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"I don't believe this, I do not believe this."

"What Harry?" asked Hermione and Ron at the same time. The three of them were sitting in the Common Room and Hedwig had just brought Harry a letter. He gave it to them to read in a huff. It read:

Dear Harry,

After much consideration, I have decided you have gone through too much in your life already and you haven't talked about it at all. Therefore, Professor McGonagall and I would like you to attend a session to talk about your feelings with Dr. Grey, a specialist at St. Mungo's. Your appointment is at 2:30 today. We will send someone down to get you.


The two looked over at Harry who was banging his head against the table muttering, "I'm not insane." Ron slapped him on his head, "Mate, if you keep doing that they'll know you're insane." Harry glared at him and Ron laughed, "Hey, come on, I'm not the one making you see Dr. Grey."

"But I'm not crazy or anything. If I needed to talk to someone then I would talk to you guys, Remus, or someone like that, not somebody I don't even know! Besides, what have I gone through in my life that's worth talking about?"

Ron stared, "Try facing Voldemort, how many times, yes five times, surviving Avada Kedavra, being the best seeker ever, being the fourth champion in the Triwizard Tournament, and saving my little sister. Any of that sound remotely interesting to you or do you need something more adventurous." Harry glared at him even harder.

"Well, maybe it would be good for you to see this doctor," Hermione said and immediately the death glare was directed at her, "Listen, maybe if you go once they'll see you're as sane as possible and they'll stop bugging you about it."

Harry shook his head, "I can't risk that cause I might really be insane, who knows? I think it's time to let my inner Marauder out, somehow…"

Ron laughed as Hermione's eyes widened, "You can't do that! From what I've heard about your father and from what I've seen Sirius doing I think that's a very bad idea. You can't be serious."

"I am, desperate times call for desperate measures. Now what to do…" his thought process was interrupted by McGonagall as she came into the Common Room, "This way Potter," she said. Harry looked desperately at his friends but Ron was rolling on the floor and Hermione was shrugging and trying to keep her laughter in by biting her lip. Harry made an extremely rude gesture with his hand.

"Please refrain yourself Potter," said McGonagall as they walked toward her office, "Fudge is insisting that we do this and so we are just to make him happy. Do try not to act too insane." Harry looked at his Professor in shock. Was she saying she wanting him to act crazy or did she want him to be normal or what? McGonagall smirked when they got in her office and said, "I'll be waiting for you here and Dumbledore will be there. You'll be perfectly safe." She threw some floo powder in the fireplace and call out, "Ministry 5th floor."

Harry glanced at the normally calm professor and stepped in the fireplace. McGonagall started chuckling and took out her notebook and purse. It was time to start making wagers.

At the ministry, Harry was immediately bombarded with reporters and Fudge himself and slowly the huge crowd made their way over to a room whose walls were made up with entirely see through glass. Fudge pushed Harry inside where a strict older man was already sitting. Harry took the only other seat in the room, which happened to be right in front of him and very uncomfortable. He waited. The doctor finally looked up from his notes, "My name is Dr. Grey. I will be examining you today. The people outside can leave if you feel uncomfortable at any time."

Harry looked around and sure enough reporters, Fudge, and Dumbledore were all standing outside waiting and watching. Harry slowly grinned as an awful idea came to mind. He turned to the doctor and said, "No that doesn't bother me, but how does that make you feel?"

The doctor looked confused, "Um, fine I guess." He had never had a patient ask him that before but he continued; "Now how about we start from the beginning with your childhood."

Harry nodded, "Yes, let us proceed. Now doctor, in your childhood, did your father love you?"

The doctor looked at him and smiled, "Yes, Harry, what about your uncle?"

Harry grinned brightly, "Oh, he was fine and dandy thanks for asking, but remember we aren't here today for me, we're here to discuss you." Before the doctor could interrupt he continued, "Now, I know you said your father loved you but did you know one in every two doctors had daddy issues. That's half of them!"


Harry nodded, "Now when your father came home from work, what did he do?"

The doctor decided to humor Harry and said, "Well, he came home, ate dinner, did some work, drank a shot of whiskey and went to bed."

"That didn't leave much time for you know did it? How did that make you feel?"

Dr. Grey looked at Harry and saw concern in his bright emerald green eyes. 'This child wants to help me, how sweet,' he thought and then said, "It didn't make me feel very good, he never gave me a hug or anything, and when I showed him my school projects he never cared!" He had tears running down his face as he remembered his father just grunting when he got a 100 on a test or a project.

Harry nodded sympathetically, "Yes, there, there, cry all you want. You're father had no right to do that to you." The doctor started sobbing uncontrollably. Fudge decided to take action and sent men in there to take Dr. Grey out. He was dragged out as he sobbed and sobbed. Fudge stormed into the room with Dumbledore close behind him. "You had no right to do that! We were just trying to help you!"

Harry nodded and grinned wickedly then said, "And how does that make you feel?" Fudge stared in shock then stormed back out. Dumbledore smiled at Harry then led him back to the fireplace where he came out of and said, "Hogwarts!"

They landed back in Dumbledore's office and saw all the teachers standing there waiting. "Well, Harry, I think you've done enough, you may go back to the Common Room now." Harry nodded and chuckled on his way out. Dumbledore looked at the anxious teachers, "Well, he got Dr. Grey to cry about his daddy issues and managed not to say anything about his own past."

McGonagall grinned, checked her list, and said, "Alright Snape, Hooch, Binns, and Sinistra pay up. You said Harry wouldn't do anything and just go along with the doctor." The four sighed and gave their money over to McGonagall who in turn gave some to Flitwick, Hagrid, Dumbledore, and kept some for herself. She loved betting on Harry, he always won her money!

Meanwhile, Harry walked to he Fat Lady, gave the password (Flying Hippogriff), and crawled into the Common Room where Hermione and Ron were waiting anxiously. "Well, how did it go?" asked Hermione.

Harry started laughing historically. The other two looked at each other and waited. When Harry finally calmed down he said, "I made him cry about his daddy issues!" Ron and Harry started laughing again and Hermione just stood there waiting again. Harry recapped his story when he caught his breath and then said, "Hold on, I think I saw McGonagall holding and notebook with some numbers on it and a bag of money. You don't think the teachers bet on us do you?"

They looked at each other and were about to say no but then thought about it and wondered exactly why McGonagall was always on their side.

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