Secret of Daisuke

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Chapter 6

While Daisuke & Riku walked towards the Harada-home, they began talking about their future through their bond.

'So…' Daisuke began, not knowing what to say.

Riku was just as nervous, but she wanted to spend the rest of her life with Daisuke, therefore she knew that they needed to talk about their future together.

'So, do you think that we can continue sleeping together?' She asked.

Daisuke nodded.

'Sure, though I think that it would be easier if we slept in your room, and then I could sneak home in the morning so that Risa won't catch us.'

Riku nodded. She liked that idea, even though she wanted to cuddle with him in the morning, but it was for the best for the both of them.

Besides, they would be able to cuddle all they wanted once they were married.

This thought caused Riku to blush as she imagined herself and Daisuke married, with at least two children, one boy and one girl.

Daisuke had apparently heard her thoughts, 'cause he was blushing, even though his lover's idea appealed to him.

'I guess it wouldn't be too bad to be married with you.' He said, causing Riku to smile brightly at him.

It was then that she realised something. What would Risa say about her big sister sleeping over at Daisuke's?

The boy in question picked up on that thought, and for a while, they were just thinking about what they would tell Risa.

There was only one solution; they couldn't let Riku sleep over. I mean, two teenagers of the same gender, but not the same family, with raging hormones, sleeping in a room together? It was a dead give away.

Daisuke had to sneak in to Riku's room during the nights, otherwise, they wouldn't get to sleep together until they were married, which was a few years ahead of them.

They stopped by a phone booth on the way to call Daisuke's family and tell them why Riku couldn't sleep over.

Once they had finished the phone call, they smiled at each other.

Riku didn't care that Dark & Daisuke were the same person.

The only thing she knew was that she wanted to spend the rest of her life with him.

He had gone from a shy light in the darkness to shining with enough force to light up the darkness that surrounded both of them.

They walked towards an unknown destination, both of them happy to in each others presence at the moment.

Riku had learned Daisuke's secret, and had still accepted him.

That was the result of true love.


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