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--HitMan STAGE I--- Prologue part1: fate

The snowflakes fell gently to the ground.

Overall everything was silent, not a single person was around. Sasuke didn't mind this, he hated all walks of life. He had a right after all, life here on this planet was hell. It was even worse living as an underage prostitute, as he was. But being in that profession wasn't an uncommon thing as it once was fifty years earlier. Barely fourteen, he was actually too old for the profession as people where dying at a much younger age.

He urged himself forward, fighting the freezing wind. The last thing Sasuke wanted was to get lost in his thoughts. Because of his age he had to do more to please his boss, Orochimaru. Without him, he was no better than anyone else living on the streets.

At times his boss was a cruel man, earlier he had sent Sasuke out on a errand with nothing but a thin kimono and sandals. He shivered violently and clenched his kimono tighter around his body. The pouch full of money was strapped tightly to his thigh, hidden beneath his clothes.

As he lifted his gaze, he spotted a young boy.

Even beneath layers of dirt, the child was beautiful and bug eyed. He had to have been ten years, at the very least. Sasuke continued walking, trying his best to ignore the child. As he got closer the boy was walking the opposite direction of him. Finally he was so close Sasuke could almost smell him. All of a sudden, the child tripped on a pile of loose snow and bumped into Sasuke's shoulder.

Disgusted, Sasuke pushed him away. The boy fell head first into the snow, after a few moments he pulled himself up, and continued walking in a daze, as if nothing happened. Sasuke was late running errands for his boss Orochimaru, and decided to take a shortcut under the railroad. Then, noticing that his pockets had considerably lightened, frantically searched his kimono.

The kid had just robed him.

"Hey!" Sasuke shouted. The blond boy turned to look at him, a small smile forming at his lips, and ran even faster, doing everything in his power to lose the man tailing him.

Without thinking, Sasuke chased after the blonde, running around madly while knocking into anonymous people and trash cans. The only good thing was that he had forgotten the cold. Getting tired of the chase, he put all his strength into a leap and tackled the young boy from behind, sending him crashing face first into the dirty street. Sasuke yanked him up of the ground by his shaggy, blond hair and slammed him against a brick wall.

When Sasuke looked closely at the boy he realized he could count the kid's ribs through his tattered black tee shirt and there were ragged holes the size of quarters in his filthy orange pants. Sasuke smirked.

What a disgusting pathetic creature.

But he couldn't shake the thought that this is what he would have become if he stayed on the streets: a lowlife nothing just doing his best to survive a cold, uncaring world. Or maybe, he thought, he himself is that lowlife creature, seeing a reflection of himself in the face of a stranger.

The thief was rendered speechless by disbelief. This was the first time anyone has ever caught the boy pick-pocketing. After a few moments, the child managed to mumble, "I'm sorry….I'm so sorry it won't happen again, so please, don't hurt me."

Sasuke could do one of two things, beat the living shit out of the boy for making him later then he already was, or he could be merciful. It was only a week before Christmas. So being in the holiday spirit, he decided to be generous this evening.

Hastily Sasuke let go of the thief and said: "Come a long, then."

The child was confused. "I don't understand, mister?"

"My boss is looking for a wash boy. I can't guarantee you will get the job, but it's worth looking into. So, what do you say? Will you come with me? The decision is yours, after all. I don't really care either way." He turned around his long blue and white kimono flapping in the breeze.

The blue eyed boy nodded. He knew what he needed to do. If there was any good chance at survival, this older boy was it. He trotted behind the older, cleaner and more civilized young man.

"What is your name?" His rescuer asked.

"My name? " This was the first time in months anyone asked for his name. For almost as long as he could remember he had just been called 'little shit' or 'bastard child'. He was more than happy to be called by his name for once, and so, gave it easily.

"It's Naruto, may I ask yours?"

"You are to address me as Sasuke and nothing else."

"Yes, Sasuke, sir."

After Sasuke's errand, Naruto followed him to the place where he was to be working, it was a fine mansion uptown. The building itself was five stories tall, surrounded by a monstrously tall, rusty fence open to anyone if they have the money. In front of the door there was a wooden board that was labeled, 'The Pink Cobra'

Naruto stared at it, thinking silently about its name and why it was called that.

Once inside, Naruto began to look around. It didn't take him long to notice the beauty of the place: The house was built on a acre plot of land, most of which had been dedicated to the impressive gardens that surrounded the building, everything buried under a thin layer of snow. And to the left side of the property there was a small hill, which was home to a huge cherry blossom tree, its branches bare from the winter, he could imagine its beauty in the springtime covered entirely in little pink blossoms.

