Chapter Two: Revelations

"Fuck you Trevor." Drake managed to blurt out without the slightest hesitation as Trevor shooed him out of the front door. "You're just as wasted as me." Drake yelled towards the closed door, his first complete sentence since he arrived at the party. He stumbled off Trevor's front porch tripping on nothing but the ground beneath his feet. He found his car keys and laughed as he tried to unlock the car door but soon realizing it was already unlocked.

"Mom's going to kill me." Drake muttered as he managed to turn on the ignition it was amazing how many times he'd driven home drunk before. He would lose control of what seemed like all motor skills but there were always two things he could do drunk, drive his car and play his guitar, given it was perfect, but he always managed.

He knew he must have been really drunk when he saw what he swore up and down was a fireball light up the sky in front of him. He silently cursed Trevor for living in the rural area of town and the vast expanse of nothing was annoying him.

She ran across the street and he swerved to avoid hitting her, being drunk and all the resulted in having his fathers blue mustang hit the guard rail then spin out and then back down a small ditch where it then rear ended a tree.

Drake got out of the car and cursed.

"Fucking bitch, who the hell runs across the street in the middle of the freaking night, God, my father is going to kill me when he sees his mustang." Drake yelled as he kicked the car.

Drake fought his way up the small embankment, which wouldn't have been so bad if he wasn't as drunk as he was. He made it to the top and felt a small sense of victory but then realized why he had to climb up the embankment in the first place.

The girl who'd run across the street was making her way over to him feeling a bit guilty about the car, but she was on a mission and she wasn't about to let him get away, at least not yet.

He saw her and wanted to tell her off for making him crash his car but there was something oddly familiar about her but he couldn't place it, he was never good with names, and he was even worse drunk.

"You are paying for this." He mumbled as he stood there trying to overcome his disorientation.

"No, I'm not, even though I'm sorry about the car. It's the fact that you're alright, that's all I care about." She stated as she stood next to him, her pin straight hair falling over her eyes in a sideways pattern. He could only see one piercing blue eye watch him; he shivered as he realized she was within inches from his face.

"D-d-do I kn-know you?" He stuttered the alcohol mixing with confusion.

"Shut up Drake Parker. If you don't talk, or put up a fight this will be easier." She said grabbing his arm which he pried away from her.

"Who the hell are you? How do you know me?" He shouted adrenaline taking over.

"I told you shut up someone will hear you." She hissed as she pulled out silver lighter and lit a cigarette. "Sorry bout this but it's for the better, no need to be making a scene." She apologized as she punched him knocking him to the ground.

"Fuck you." He screamed as he clutched his face.

She rolled him onto his back with foot and stepped on his chest to hold him down while blood poured out of his nose.

"You bitch get off me." He screamed as he tried to free himself from out from under her but she was strong and the boot she was wearing had steel toes, he realized that the hard way when she kicked him in the groin which caused him to black out.

"Beanie, what the hell took you guys so long he almost got away?" The girl yelled as a younger blonde and a couple of others emerged and tied him up.

"We were doing the background research you told us too." The blonde explained. "We might have a problem; too many people know who he is. We don't have much time until he's missed." The blonde added.

"Beanie, what do you expect they'll look for? His car, they're going to look for evidence as to where he is. Now think, you're somewhat of a smart girl, what should we do in this case?" The raven haired girl stated as she took a few drags on her cigarette as she watched them take the boys body away.

"Oh, we make it seem like he's somewhere, where he isn't!" Beanie said as her face lit up.

"Exactly. First things first, take care of this car." The girl said as she threw her cigarette down the embankment and watched as the grass around the car ignited. "They'll either think that he died in that car or that he ran off somewhere in the woods. We have about a week. It's enough time." The girl said as she walked off her boots making heavy footsteps in the darkness.

Drake came to with a pounding headache and he could taste the blood from his nose. He hurt all over and every move made him cringe and groan loudly. He couldn't tell if the darkness was because he could no longer see or if it was really pitch black for no reason at all.

He tried to sit up but the process was entirely painful, getting kicked in the groin with steel toed boots was not a pleasant experience and he'd never felt this much pain in his entire life.

He managed to recline against a wall where he felt his nose which was obviously broken.

"That bitch." He muttered as he coughed up the blood that he had swallowed in the event.

He suddenly became aware of how cold it was and realized that he was stripped down to his boxer briefs. It was cold, too cold; it was also dark, very dark. He couldn't see his hand in front of his face it was so dark. The rock hard mattress below him smelt like stale Chinese food and piss. He reached around him for some other sign as to where the hell he was he felt his hands hit the metal bars above and around him.

"Shit, I'm in a cage…what the hell? I'm in a cage." He mumbled. "Where the hell am I? Let me out of here. Where's the bitch that punched me?" He yelled despite his pounding head and hurting body.

A lone light turned on overhead and after his eyes adjusted to the light he realized he was in an office. There were two desks one with documents and papers on it, the other with a lone computer. There were children's artwork hanging and there was a small tv on wooden crates. Drake realized he was in fact inside what looked like one of those huge dog cages.

