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Summary: Alec's birthday is coming soon. Max still is unsure about what she will give him as a birthday gift. OC has an idea.

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Chapter One:

"Already told you Logan, it's over. I can't be with someone I can't even touch. I'm sorry, really."

She really meant what she said but right now she wasn't just too sure if that was the only reason she was breaking up with Logan.

Over the past couple weeks her and Alec had been spending a lot of time together. It was a forced proximity at first with Logan's Mission runs, but ironically enough she began to actually enjoy that time. They had really begun to talk, and be there for each other. As hard as she tried she could never seem to drown the niggling thought. The one that said Alec had begun taking a place that was once Logan's in her life. Max tuned back into Logan's rant.

"...Okay, but you never had a problem with any of those things before. What's so different now? Max what's made you change your mind. I want to be with you, we can work around the virus. It's never stopped us before..." Logan persisted.

He was hurt. She was well aware, but this time she couldn't hold back.

"I told you Logan I can't touch you, I'm scared of killing you with the virus. I've always had issues with that. We can still be friends, I know that might not be enough for you, but that's all I feel for you. I don't like working around the virus, relationships like this don't last. You deserve better Logan. You deserve someone you can walk through the park holding hands with. I want it too, you can't tell me that it isn't what you want." 'I've seen the way you look at Asha I can tell', Max thought smugly. " Logan this isn't a discussion... this time I'm for real... It's over." Max got off Logan's couch, grabbed her coat and dashed for the door.

"I love you" Logan affirmed.

"I know" Max sighed and held back the urge to roll her eyes. "Goodbye Logan, see you around."


Max had broken it off with Logan a couple days ago and she headed to Crash after a long day at work.

'What am I going to get Alec for his birthday? I'm already helping OC plan the damn party, that should be enough' Max scowled. 'He never wants anything, except a lap dance or limitless alcohol.' She laughed on the inside. 'What a freak. When the hell did I start caring about what he wants anyway? Besides it's not really a 'birthday' more like 'I was starting to develop in a test tube day' anyways. He is only doing it for attention... well he got mine... what am I thinking?'

Max walked across the bar, suffocating in her thoughts. When she hit it... well more specifically him, the origin of her train of thought. Right smack dab in the middle of his, very muscular... uh chest.

"Hey Maxie ya drunk already?" Alec teased and smirked the way he does. Then made a face before the punch he expected. It was Max's way of saying 'quit looking at me that way... I might not be able to resist.'

Max elbowed him instead and said "No, but you are if you think that is cute." She smirked back. 'What am I doing, am I flirting with Alec... what is wrong with me... could be how hot he is or... No Max, bad thoughts! Don't go there…'

"Aw... but Maxie I thought I was cute." 'You are but if you think I'm gonna admit it then... Max! Listen to yourself, this is Alec', she thought gingerly

"You're coming to my birthday party aren't you Maxie? There's free beer..." He sounded like he was going to say more but stopped. 'I shouldn't push my luck' Alec thought 'If she thinks I like her then she won't come. Sometimes I just wanna to hate her... no matter anyway she's already taken.'

'He's so hot when he's indecisive... No, no I gotta answer.' "Yeah, free beer. Sides' last thing I need is Logan thinking he's stopped me from living... he's not that good... and if he keeps it up, he's gonna get the 'egotistical' thing going on... and I get that enough from you." 'Why'd I tell him that? Why am I suddenly chatty with him?' Max groaned inwardly.

"What you and Logan broke up? Why...? Right none of my business, it's okay" He said as if he didn't really care. Really Alec had been waiting for this day, since he met Max. After the his 'virus delivery' and those 'fighting' situations between them.

"Yeah" Max shrugged. "I finally realized I don't like having a boyfriend I can't be around, and as of lately even talk to. Besides there's the whole Asha thing" she rolled her eyes.

"You sure you're okay with this..." he paused and waited for her response."You're not upset?" Alec really meant it this time, tentatively hoping otherwise.

"Since when do you care?" She paused long enough to punch him and when he didn't answer she said "No... Not really I guess it was inevitably coming, according to like everyone else." He grinned, though not appropriate at the time. She noticed and didn't understand it, why would he smile at that?

"Hey, you wanna drink?" He changed the subject to cover the odd silence that was drowning the two of them.

"Sure, but only if you're paying" Why is he looking at me that way? "What?" she snapped almost a little too harshly.

"Nothing" he said with mocking indifference while passing her to go to the bar, where he ordered the drinks. "So what cha getting me for my birthday?" Alec said before handing the drink to her.

"A kick in the ass that's what" she said, he gave her a pouty face before she continued. "Can't tell… it's a surprise" she added mischievously. 'Wow and here I was thinking that Max would be a big grumpy bitch about the whole 'Loggie' thing.'

"Aw come on Maxie, you can tell me... I'll act surprised anyways." 'Man he always acts like a ten year old... but it is so damn adorable' thought Max.


Sketchy came over and challenged Alec to a game of pool. Of course Alec not refusing free cash obliged. So Max went over to talk to OC.

"Hey boo! I didn't tink choo were evah gonna leave your boys side... I was gettin' lonely... well actually Sketch was annoying the hell outta me!" OC snarked. Max grinned Cindy always had something amusing to say... 'I wonder if she does it on purpose' Max mused.

"He isn't my boy, you know that... sides' I didn't want to interrupt your little chat with Red" Max teased. OC blushed, but just a little.

"Yeah she was a sweetheart... too bad she was straight." Max laughed this time.

"So what were you and your 'not my boy' talking about anyways?" OC questioned.

"The jackass was trying to find out what I got him for his birthday. Which might I mention I haven't gotten yet. Then again all he ever wants in booze and chicks." She muttered.

"Yeah dats our 'Golden Boy'" the Original Cindy laughed. "It's all good though, I gotcha covered." Max look at her quizzically. OC lowered her voice, so Alec wouldn't catch what she was about to say, though she was sure he was distracted by his game of pool. "I'm gonna get a huge box and put a girl in it for him."

"What?" Max laughed "Why? Do you think he would go for it? What the hell am I saying of course he would go for it" she rolled her eyes responsively.

"I've always wanted to do that but I haven't met anyone who would... you know go along wit it. But I'm sure hot boy would."

"So who's the lucky slave?" Max smirked with a contemptuous tone.

"You girl!" Original Cindy beamed.

"What? No! OC come on, I'm not gonna be Alec's sex-monkey for the night!" Max raised her voice, only to be reminded that Alec was only across the room by OC's hushing.

"Sure you are" OC said coolly while sipping her beer. When she saw the look on Max's face she added "have you seen the way that boy looks at you? He totally adores you... the least ya can do for him is be his sweetheart for a night. Sides' I'm sure that you owe him that, he always has you're back. He's even bin helpin' ya find the cure... not that you really need it now." When OC glanced at Max and saw the still unconvinced expression plastered to her face. She said "It's not like you have to be his sex kitten', ya just gotta to get him beer and..." she took a sip of her beer and murmured "sit on his lap." Then adding quickly "besides Alec's not bad, he's pretty fine for a member of the male specimen, if I swung that way I might think of doin' it myself."

"What? OC! Really boo ya gotta find someone else... Asha... he likes Asha." Max said as if her response would solve the issue and they would be done with it.

"I believe that she is already taken" OC deliberately said while gesturing toward Logan and Asha in a corner booth laughing with each other.

"I'll do it" Max determinedly stated "but I refuse to wear a skirt."

A/N: I am quite new at writing fanfic, so if you have time review for me. I need feedback, and I don't mind my work being picked at! It's a good way for me to learn.