careful on mountains with a stomach that hungry," Drew commented. "It might start an avalanche."

May opened her mouth, ready for a sweet come back, but Drew cut her off by bringing up an offer.

"I tell you what. If you're that hungry, I'll take you out for a burger or something..."

May heart skipped a beat, and her vision got suddenly blurry. Was he asking her on a date?

"You know, so you don't disturb the town with the fog horn hidden in your stomach."

That was it! Her heart had completely shattered. But she couldn't show Drew that she was actually disappointed. He never meant anything from asking to buy her food anyways.

"I'm not hungry," she murmured.

"You say what?" he said, mocking her for the low and mumbled tone she was using.

"I said I'm not hungry!"

He looked at her with a pained expression. Why did he look so hurt? She was the one that hadn't eaten since yesturday. And that really wasn't a great thing to remind her stomach, May thought as her stomach did a flip and grumbled even louder than the last time.

"You sure don't look 'not' hungry," he remarked, looking up towards the sky. It was as if he were trying to get his mind off something, but she didn't know what. "Well, if you're going to be 'fine' as you'd say in a situation like this, then I should be on my way."

Drew had only just turned to leave when he heard May say his name. He spun back around to find May in mid-action of falling towards the hard pavement below her. Rushing over, he reached her just barely by diving and sliding on his knees across the their gap in order to catch her head before it hit the ground. Once she was safely 'not falling', Drew let out the distressed breath he was holding.

"I told you to stop acting like someone I know you aren't. Didn't you know that you were perfect the way you were before?"

He looked down at May to find her unconcious. She must have fainted from the pain her stomach was giving her. Who would've thought a girl like May could get into a mess like this.


When May awoke, she was on a bed inside some sort of house or inn. Her stomach still ached, but nowhere else really did. She'd thought for sure that when she fainted that she would've bruised something. Sitting up, a wet cloth rolled down the front of her, landing on her lap. It must have been on her forehead to keep it cool. If she needed that, then that meant she had to have a fever. May sighed, knowing that she hadn't been treating herself completely as well as she should have. She just didn't see the point in it much lately. A click made her jump as she looked over at the door that started opening as a figure walked in.

Drew looked at May once he came into the bedroom, to find that she'd woken up. Her eyes were wide, but she seemed to calm down some when she realised it was just him. He brought over a new cloth and handed it to her while crouching next to the bed next to her, though it did nothing as it just sat in her hand as she stared at it.

"What happened?" May finally asked, breaking the silence.

"You fainted, I caught you and brought you to the closest house possible. You worked up a fever trying to kill me with comebacks while you already hadn't been been feeling well in the first place. It's because you haven't eaten today. You should have let me buy you that hamburger, you know."

"How would you know I haven't eaten?"

"I just do."

May just sat there quietly. She wasn't sure what to say because she was half ashamed because he found out and wasn't happy with it, and half shocked that he helped her anyways. So she just sat there waiting for him to speak, or even yell at her. Anything.

"Are you feeling well enough to get up? Walk maybe?" He asked hesitantly.

She nodded, slowly getting up from her place on the bed. He took her hand, helping her up to a full standing stance. Things just seemed to be getting more and more awkward lately. He led her (with their hands still clasped together) out through the living room and into the kitchen where May could see the front door beside an old refrigerator. Drew stopped and turned his head towards the old lady that was sitting in a rocker they'd just passed.

"Thanks Missus Teckins, for letting me bring my friend in when she was hurt. I'll stop by again sometime to visit."

"That's okay, son. You guys go out and enjoy yourselves now," the old lady chimed. When they walked out the door she muttered something about how cute young love was nowadays. It was so fortunate to get to see it bloom.

Outside with Drew and May, the sun was out but slowly falling behind the trees and hills.

"How long was I out for?" May casually asked.

"Maybe a few hours, not that long. But it was still frightening not knowing when you would wake up exactly."

May looked at Drew with wonder in her eyes. He didn't make much sense sometimes. They finally came to a stop in front of a fancy buffet resturant.

"What happened to getting a hamburger?" May pried.

"Knowing how scatter brained you are, I'm sure you've forgotten that today is Valentine's Day. No girl, no matter who they are, deserves to be alone on this day," he replied mysteriously.

May stood there for a moment, in thought. Where had she heard that before? It sounded so familiar. Before she could think much longer, Drew was dragging her into the place to get seated.

May was actually having a fun time, despite the fighting they'd been doing all that day. Drew made sure she ate the food, red meats and all. And she had to admit that every bite she took made her stomach feel a mite bit better. She even got Drew to laugh at one point there. But as all good things come to an end, the 'not date' was as well coming to a close. They'd left the resturant after paying the bill and were now walking down the road again. It had gotten darker since they went in, but the moon was full and the stars gave off a radiant natural light.

The small chatting about pokemon and different things ended as a quiet, but comfortable silence took over. They were headed in the direction of the park that was right outside of the Pokemon Center, whether they really were intending on going there or not. The cushiony floor of grass soon replaced the tar pavement they'd been walking on as a refreshing change in step. May bounced over to a tall Willow tree that was near the outer edge of the park, admiring the beauty of it.

Drew stayed back for a minute while watching May and the Willow as a breeze flew by, creating a beautiful scene. May's hair danced around face as the leaves flew off some of the branches and danced with her as well. She seemed to be having loads of fun compared to earlier that day. But when she turned to see him, her face changed to a look of question. Like, what was he staring at her for?

Drew smiled and started walking towards her, joining the dance with the wind as it seemed to be trapped under that one Willow. His hair was blowing wildly around, which caused May to snort out into laughter. His grin faultered, but he was glad at least that she was happy and carefree for the moment. He had made a promise to himself that he would do something today, and he was intending on keeping that promise. It was the perfect place to tell her, but he just hoped she felt the same way.

Picking a stray leaf out of May's hair, Drew began to speak in a placid voice that surprised even himself. "May, I have something I want to tell you."

"Yeah, I do too." May told him. "Or maybe it's more of a question, but I'm not sure at this point."

"Okay then, you first."

"Did you write me a valentine poem then sign it 'Secret Admirer'?" May asked bluntly.

"When'd you figure it out?"

"I remembered you saying something right before going into the resturant, but I couldn't figure out why it sounded so familiar. Then walking on the way to the park I put my hands in my pockets and felt the letter. I realised that was where I'd heard it before, but it didn't make sense. Not to me anyways." May explained.

"Well it should, because it's true." Drew said, glancing over at her face as he blushed. "I don't know why you think you have to be some skinny girl. You were perfect before you started loosing weight to begin with. And you started lying to your friends so they wouldn't bug you about eating so little. That's what doesn't make sense, May."

May took the information in, and carefully searched for the words to explain her situation.

"I did it for you."


"You have so many fans that are prettier than I am. Plenty of beautiful girls to choose from. It didn't seem right that out of all them, you would choose me. So I tricked myself into believing you hated me for who I was. I suppose I never meant to, but it happened. And that just made me want you even more. I tried changing my appearance to catch your attention. I was starting to gain weight anyways, and it gave me an excuse to shed off the extra flab."

"You aren't fat or flabby in any way, May. And never were."


"No buts," Drew said, leaning in closer to May.

"Why are you-"

Drew put a finger on her lips, silencing her. "Because no matter what, I love you." And he leaned in, brushing his lips against hers. He put his arms around her back, pulling her closer to him while she wrapped her own arms around his neck. Pulling back, they both took in a breath of air and awkwardly smiled.

May finally spoke out in a soothing voice, with the biggest smile she'd ever had on her face. "I love you too."


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