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Chapter Six

"There you are boo! I was gettin' worried bout you! Where'd you go?" OC pulled Max into a brief hug.

Max forced a smile "I stayed at Alec's place." OC just nodded and looked at her friend with a wave of understanding.

"So you gonna spill? Or is OC gonna have to force it outta you?" Max couldn't help but smile at her out burst.

"I take option number two" Original Cindy rolled her eyes enthusiastically. "Fine Option two it is. Whatcha gonna wit ya boos then?"

"Whaddya mean by that?"

"I mean whatcha gonna do about your two boys?"

"Well as you've witnessed last night, me and Logan are over." Max sighed and slumped into a chair. "And me and Alec... I don't really know yet..."

"You don't know?" OC bellowed. Max shrugged. "Well how bout OC tell ya, cuz you damn stubborn transgenics are love blind." Max opened her mouth to deny it, but OC continued cutting her off.

"Lemme clear this up fo ya honey cuz you and yo, luv sick pup, need to get this straight. Those feelin's are showin', show to me and da rest of the world. Now if you wanna ignore dem feel free but I'm telling ya dat it don't happen very often, so I think you two should cut the crap and face the luv."

Max just stared at the opinionated woman and then nodded.

"I think you're right..." Max sighed and stood up.

"Please tell me yo gonna getcha boy" OC smiled. Max nodded.

"Yeah I think it's about time I did." Max's thoughts were torn away by the brief knocking on the door.

Her heart leapt, in hope. 'Alec?' She pulled the door open.

"Uh Logan?" Max cringed. OC pushed past the man.

"Sorry you two but OC gotta visit my newest lickity-boo."

"Hello Maxie!" Again Max cringed. 'What's he up to?'

"Max... I prefer Max" Logan forced an uncomfortable smile.

"Of course."

The two stood in complete silence. Max was getting eager and decided it was about time to break it.

" Logan what the hell do you think you are doin' here? It's late and you know, I'm not particularly in the mood for this right now." He stepped back from her ultimately pissed self.

"I was just checking up on you, I am sorry I guess I kinda forced this on you yesterday. I didn't mean to, and I came to apologize." Logan touched Max's cheek lightly.

Only to have her swat it away.

"Have you forgotten? Or do I need to remind you? We aren't together anymore, I don't love you."

"That's what you say Max, but I don't think it is true. You're still in love with me; he has just put it in your head that it isn't love. He just wants to ruin it, and get in our way."

"What the hell is that supposed to mean?"

"Nothing Max. All I am saying is that ever since you and Alec got together, you have been like this."

"Don't you even get me started! You practically jumped Asha the second we broke up." Max was on a roll she could tell by the expression Logan had plastered over his face. Yet it wasn't nearly enough, she wanted to see more. "Sides' that. Alec and I are happy now."

"Good" he ground out. "Good that you're happy" Max nodded in approval. "I wonder how long you two will last. I mean no offence to your boyfriend or anything, but he isn't really known for his commitment. Plus you two are always fighting, and really that doesn't build a good relationship, I mean look what happened to ours." He musingly mocked aloud.

" Logan" Max warned.

"What? It's just a slight observation Max." She curled her fist into balls, mustering every ounce of self-control in her to not punch this man in the face.

"Well, he has changed. Which's more than I can say for your sorry ass. Goodbye Logan" Max smiled and shoved past the man she once called a love.


Alec was startled to find Asha sitting in his hallway. She was leaned up against his door waiting for him.

"Uh... Asha?" She glanced up at Alec.

"Hey Alec!" She chirped. "I just came to visit you, haven't seen you around in a while so... yeah."

"Oh" Alec rubbed the back of his neck in annoyance. "Well you can... come in if you want..." Asha hopped to her feet waiting for Alec to open the door. "So... Why aren't you at Logan's?"

"Well since the cure he wanted to get it on with Max... I guess that leaves us in the shadows again huh?"

"Yeah I guess" Alec mumbled closing the door and heading straight to the cupboard that he stashed his liquor.

"So... I was wondering if I could take up that offer..." Asha trailed off.

"Uh... Asha... what offer?"

"You know the last time they got a cure... you forget?"

"I guess so" Alec played dumb. He knew very well what she was talking about. He just didn't feel that way anymore.

"Oh... then forget I said anything... it was nothing really." She looked away uncomfortably.

"Can do..." Alec topped off another shot. 'Getting drunk is so damn hard...'

"You know what? I actually think I have... something to do... see you later?" Asha fixed a smile on her face.

"Uh... yeah" he smiled, relieved the woman had decided to leave.


Max strolled out of the apartment with a cause. She rode her bike to Alec's place and walked up to find her there.

'This woman needs to get a day job... one that doesn't include taking the men in my life' thought Max as she watched Alec open the door. 'Leaves us in the shadows? Again... What is this woman talking about.'

"Yeah I guess"

Max listened to the strain in his voice. 'If he helped get the cure... why is he so miserable.' Max's inner thoughts nagged, she was fighting the oblivion of his love, and the fog was lifting. Again Max listened to see if she could catch any of their conversation. It proved to be fruitless.

She happily decided to get up and bust their little party. Really Asha had a history of ruining her fun... what's to say it was gonna stay that way. Asha came toddling out of his apartment, she looked upset. Max couldn't help but grin, a little.

Asha scoffed and stomped away. Max entered the room the tiny blonde escaped. 'Uh Oh Alec's not playing nice.' She smiled and crept into the room.

"Max" She nearly jumped and spun around to find Alec sitting on a counter with a bottle of scotch.

"What did you do to piss off the ice-bitch-in-training?" Max drawled with an amused smile.

"Nothing" he looked away. "Max... what are you doing here?"

"What do you mean what am I doing here?"

"I mean why aren't you making things up with Logan?"

"Cuz I don't want to." Max stomped a foot to emphasize her poutiness. She was just getting back at the guy for all the times he pissed her off. Alec raised his eyebrows at her little act.

"Mmhmm... and tell me Max why not? Before you explain me about hurting him, let me let you know that I was wrong."

"Mr. Almighty was wrong was he?" She teased while strolling over to where Alec was sitting. Max positioned herself between his legs, one hand on each thigh and looked up at him.

"Yeah" he growled out. Max was trying to make him mad, he knew it. "If you love him, be with him. You'll only live once, may as well take the chance to be happy."

"That was real insightful" Max grabbed the bottle of scotch from Alec and took a long swig. "Well... what if I told you, he just wouldn't make me happy?" she slammed the bottle down on the counter beside Alec.

"Wouldn't he?" Max shook her head feverishly.

"No... but maybe there's someone who might..." she smiled up at him now, licking her lips, burning for his touch.

"Really?" Alec grinned back.

"Ahuh..." she mumbled, while reaching up for his neck to bring him down for a kiss. He did nothing in the way of protest and followed the demanding woman.

She kissed him slow and deliberately, running her fingers through the hair at the nape of his neck. He turned her head for better access and ran his tongue across her bottom lip seeking permission. Max opened her mouth permitting his gesture and moaned into his mouth. Their hand roamed each other as if they could disappear at any moment.

The two transgenics were so lost in the moment they didn't notice a defeated Logan slump away.

Reluctantly they pulled away. Alec was now standing on the floor and Max was propped up against the counter. They couldn't tear their eyes away from one another. Alec smiled, while brushing a strand of hair away from her face.

"What?" Max grinned back.

"I got my birthday wish."

The End

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