The Explanation

"Allow me to explain," The girl in pink bowed towards them.

"After you left, mistr…I mean Sakura created me. After you left, she shed a single tear, creating me. I am The Love. Although she didn't know it, she implanted in me, a wish, a desire. But until I was activated, I could not fulfill that wish. Until that day, when a shooting star carried both of your wishes. I was activated and I knew my purpose. I was created to bring couples together and I was created to make both of you realize your love for each other. And I was able to complete my plan with the help of the other Clow Cards. Love is the most powerful thing after all and they also wanted to help you, Sakura." The Love explained.

"Thank you, Love." Sakura thanked her friend again.

"It was my pleasure," The card smiled back.

"What about them?" Syaoran pointed to the twins behind her.

"I was surprised that both of you didn't manage to detect them, after all this time," Love grinned as they glowed pink and returned to their true form.

"Twin?" Sakura and Syaoran exclaimed in unison.

Love grinned, "Yes, in fact, let me introduce our "cast". Please come out now, my brothers and sisters. Many beings materialized before her.

"I borrowed Twin more than a month ago to get both of you together. They also duplicated Mirror to see into your futures and Shadow and Dark helped." Love smiled as she pointed out the help her brothers and sisters had done to complete the mission.

"Thank you, Twin, Mirror, Shadow, Dark and especially, Love," Sakura thanked them from the bottom of her heart as they reverted back to their card form and flew back to her pocket.

The couple smiled at each other as they walked, hand in hand, back home.

RomanceAddiction: This fanfic was inspired by another. I can't remember the name but if that future part sounds familiar, it was inspired by that one. And yes, I know I took too long to update but I wanted to type out all the chapters so that I could see if all the facts were accurate. As in I didn't forget anything. Hope you like my fanfic. Ja Ne.