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A Dog by Any Other Name

"Without love, life is Doris Day at the Apollo! Darling, I'll be yours forever 'cause I never wanna be without love. So, darling, never set me free!" Ariana skipped in circles around the others. It seemed all of them had some kind of problem and she'd be damned if she was gonna let a bunch of negative nancies bring her down.

"Bitch if you don't shut up, I will rip your balls off." Ariana rolled her eyes at Cartman's anatomically incorrect statement.

A crowd of eight strolled down the sidewalk. Stan, Kyle, Kenny, Cartman, Natasha, Alicia, Ariana, and Rebecca. What had started off as a few friends hanging out, had turned into half the school making their way to Ariana's house. She wouldn't even be suprised if Tweek, Craig, and Clyde showed up at her door, or even Wendy.

"Someone please tell me again where all these people came from?" Ariana laughed, half jokingly and half serious.

"Shut up, you know you love us." Alicia giggled, hugging her generous host and best friend to death.

"Are we almost there!?" Cartman asked bitterly, tempting Ariana to tell him to just go home.

"Yes, Cartman. We are almost there." She managed between clenched teeth.

They reached her house, making their way across the neatly cut lawn and the perfectly trimmed hedges, Ariana warning them to walk on the path the whole way. She was reaching for the doorknob, when a cool, familiar voice came from the lawn next door.

"Having a party, Ani? I don't remember recieving an invite." She shuddered, slowly turning her head to see a figure that represented the epidomy of cool coming towards them.

"Who the hell are you?" Stan asked bluntly, noticing Alicia's drooling.

"I'm Jack, Jack Russell." He flashed them a charming smile.

"Back from Italy, Jack?" Ariana fidgeted at the door, wanting more than anything to just run into the house and shut the door behind her. Of course, that would be rude on so many levels.

"Yuh, got back thursday. Started school on friday. I waited for you at our spot, didn't know you go to public school now." He replied.

She rolled her eyes at his indifferent attitude, and easy going manner. It was wierd how something she had once found so completely irrisistable, now seemed so intolerable and annoying.

"Yeah, well, you know my parents. Busy, busy. Sometimes I wonder if they even remember that they have children." She shifted her weight from foot to foot in an awkward, impatient manner.

"Forgot to enroll you, did they? Yuh, that sounds like them. Anyways, you've got guests and I'd hate to keep you waiting, so catch you later."

He began back to his house next door, winking at Alicia on the way. Stan's blood began to boil, and Alicia sensed it. A sly smile came across her face and she called out to Jack.

"Wait! Why don't you stay and hang out with us?" She acted completely on impulse, without even considering Ariana's decision on it.

"Well, if it's alright with Ani." He used the childhood nickname that bugged the hell out of her. Alicia turned to Ariana, a desperate look on her face. She had no choice to say yes.

"Cool, but how about we head to my treehouse. You know, so we don't have to cram all of these people into Ani's house." He adjusted his hat, that was turned backwards, and gave them another one of his charming smiles.

"Whatever." Ariana crossed her arms angrily, as the boys jumped around in excitement and ran next door, "Hey! I said stay off the fucking grass!"

Sad. She was beginning to sound a bit like Cartman.