It was cold, too cold; it was also dark, very dark. He couldn't see his hand in front of his face it was so dark. The rock hard mattress below him smelt like stale Chinese food and piss. He reached around him for some other sign as to where the hell he was, he felt his hands hit the metal bars above and around him. "Shit, I'm in a cage…what the hell? I'm in a cage."

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A/N: This fic is based loosely on a dream I had so if it seems really odd at some points, which let me warn you it will be, I apologize because it's just how my brain functions, weird dreams you know. Oh and for further reference italics dreams/thoughts


Chapter One: variations

"Josh I need you!" The boy's screams sliced through the humid, night air. "Josh please I want to come home." His screams dissipating into sobs. "Josh…please."

"Drake I'm trying I swear to god I am trying. Just tell me where you are."

Josh stumbled as his dream legs wouldn't run and were frozen in place. He felt the hard, cold, ground beneath him and then he saw the boots, black leather boots right by his feet. Boots that were surrounded by a trench coat, he looked up and could only see her lighting a cigarette. He knew who she was but couldn't put a name to the face he could hardly make out in the quick flash of the silver lighter.

"Looks like we've got another one Joyce." The girl coughed in a voice that was trademark of a heavy smoker.

Josh awoke in a sweat, he bolted upright, he could feel his heart pounding in his throat. This dream was far worse than any dream he'd ever had, yes it was worse that the one where Drake's head exploded and the one where he got his foot stuck up the horse.

"Drake, Drake get up!" Josh exclaimed worried for Drake's safety when he finally grasped reality and his surroundings. "Drake come on no joke get up." Josh said hitting the lump on his brother's bed with a pillow.

Drake made no sign of life, no trademark moan or a 'shut up Josh'.

"Drake I'm serious get up." Josh said as he threw back the covers, startled to find that his brother wasn't in his bed. "Oh God." Josh panicked as he ran around the room attempting to find his lost brother. Then it hit Josh, Drake had snuck out to Trevor's party last night and chances were he was either passed out in one of many places, Trevor's house, Trevor's driveway, his car in Trevor's driveway or their driveway, their front porch, the living room couch, the stair case, or the bathtub. Josh quickly ruled out anywhere in their house because Walter or Audrey would have found him and he'd have heard the yelling then Drake nursing last nights hangover would come stumbling up the their room mumbling curses under his breath then he'd fall back asleep in his bed.

"Oh god what happens if he was in an accident and they haven't found his body yet." Josh thought out loud as he dropped the couch pillow he had in his hands. "MOM! MOM!" Josh yelled as he ran downstairs into the kitchen frantic.

"What is it Josh, calm down." Audrey said as she poured herself a cup of coffee from the percolator.

"Mom Drake's gone. He's not in his bed. HesnuckouttoTrevor'slastnightafteryousaidhecouldn'tandnowhe'snotback." Josh rambled as a look of anger washed over Audrey's face.

"That boy is going to have a lot of explaining to do when he gets home from school today." She stated. "Josh don't worry about him, I'm sure he spent the night at Trevor's."

"Yeah, you're probably right." Josh said as he walked back upstairs to get dressed. He still couldn't help but think that Drake wasn't alright, that dream was eerily real, and then again all of Josh's dreams seemed real. Josh tried to shrug it off telling himself he'd see Drake in English, but a small part of him felt that he wouldn't see Drake today.

Josh sat in fourth period English class waiting for Drake to show up. He hadn't seen him at all today. Josh checked all Drake's usual make out spots, in the back stairwells, outside in the courtyard, even in the media room where Drake normally went as a last resort.

"Hey, Kelsey…" Josh began as he turned around to a blonde behind him. "Have you seen Drake today?" he asked her.

"Actually, no he wasn't in chemistry today." Kelsey shrugged. "Why are you so worried about him anyway?"

"He just wasn't home this morning." Josh stated.

"Well if it makes you feel any better I saw him at Trevor's last night, he was pretty wasted though but I'm sure if he was in an accident you would have heard about it by now." Kelsey said kind of comforting but in all honesty she didn't care about Drake Parker, he could rot in hell for what she was concerned. He'd played too many girls for her to really find anything appealing about the boy.

