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As told by Yuffie K.

"Oh my gosh! It's so small!"

I exclaimed as I held 'it' like a delicate summon materia.

Probably not the best way to describe it, but I am the great ninja Yuffie! And I shall describe things the way I please!

Moving on.

'It' was so… so… porcelain. Really pale, yet red. Probably because of all the blood.

I mean, I do not know how I survived it.

That battle was a tight squeeze.

Of course I don't remember what happened exactly.

I was, so young after all.

I felt as though 'it' was looking at me.

Okay, so 'it' probably was.

But as I cradled the little thing in my hand, I couldn't help but feel comfort, and a little protective of it.

It was precious after all.

I heard a flash sound, probably from Marlene's camera go through.

I wonder who she took a picture of.

And suddenly, an idea popped into my head.

Making the same sound as the camera ping noise.

And I threw my head back, still taking great care of the 'it' in my hands, and turned to Vincent.


Vincent, that handsome enigma.

He was soo emotionless.

Well I knew this little request would change that.

These things were hard to come by, well if you wanted to share it with the right person anyway.

"Hey Vinnie!"

He calmly looked up from his staring space on the floor.

"Yes Yuffie?"

"You should get me one of these, one day, I like it!"

And sure enough, Vincent's emotionless face faltered and was replaced with a look of pure disbelief, and, shall I say it?

And horror?

He was that scared to get me one of these 'things'?

I was still glaring holes at him, and he still had that 'jaw-on-the-floor' look on his face.

And I was trying so hard not to laugh, even if Barret's hearty laughter and Cid choking on his cigarette whilst chuckling made it oh so tempting.

And I wished I had a camera so I could take a photo of him and put it in blackmail material.

Luckily, Marlene- the little angel, did that for me.

And so, Vincent finally regained his composure, and I finally gave into silent sniggers, making my way to hold my hand up to my mouth, until I remembered about 'it'.


I looked at the, now very disturbed Vincent.

"Vincent, you hold it."

.x. 2 .x.

As told by Vincent V.

A/N: Okay, who can guess what 'it' is. I probably made it very obvious. But guess, and umm... special mention in big bold letters at the finish of next chapter. Sorry if Vincent was a little OC, but if anyone asked you THAT, if you get what it means, then hey you'd be probably out of character too. Especially dear old Vincent. I think even the most unemotional people would falter slightly at THAT comment.

Also, this is my first, Final Fantasy VII fic. And it's not all that serious, just something to get the writing juices flowing after a little break. >.O

Do you get the 'That battle was a tight squeeze' part? Because I made it so vague... If you think you know what I mean, by all means, tell me what you think it means. It is not perverted.

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