At his new place of work the first people Naruto met were Tenten and Neji, in the mansion. He was walking with Sasuke to Orochimaru's office when he passed by them.

"Is this our new wash boy? Oh my god! He is just too adorable!" The crazy girl doing all the squealing was tall and thin, wearing her dark hair in two buns on both sides of her head. She hugged the small boy tight, crushing him against her small breasts. "I love him! I love him!"

"Don't assume that filthy thing is going to work here." Orochimaru—Mr. Sasuke's boss—had just walked into the room. Naruto thought he rather resembled a snake, but thought it best not to say anything.

"I'll work my hardest, I swear!" Naruto bowed his head low, speaking with earnest enthusiasm. "I won't be any trouble and I swear I'll work my hardest!"

Sasuke watched with unease as Orochimaru's golden eyes light up when he looked the boy up and down, and couldn't help but shudder at the sight of the smirk now clinging to the corner's of his boss's mouth.

"Hmm… I'll tell you what, kiddo, if you do a good job for the next two weeks then you've got yourself a job." Orochimaru turned to Sasuke. "Since you brought him here, he is your responsibility. Take him under your wing."

Neji stared at Naruto, his arms crossed leaning back against the arched doorway. He had no interest in welcoming the boy to his new home. He turned to Sasuke.

"It's not like you to bring home strays."

Before Sasuke could respond Naruto tugged on Neji's long silk kimono.

"Nice to meet you, miss. My name is Naruto." The child said innocently; his dirty hand extended to the dark-haired prostitute. "I think you're really pretty."

"I'm a mister, not a miss." Neji corrected, he was used to people mistaking him for a woman.

Naruto stood still, staring up at him until Neji grasped his hand and slowly began to shake it.

"It's nice to meet you, Naruto."

Tenten smiled and leaned over to whisper to Sasuke. "Wow… Neji actually spoke! I think he might actually like our new wash boy."

"Whatever," Sasuke said turning to walk away.

For the longest time Sasuke never treated Naruto like a human, but a stray dog. He would feed him nothing but old bread, cheese and warm water when he was thirsty. Whenever Naruto did something wrong, like misplace Sasuke's things or not clean something to Sasuke's standards, or just because Sasuke was angry and he needed to hit something, he would beat the boy senseless, or just until Naruto couldn't move.

Even disgusted with his own actions, Sasuke couldn't stop himself. It was an out of body experience for him. However once the deed was done, he would rub his hands and walk away. He knew the child was curled in a ball shivering, but oddly he never cried.

Naruto made sure to keep the bruises well hidden from Tenten and Neji, he didn't want them to worry over him. Over the weeks he had spent there, Naruto had grown very fond of them after all and didn't want to worry them with his troubles. He knew the second he met them that they would be special to him.

When Christmas came, Neji and Tenten where the first people to give Naruto a gift. Those were his first gifts. Iruka was way too poor to buy Naruto any Christmas gifts. Iruka could barely afford any food, but that never once bothered Naruto.

Sometimes, Naruto would think of Iruka. He was the kindest man he had ever met. Even though he wasn't biologically his child, Iruka took care of him...until he died.

But despite the cruel treatment he got from Sasuke, Naruto never once stopped smiling. Which meant no one suspected anything. This puzzled Sasuke, so he would treat Naruto worse.

At night Sasuke would lay awake at night thinking about the boy, who slept curled in a little ball on the floor by his bed without a blanket or pillow. Why was he so mean to Naruto? Why did he find himself staring at the boy for hours as he played in Orochimaru's garden? Why did his heart hurt when the boy was not by his side?

These questions plagued Sasuke day and night.

He loved the way Naruto's eyes closed when he smiled. He loved the way Naruto stayed by Sasuke's side when he was sick. He loved the way Naruto looked at him like he was a god. He loved the way Naruto would dance every time he got a bowl of hot ramen—his favorite food. It took Sasuke two whole years to realize he loved Naruto, but he was clueless when it came to showing how he felt.

Sasuke could never forget the day when he told Naruto his feelings. Naruto's reaction was something of a shock to him.

"Sasuke do you have a fever?" Naruto said, putting his hand on his forehead.

"Did you hear what I said? I care about you...I—"

"I heard you just fine. But it's wrong, Sasuke, we're both guys for one thing. Do you know what people do to guys who like other guys? They kill them! They hang them on a tree in front of the whole town to see."

"I'll protect you." Was all Sasuke could say as he bent down and clamed Naruto's lips.

