IVELLE: This story came to me out of absolutely nowhere. I was just writing the next chapter to Falling, when this idea popped up. Yet no matter where it came from, I truly like it!

Summary: Tezuka Kunimitsu is the CEO of a billion-dollar company. He's currently with Atobe Keigo, who is quite a famous model. One random day, Tezuka gets his wallet stolen from a street rascal . . . Ryoma Echizen.

Warning: This story is rated for the couple lemons (one in this chapter) between two males. If you don't like that dirty stuff, either don't read or skip over. Also, Ryoma is a little OOC, but I think it's for the better.

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Chapter One: The Encounter

Tezuka came home from a long, tiresome day of work. He had several stacks of offers for business partnerships, but as he wanted to make a qualified choice, it took him forever to thoroughly read through the papers.

When he entered the condo he had shared with Atobe Keigo, a pleasant aroma met him. He closed the door and hung up his coat on the rack. Then he walked through the small entrance hallway to the living room. There he set his briefcase on the sideboard against the wall. With both free hands, he loosened his tie and slipped it off over his neck, setting it next to his suitcase.

"Welcome home, dear," Atobe called.

Tezuka followed the voice to the dining room. An appeasing sight of udon noodles, pickled vegetables, and fresh akami was presentably set on the dining table.

"Did you cook?" Tezuka asked, walking over to Atobe who was currently setting a bottle of imported champagne in a bowl of ice.

"Of course not . . ." Atobe gave Tezuka a chaste kiss on the lips. "I had my assistant get us takeout from a new restaurant."

Tezuka slightly frowned. "I don't know how Kabaji does it."

Tezuka sat down at the head of the table and Atobe sat down on the left side near Tezuka.

"But you do know. You're my lover after all," Atobe smirked, taking a bite of the akami. "Mm . . . this is delicious. We should order more takeout from them."

Tezuka took a bite and did agree that it was quite good.

"How was work?" Atobe asked, opening the champagne and filling both their glasses halfway.

"More paperwork," Tezuka answered, taking a sip of the expensive Dom Perignon. "How was work for you?"

"I just helped Yuushi hire a few more models. I have a photo shoot tomorrow with Miyaki Issei though."

Atobe was a very famous model. He started at the young age of eleven, and has been popular ever since. Clients liked him for his lean, masculine body, yet feminine face. It helped that his hair was an exotic heather and his eyes were smoky gray.

After dinner, Tezuka did the dishes and Atobe cleaned off the dinner table. As Tezuka put the last plate inside the dishwasher and closed it, he feltwarm arms wrap around his waist.

"That suit is so sexy on you," Atobe whispered in his ear, then kissed him lightly on his neck. "But you'd look even sexier without it on."

Tezuka felt his glasses being pulled off of him. Then Atobe's nimble hands easily undid his buttons to his light blue collared shirt.

"In the kitchen?" Tezuka questioned hesitantly.

"Of course," Atobe hotly breathed, pulling the fabric all the way off. He then ran his hands down the bare, taut stomach. Before he could reach Tezuka's pants, Tezuka turned around and amorously kissed him. His talented lips embraced Atobe's promiscuous ones.

The model moaned as Tezuka ran firm hands up his shirt.

The smooth skin beneath Tezuka's wandering hands began to heat up. Needing more access, Tezuka broke their fervent kiss and swiftly pulled off Atobe's shirt.

Tezuka then switched their positions so Atobe was now pushed against the counter. Frantic fingers were soon undoing Tezuka's belt and unbuttoning his pants.

Tezuka closed his eyes as he felt assertive hands grab his arousal. He then felt soft, enthusiastic lips attack his neck. Atobe bit down on his shoulder, causing him to gasp.

Finally not able to wait any longer, Tezuka undid Atobe's pants and pulled them off. Of course the model wasn't wearing any underwear. Tezuka grabbed Atobe's erection and began to slowly stroke it.

"Tezuka," Atobe heavily breathed. Tezuka opened his eyes and saw Atobe's euphoric expression of eyes squeezed tight and a pink lip being bit by pearly teeth.

Tezuka reached behind Atobe and grabbed the bottle of vegetable oil. He poured a little bit into his hand. Once he coated his erection and his fingers, Tezuka strongly lifted Atobe partially onto the counter.

Atobe supported himself on one leg, and wrapped the other one around Tezuka's waist. He opened his now clouded, slate eyes enough to see Tezuka slip a finger inside of him. Atobe bit down harder onto his lip as Tezuka moved his long finger in and out of him.

Another finger was added and Atobe squeezed Tezuka's shoulders. Delightfully, a third one was added and Atobe felt the ecstasy shudder through his body.

Fully preparing him, Tezuka pulled out his fingers. A moan of protest escaped the beautiful model before him, but Tezuka knew he would be satisfied again.

