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It's Pink!
By Silver Sailor Ganymede

Yomi and Tomo were walking around town that Sunday, bored out of their minds. It was then that Tomo spotted a sweetshop, and said sweet shop happened to be selling candyfloss.

"It's pink," she gasped, staring at the candyfloss, her eyes lighting up with amazement as she did so.

"Yes," Yomi nodded, a sweatdrop forming on her head.

"Why is it pink?" Tomo mused. "I mean did the martians get to it and make it pink?"


"Well Mars is pink, right?"

"No, Tomo, Mars is red," Yomi groaned, exasperated. "And aliens do not exist."

"Well Osaka said…"

"Do you listen to everything Osaka says?"

"Yes," Tomo grinned and Yomi forepalmed.

"That sure explains a heck of a lot."

"A lot of what?"


"Okay," Tomo mock saluted. "Anyways, how is candyfloss pink?"

"I… erm… I…" Yomi tried to think of an answer.

"Haha, I know something you don't know, I know something you don't know," Tomo said in a sing-song voice whilest jumping up and down repeatedly.

"You don't know either," Yomi pointed out.

"So?" Tomo stuck her tongue out. "You still didn't know it."

Yomi rolled her eyes. There was silence for a minute, then…

"Hey, does our uniform have candyfloss in it?"

"What are you talking about?"

"Well if its pink then do you reckon they've put candyfloss in our uniforms?"

"Tomo, will you please shut the hell up."

"So why are flamingoes pink?" Tomo asked. "I mean, don't they get pink from eating candyfloss."

"Of course they do," Yomi sacastically mumbled; she couldn't believe this. "And candyfloss really occurs naturally, doesn't it?"

"I dunno, you're the smart one," Tomo shrugged. "Actually, wait, you may be smart but I'm a genius so…"

Yomi tuned out at that; she didn't think her brain could withstand a Tomo-induced-death again.

"Hey, Chiyo-chan!" Tomo called, waving frantically in the air and breaking Yomi out of her own Tomo-free thoughts.

"Hello," Chiyo smiled as she came running over to them.

"Hey, Chiyo, why are flamnigoes pink?" Tomo asked. "Does it have anything to do with them eating candyfloss."

Chiyo frowned, "Tomo, flamingoes don't eat candyfloss."

"Is it because they're from Mars then?"

"Tomo, there are no flamingoes on Mars."

"And you've been to Mars, have you?" Tomo asked Chiyo, who shook her head. "Then how do you know there's no flamingoes on Mars."

"Tomo, flamingoes are pink because… well it's something to do with the algae they stand on, I think."

Silence for a second, then…

"Since when has algae been pink?"