It was the first time they kissed.

Even though Sasuke was a prostitute he had never before kissed anyone. Whether it is a man or woman Sasuke had always pushed their faces away. "You forget that we live in a red light district, not the city. It's ok, I will protect you. I won't hurt you ever again, I promise."

"I love you, too." Naruto buried his face into the older boy's chest. Naruto meant what he said: he did love Sasuke. And after their intense confession, Sasuke began to treat Naruto much better. He gave Naruto his own room, a bed, even better food to eat. He also trusted Naruto enough to let him go out on his own.

But in the back of his mind, Naruto knew promises are meant to be broken.

They always did.

--HitMan STAGE I--- Prologue part II: The Beginning

"Please," the cowering man begged. "Please don't kill me! I have a wife and kid!"

The tall dark figure standing over the sobbing man looked impassive. His long raven-colored hair was tied up in a ponytail and his eyes were blood-red, making him look, for all intents and purposes, a demon from Hell. He was dressed in a white vest and an ankle-length black leather cloak. In his left hand he held an unused knife.

"I-I have money, I can pay you…is that it? Is that what you want?" The man began to fumble in his pockets dropping his lose change on the wooden floor.

The raven-haired man smirked; he always loved to give his victims time to scream and beg for their lives: the rush it gave him was what he lived for, really. He enjoyed the sound his knife made when it entered their throat and the snapping of the neck that followed. And that's exactly what he did.

The body collapsed on the floor, arterial spray splattering across the walls. The killer took a step back, watching the red substance soak in the floor. He hadn't noticed it before, but there was a woman carrying a small child in her arms, standing wide-eyed with shock in the corner of the room.

"You saw everything, didn't you?" the killer asked voice cold, but mild.

The woman didn't say anything. She just looked at the body of her dead husband lying face down in her living room floor. This is a nightmare, she thought. I'm asleep in my bed right? This isn't real, right? She turned her questions to God. It was no use, of course, God wasn't around; he was never around. He'd turned his back on humanity never cared about us humans in the first place.

The unknown killer walked up to the woman. She could see his face clearly now as he had stepped out of the shadows. He was extremely attractive. The pale man looked at her, his blood red eyes showed no traces of human emotion.

"You where suppose to be at your sister's house until four p.m. next week," he informed her, meaning he knew their habits and plans. It obviously wasn't just a spur-of the-moment murder.

"I-I decided to come home early."

"I see."

"Are you going to kill me?"


She looked down at the child in her arms, and then said calmly: "Go ahead and kill me, but please, let my baby go, she doesn't know anything."

The killer didn't move. He wanted her to fight, to protect her child from him—a cold-blooded murderer. She did nether, which puzzled the man. He had never expected this to happen.

"I'm sorry, I can't do that."

"Well, before you do kill us…Can I at least know your name?"

The killer wiped his knife clean on his pant leg, before taking out a gun from his back pocket. He loaded it with five gold bullets, just in case she did decide to run.

Then he pointed the gun at her forehead allowing the reality to sink in. She never moved.

"Uchiha Itachi." He said, allowing her to have that much.

"Well Itachi," she said slowly as she closed her eyes, holding the sleeping child to her chest. "I see such pain on you. I hope that one day your pain will be gone."

There was a volley of loud bangs as five gun shots echoed throughout the dead man's house.





Konoha, once known for hope and fame, now the city of chaos and the graveyard of broken souls. After years of fear, death, to most, is a blessing.




The smell is unbearable, the smell of rotting flesh and the decomposing bodies that scatter the floor like decorations of a house. The buildings that once touched the sky now lay in crumbles serving as a tomb for the hopeless to wonder.

Naruto's stomach grumbled. It has been two years since he has met Sasuke, and since then his life has gotten a lot easier. He had gotten bigger too.

The blond hated the winter; it was the hardest time to get food in the big city, not that it was ever particularly easy. He walked down towards the shopping center, just to look at the food, and breathe in the smell of it, the wonderful aromas of cooking cinnamon bread. He could pretend he had to go shopping for Iruka, just like he used to in the days before he had met Sasuke.

He stopped and stared at a little girl, about half his age, begging people for money. She had short pink hair and a broad forehead; she wore a dirty wrinkled red dress. It was obvious that she was new on the streets.

In a way she was like how he used to be.

In the year 2095, Konoha is the poorest country in the world. Naruto had long been numb and unaffected by the atrocities he sees in the streets around him. Every day hundreds of people starved and died. If hunger didn't kill you, then the horrible diseases did. It had become an all too common sight to see dead or staring children on the street corners and in the gutters. The government (if you could call it that) didn't give a damn about its poor people and left them to rot where they lay.