A blonde girl, not the one he'd seen last night. Was sitting in front of him watching him with big brown eyes, she couldn't have been more than 17 but her face had the childlike innocence of a 6 year old. She reached her hand through the metal bar but he recoiled to a corner afraid of what she might do to him.

"I'm not going to hurt you." She said softly. "I promise." She said moving closer to the cage.

Drake didn't say anything; he just sat there watching her. He felt so vulnerable practically naked in front of this strange girl, which was not something Drake Parker really felt when he was almost naked in front of strange girls, considering it happened more often then not to him.

"I'm Maya but everyone calls me Beanie." She stated again reaching her hand inside the cage. "Here, I brought you something." She pulled out a box of Boo Boo B's from her pocket and slid it through the cage. "They're you're favorite aren't they?" She asked as he just stared at the box.

"Yeah, how'd you know?" He asked knowing he wouldn't get an answer.

"We know a lot about you Drake Parker." She paused mid-thought and then added. "I'm not supposed to let you out but you're not going to try to run away are you?"

"I wouldn't know where to go." He said as she opened the gate to the cage. He crawled out despite the fact that his body didn't want to move and sat on the floor across from her. Even though sitting made his body hurt more. "Where am I?" He asked as he looked around the office.

"You want ice for that?" Maya asked ignoring his question, they were better left un-answered. "It must hurt; she was wearing steel toed boots."

Drake felt his face grow warm when he realized what she was talking about.

"Yeah sure it'd be helpful." He said as she left the room then returned a few seconds later with a bag of ice. He turned a deep shade of red as he placed it where he badly needed it. She blushed too and he knew that she hadn't been around many guys before. The innocence that he saw in her face was honest.

"So you play guitar?" She half asked half told him as she sat down in front of him again.

"Yeah." He stated. "Where am I?"

"Do you like playing?"

"Where am I?" He asked again growing annoyed.

"Here, you're here." She said coquettishly.

"Yes, I'm aware but where is here?" He demanded.

"You've got blood all over your face. I can wash it off for you." She said avoiding the question once again and pulled out a moist towelette from her pocket and began to wipe the blood off his face. "Sorry she broke your nose too. She said she warned you." Maya said as she continued to clean his face. He was amazed how at gently she did it. When he flinched she apologized. "Sorry we can't give you something for the pain, oh and don't eat the candy until later because you're currently on de-tox, we need the tests pure." She said then pulled back when she realized she'd said too much.

"Tests?" He questioned growing weary.

"They won't hurt you. Think of it like a doctor's visit." She explained as she threw the towelette away.

"Is that why I don't have clothes?"

"You can think of it that way I guess." She said sheepishly.

Just then the office door flew open and the girl that had knocked him out the night before came in. In the better light Drake saw that she had waist long jet black hair, ice blue eyes well at least what he could tell from the one that shown through her bangs. She wore a black tank top and dark jeans with those boots that Drake and grown to hate.

"What the hell are you doing Beanie?" the girl questioned.

"Raye, I can explain." Beanie said standing up quickly trying to hide Drake behind her small body.

"I told you not to let him out of his cage. And what's this you gave him ice? Beanie I told you when you treat them nice they lose the element of fear which makes them cooperate." The girl named Raye said with a tone of anger in her voice.

"Sorry, I just felt bad for him you know. He's the cutest one you've ever let me take care of." Beanie said with a smile on her face.

"Shut up. I don't care if he's cute or not you have a job to do and you know what happens when you don't do that job. Do I need to remind you of what happened when you were nice to Liam?"

Drake watched as Beanie instantly closed her mouth and sat down on the wooden chair at the desk with the papers on it.

"I thought you said he had a while before testing." Beanie finally said a few moments later.

"We've had some complications." Raye said pulling up the other chair. "I shouldn't have gotten as aggressive as I did with him…but whatever it doesn't interfere with the testing I just got seriously yelled at by the Supervisor for handling him the way I did."

"But then why are you here?" Beanie questioned as she looked intently at the taller, older, girl.

"Because of this." Raye said handing a paper to Beanie who read it over quickly.

"Oh god…" She whispered.

"Yeah, I know. Crazy huh? Never expected in a million years that, that would happen would you?"

"Are you sure that it's accurate?"

"I double checked it myself. Lorrie says the computers are working fine."

"This isn't good at all then. Can we just send him back then?" Beanie asked as she read the concern plastered all over Raye's face.

"No, we can't. This delays us another week. We have to make sure that they realize he wasn't in that car." I went back and left his jacket in the woods. I'm thinking I'll leave a trail to Mexico. That should hold them another week. Make it look like a kidnapping from some crazy drug seller."

"Well it is a kidnapping." Drake stated with a tone of resentment in her voice.

"Shut up do you want to be kicked again?" Raye threatened as she turned back to Beanie. "Supervisor says that these results are insane. She said that somewhere, 17 years ago someone made a big mistake, and that someone is going to pay."

A/N: Okay the actual dream I had was the part with Drake in the cage...I changed it a bit though from the actual dream, because in the dream Josh was with him only in another room, a room beyond the office and Drake had killed Josh...but that's not going to happen there you go Chapter 2. And by the way I totally didn't expect to get four review like an hour after I posted...or four reviews at all until like chapter three or something. Thanks it was a nice shock.

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