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March 1988

Mark lumbered up the stairs, one hand clutching his backpack, the other tenderly cradling his camera. Past the graffiti walls and over the chipped wood floors, he returned after yet another depressingly discouraging day of filming. Exhausted, he was eager to return to a quiet loft for once. Their crappy, too-small home was filled to the brim with way too many bitchy people getting on each other's nerves, so silence was a rare gift. But today, with everyone gone (Maureen protesting, Benny with Alison in the yuppie side of town, Collins who knows where, and Roger and April somewhere doing something he didn't want to think about), Mark had the loft to himself. He planned on getting home, dropping on the couch, and lying there, staring at nothing and enjoying the silence.

Mark reached the loft, and pulled open the heavy door with a bang. He strode over to the metal table to set down his bag and camera.

Crash. Then, "Shit!"

It came from Benny and Collins' room. Mark whipped his head around and stared at the closed door. A robber, maybe? A voice in Mark's head asked. Are you kidding? Voice Number Two sneered. You give this shithole too much credit.

Mark strained his ears. There was a low mutter, then a woman's voice answering in a snippy tone. He groaned. Benny and Alison were back. He so did not want to deal with her right now. Run, run, run Voice Number One screamed. He decided to listen to it. Gathering his notebook and grabbing a pen off the table, he slipped quietly out of the loft, leaving his camera behind.

A shirtless Benny stuck his head out the bedroom door.

"Hello?" He asked, searching the loft. He noticed Mark's camera on the table. "Mark?" No answer.

"Is he gone?" Alison whined from the bed.

"I think so."

"Good. I'm hungry." Wearing nothing but a skimpy t-shirt, she sauntered out of the bedroom toward the kitchen. He cocked his head as she passed, staring at her backside. Nice view, he thought.

"Oh, what the hell?" She screeched. "You guys have, like, nothing in here but cheap beer and Cap'n Crunch!" She continued rummaging through the cabinets as Benny rolled his eyes. That's what comes from being a starving artist. Slamming the final one closed, she turned toward him.

"Never mind," she hissed, hands on her hips. "I'm bored." She pouted.

Benny stifled a sigh. His friends made fun of him. "Why the hell do you stay with her," they asked. But there was a good side to Alison. Deep down, behind the bitchy, whiny, extremely spoiled rich girl, there was a sweet, cute, loving woman. The bad thing was the latter side of her wasn't on the surface often.

"How 'bout," He moved slowly toward her in his "seductive" walk, "we go back to the bedroom—"

"You look stupid when you're trying to be sexy," Alison stated. Benny stopped, his ego hurt. Yep, the good side was way deep down there.

She folded her arms and sighed, as if Benny was so boring, it was killing her. Her eyes roamed across the room, then stopped, a smile curling her lips. Benny followed her gaze to the table, or, more precisely, what was on the table.

Mark's camera.

"What?" He asked, scared to know. She turned her smile toward him. The smile that made his knees weak.

"You know what would be fun..."

"What?" He asked again, slowly.

She picked up the camera.

"No!" He yelled, his heart leaping to his throat.

"What?" She asked innocently, staring back at him with that same, evil smile. Oh, hell. Yes, Mark was weak and little, and under normal circumstances, Benny would probably whip the kid's ass. But that camera was his life. If it broke, the scrawny white boy would turn violent.

"Put it down," Benny cautioned.

"I won't break it." Then she threw it up in the air.

"Holy--!" Benny yelped and lunged at her, catching the camera and bringing it protectively to his chest.

"Oh, come on," Alison whined. "I won't break it."

"He'll kill me!"

"What Albino Boy doesn't know won't hurt him." She walked slowly toward him until they were inches apart. She grabbed his head and pulled it to hers, her lips brushing his. She breathed out, "Don't you want some... fun?"

Benny closed his eyes and groaned. He was so dead meat. Opening his eyes, he caught the victorious gleam in his girlfriend's eyes.

"Fine..." He whimpered. "What are we going to do with it?"

Alison giggled devilishly.

This is gonna come back to bite me in the ass. Benny thought.

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