Mostly, people seemed to believe that it all started after the third war, when Konoha lost—badly—and had to give over all power to the enemy nations. Once all the resources had been mined and taken, the enemy moved out of country leaving nothing of use behind for the population to survive on.

Twenty years had passed since then and things had only gone from bad to worse.

Naruto had been an orphan for as long as he could remember, but he was one of the few lucky ones who had someone to care for him. His self-appointed caretaker was a middle-aged man by the name of Iruka. Naruto knew the story by heart of how Iruka had found him on a dirty blanket by a dumpster in the ally way, barely alive. Iruka had taken the 2-year-old boy in, but it would be a whole year before the blonde child could learn to trust him. When the wall between them was finally torn down they became family and best friends.

But as with all things, nothing could last forever, no matter how good, or how much someone wanted it to. Iruka, the only person who had ever acknowledged Naruto's existence, had been killed by a car four years ago, leaving Naruto to fend for himself in the world.

The twelve-year-old boy walked to where the young pink hared girl was sitting and asked:

"Hey kid, what are you doing?"

"That lady saided that I needed moneys to buy food."

The girl pointed at a food cart that had sandwiches and warm fresh baked muffins. "Mommy loves making muffins in the winter and—"

"Where's your mommy now?" Naruto asked as kindly as he could.

The girls smile faded. "My daddy said she went to heaven. I don't know where that is, do you mister?" Naruto shook his head. "I want to bring her back!" the pink-haired girl suddenly began to cry. "I want my mommy!"

Naruto couldn't help but feel bad for the girl: it was the same for a lot of the kids on the streets. One parent dies the other end up dumping the child at the park 'forgetting' them.

"Um…What's your name?"

"Sakura! My name means cherry blossoms in Japanese! My mommy loved cherry blossoms so she named me Sakura!" she chirped happily. "And you?"


This could be a mistake, this girl talks way too much, Naruto thought to himself. "Well Sakura, I got to go. It was nice meeting you!" I don't have time to talk, Sasuke is going to kill me for being so late!

The girl grabbed hold of Naruto's dirty orange jacket, her green eyes silently pleading with him. "Don't leave me alone! Please…"

The blonde boy sighed and gave a grin. "What if I show you how to get a muffin for free?"

The girl let go, looking wide-eyed and hopeful. "Really? For free?"

"Yeah, you'll just have to keep watch for me, ok?"

Sakura nodded her head, and watched while Naruto walked over to the food cart. The owner seemed busy talking to a customer. Perfect! The boy reached his arm out and took the warm banana-nut muffin in his hand and walked away. But today wasn't his day, the owner saw him from the corner of his eye and he grabbed onto the boy's wrist, hard.

"You little shit; do you think you can steal from me?"

Naruto squirmed beneath his grip. "I-m sorry! I won't do it again! I swear! "

The old man was about to strike the boy when a pale hand stopped him.

"I told the boy to get me the muffin." A tall man with black, shoulder-length hair, pale skin and golden eyes in an expensive purple tuxedo looked at the blonde boy.

"Mr. Orochimaru, sir! I-I'm very sorry, sir, I didn't know."

"Now you do."

Orochimaru paid for the muffin and went on his way. But before he left he looked over his shoulder at Naruto and smiled cruelly.

Shit, now I'm going to pay for this later, Naruto cursed. Damn you Orochimaru!

Naruto ran over to Sakura who was sitting on the curb watching the cars go by. Naruto rolled his eyes. So much for keeping watch.He smiled and handed the steaming muffin to her. She took it gleefully and shoved it into her mouth. When she was done she smiled toothily at Naruto.

"Thank you, Naruto-niisan."

Sakura turned around and looked at Naruto. He seemed sad.

"Nii-san, who was that snake-man?"

"Heh…He's my boss."


"Yesterday Mr. and Ms. Vizcarra where tragically murdered last night in their home. The police believe it to have been a robbery, as all of the valuables where taken."

"It was horrible sight," one of the police officers said. "The husband was stabbed while his wife and three-month-old child were found shot multiple times in the head. How could anyone do this, they po—"


"You did your job well Itachi," Orochimaru sat at his desk. "I will be looking forward to doing business with you again."

Itachi glared at him from the shadows, never moving from his spot.

"The money," he demanded coldly.

"Ah, but of course. The money is in the suitcase by my desk, fifteen-thousand in cash just like we bargained."

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