.x. 6 .x.

As told by Tifa Lockheart Strife.

"You know, all of you…"

I scolded.

And even though my voice sounded serious, I knew that my eyes gave off that I was being light-hearted.

I side stepped a goofy looking Reno, and approached Elena.

I gently took him, not it, from her hands and cradled them in my own.

I just rocked him in my arms, and he squealed in delight.

He looked so cute.

Porcelain skin.

Big sapphire eyes.

And a strand of chocolate brown hair, just like mine…

Sticking up, in a gravity-defying way, just like his fathers.

And I noticed, everyone's eyes on me.

"You should stop calling him 'it'. Since 'it' is a boy and his name is Sora."

.x. Epilouge .x.

As told by Cloud Strife.

A/N: Long wait, I know... I'm so sorry! T-T! The file got erased because I was messing with my computer. It took me VERY long to find the manuscript, since I wrote this on paper, why not re-write another one? Because I like how this turned out. REALLY SORRY. T-T. I'll try get epilogue up before next week. People, it's called assessments, and I have a heap load of them to work on. T-T God save me.

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