Title: Sweet
kawaii-kirei "KK"
T or PG-13 for implied yaoi

Pairing: TezuFuji

Disclaimer: Prince of Tennis and all of its characters do not and never will belong to me.

Author's Notes: This is my first PoT fanfic ever, so please bear with me. –sweatdrop- When I first thought of the plot, I wasn't sure what pairing to write about, but the TezuFuji fandom was just calling out to me. X3 I apologize if they're OOC, and for any typos. Please review!


"You eat too many sweet stuff." Tezuka stated one day, quite blandly. It irked him to no end to see that same type of candy with the pink wrapper in Fuji's pocket day after day after day, especially in club activities. Fuji would always pop one in his mouth before every battle, after every battle, or sometimes just after every fifteen minutes. Tezuka was so tempted to ban the wretched sweets from the courts.

"But they're delicious, buchou." Fuji smiled innocently, rolling the familiar piece of candy back and forth in his mouth. "You should try some."

His reply was a small grunt that was obviously negative.

Fuji watched through long eyelashes as Tezuka took his jacket off, still slightly wet from all the perspiration from their earlier battle. (Of course, Tezuka won, but that also meant Fuji got another lecture about letting other people win purposefully.) Then, the captain took his shirt off with a small sigh of relief, happy that he was finally able to free himself from the confines of his sticky shirt, and Fuji smiled innocently to himself at that little red mark just centimeters below his collarbone.

He rolled the candy in his mouth yet again; tasting that familiar sweetness, and obviously having fun just watching his captain fix his things shirtless. "Don't you want some candy, buchou?"

Tezuka raised an eyebrow at him. "No, thank you. Besides, don't you have some line of diabetes in your family?"

"Well," Fuji said thoughtfully, "Not that I know of."

"Honestly, I'd think you'd be tired of that candy by now."

Fuji smiled, standing up and walking to the other. "Oh, give me a few more days, and I'll grow tired of it by then." He rolled the piece of candy in his mouth yet again. "But even so, there's this one sweet thing that I'll never grow tired of, Tezuka."

Tezuka stared at him, more specifically on that mischievous smile playing upon the tensai's lips. "Wasabi?" Of course, wasabi was far from sweet, but with Fuji's taste buds, you never know.

"No." Fuji shook his head playfully, "This."

Fuji's smile widening was the only warning Tezuka got before he felt those soft lips against his, and a warm tongue slide past his lips, spreading the taste of the candy in his mouth. His eyes slid closed as that tongue deliciously scraped against his gums and teeth, rubbing against his own tongue before retreating back into it's own cavern. Tezuka didn't even have time to be confused before he felt another slick thing trying to probe its way into his mouth, but this time, it wasn't Fuji's tongue.

It was the candy.

Before Tezuka could respond, Fuji pulled away with a mischievous smile, licking his lips innocently. "How does it taste, buchou?"

Tezuka scowled, annoyed at the fact that he managed to get himself tricked. He rolled the candy in his mouth, cringing at the bitter taste. "Sometimes I wonder about you, Fuji. The candy tastes horrible."

Fuji merely smiled, still waiting expectantly for the other to continue.

Tezuka sighed, wondering what the hell he was thinking when he confessed his love to this man for the first time a year ago. With a small, exasperated smile, he leaned down for another kiss that was happily returned. "The kiss, however…"

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