"Thanks." Josh mumbled.

"Besides…" Kelsey added. "If he wouldn't skip Haifer's class, Chemistry with Lawrence he'd skip because Lawrence doesn't notice, Haifer notices."

"You're right; I'm probably worrying about nothing."

"Good morning class." Mrs. Haifer greeted as she walked in and placed her belongings on the desk and began counting heads. "Alright, where's Drake Parker." She groaned as she saw his empty seat. "He knows that if he misses one more class it's back to Remedial English for the third time." She threatened, but it was useless seeing as Drake wasn't in class. "Josh you can tell your brother that he can expect to go back to Remedial English for missing this class today." Mrs. Haifer told Josh.

The school day came and went and still Drake was no where to be found. Josh even asked Trevor where his brother was. All Trevor had to say was that 'D-man left last night, told him not to drive, but he said that he could make it.'

Josh ran up to his room expecting to find Drake asleep on the couch but when his brother was still nowhere in sight he panicked and called Audrey at work.

"Mom Drake wasn't in school today and he's not home now." Josh said panicked when Audrey answered the phone.

"Oh God…" She whispered. Drake had never gone missing for more than a few hours then he'd always come home with some excuse as to why he was a) drunk out of his mind or b) had missed his curfew by 4 hours. And ever since Walter had installed the security system due to increased burglaries in town, Drake and taken to crawling out of his bedroom window then sleeping in the car. "When he finally comes home he's got a lot of explaining to do. Have you tried his cell phone?" Audrey asked.

"Yeah, it's either dead or turned off."

"Great, just great. I swear to god if he left San Diego then he's grounded for a year. Josh I've got to go. Keep asking people if they've seen him." Audrey said with a sigh as she hung up the phone.

Josh paced his room until his parents came home and walked downstairs to the concerned look on both Audrey's and Walter's faces.

"Josh!" Audrey exclaimed when she saw him in the living room. "You hear anything from anyone?" She asked as she sat down on the couch next to Walter.

"No, you?" Josh asked.

"Well I called some parents and none of them have seen him around town at all. I'm worried that maybe he's been taken. Trevor's mother said he was pretty wasted when he decided to drive home, that woman I swear to god needs to have some sense knocked into her."

"Mom, if he was in an accident we'd have heard about it." Josh reassured her but he couldn't ease the concern from her.

"I just hope no one's taken him." She sighed. Walter placed his hand on her knee.

"I'm sure he's safe somewhere. He's a smart boy, I'm sure he'll be here safe and sound in the morning." Walter comforted.

Audrey laughed. "He is not a smart boy, he sneaks out of the house, gets drunk, drives home, and he lies to us about what he's done. This has gone too far, when he gets home I swear if it's his own stupidity that's caused this he's going to military school."

No one said anything because they knew that what Audrey said was true. All of them had tried their best to prevent Drake's reckless behavior but he didn't care as he said it was his way of 'sticking it to the man'.

"I'm calling the police." Audrey said as she got up and called the police. They arrived ten minutes later.

"Do you have a recent picture of him?" The officer asked as Audrey handed him Drake's school picture.

"His hair is a little longer now." She said as she tried to hold back the tears. If this was one of his acting out moments she swore up and down he'd be grounded for as long as he lived under her roof.

"Where was the last place he was seen?"

"Trevor Monahan's house. He was there last night, at a party, I've talked to Mrs. Monahan and she says that he was pretty drunk when he drove home." Audrey explained solemnly as a few tears escaped and ran down her face.

"We'll file a missing persons report and we'll notify you of any leads as soon as we come across any. Until then the best thing you can do is wait for him to come home and when he does don't hassle him, we don't know what he's been through." The officer said as he left with the picture.

"Why does he do these things?" Audrey cried as she sat down on the couch. "It's like he hates us or something."

"Mom, he just doesn't think things through. He doesn't hate us. I'm sure he's trying to get back home. He knows what to do; he was the one that came up with the idea to attempt escape when we were trapped in Los Angeles. I'm sure he's fine." Josh said. "At least I hope he is.

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