When Tezuka pressed his arousal at Atobe's entrance, the model pulled him into another passionate kiss. Tezuka felt Atobe's tongue explore his mouth and elegant hands run through his hair.

With one swift motion, Tezuka pushed all the way in, causing Atobe to audibly moan into his mouth. Knowing he wouldn't hurt Atobe, Tezuka began at a moderate pace. The faster he thrust, the tighter Atobe's hands would tangle in his hair. The two created a rapid rhythm. Tezuka with each thrust would hit Atobe's sweet spot.

After pulling all the way out and then briskly pushing in as far as he could go, Tezuka felt Atobe tense up in climax. The tightness shortly enveloped Tezuka as he also peaked.

The two were glazed with sweat and Atobe remarked between pants, "We . . . should definitely . . . do it . . . in the kitchen . . . more often."


The next day at work, Tezuka thought he might have found a potential business partner.

"Hello, Sanada Genichirou . . . yes, this is Tezuka Kunimitsu . . . ah . . . Monday? . . . see you then."

Tezuka hung up the phone then notified his secretary of his lunch meeting next Monday.

Tezuka looked at his watch. It was now 5: 33. At 6:00 he was to meet an old friend for coffee.


"Tezuka," smiled the waiting man at a cozy table in the corner.

"Sorry I'm late Oishi," Tezuka apologized, sitting across from the brunette.

"You're not late," Oishi clarified. "In fact, you're fifteen minutes early."

A waitress came over and Oishi ordered a coffee with extra cream and sugar, while Tezuka ordered a black one.

"How's Atobe?" Oishi asked with concern.

"Same as always," Tezuka replied. The waitress returned and set down their steaming drinks in front of them.

Oishi opened the small cream containers and poured them into his coffee. Then he added four sugars.

Tezuka just took a sip of the bitter liquid, causing Oishi to slightly grimace.

"How can you drink it like that?" Oishi inquired, mixing his.

Tezuka just responded with another sip. The two would meet every other week and give updates of anything new in their life. Tezuka had known Oishi since middle school. If he used this term, he would have said they were best friends.

"You and Atobe have been together for almost a year now, huh?" Oishi asked casually.


"You love him, right?"


"Then are you two going to get married?"

Tezuka paused and looked up at Oishi, who showed true curiosity. Tezuka never really thought about marriage, especially with Atobe. As a matter of fact, he couldn't see the extrovert model settling down. Could he see even himself settling down?

"I don't know." Tezuka answered with uncertainty.

"Well, I guess you're ready when you're ready," Oishi genially smiled.



Tezuka was walking back to his car when he accidentally bumped into someone.

"Sorry," the other person pardoned. Tezuka only got a glimpse of unruly hair sticking out from the edges of a white cap.

When he reached his car, Tezuka reached into his pocket, but suddenly realized that one of his pockets seemed oddly empty. He patted his back pocket but felt nothing. His wallet . . .it was missing! Tezuka searched all of his pockets just in case, but still couldn't find his wallet.

Maybe he had left it in the café. Tezuka was about to walk back when he suddenly remembered the accidental bump. Could that boy have stolen his wallet?

Tezuka then glanced up the street to where the boy must have walked. He saw the familiar white cap with dark hair flipping out from it.

"Hey! Stop!" Tezuka shouted at the teenager.

Hearing this, the boy halted in his tracks and turned to give Tezuka a triumphant grin. Then the boy immediately began to sprint. Tezuka instantly began to run after the boy, who must have indeed stolen his wallet.

About fifty yards ahead, Tezuka saw the boy turn a corner into an alley. Tezuka swiftly followed, running as fast as he could. With only one way to go, Tezuka made a right.

There – he saw him. The teen was currently speeding towards a wire fence in the alley. Tezuka chased after him.

The boy was about half way up the fence when strong hands roughly tugged him down. Tezuka swerved the boy around to face him. Wide, golden eyes stared at him in shock.

"Give me my wallet," Tezuka demanded, tightly gripping the boy's arm.

"I don't have your wallet," the boy exclaimed, trying to pull his arm from Tezuka's unrelenting grip.

"Give me my wallet," Tezuka repeated, a little harsher. This time the boy dug his nails into Tezuka's hand, but it was no use.

Tezuka perceptively leered at the boy who fiercely glared back at him.

Moments passed of stubborn scowling and steady staring. Tezuka noticed the boy looked to be in his mid-teens, possibly sixteen. Worn, dirtied clothes seemed to engulf him as his stature wasn't very big. He was several inches shorter than Tezuka; probably 5'7". Despite the smaller frame though, he had an intense proud air about him that made him seem bigger than anyone else was. Yet finally the boy sighed in defeat.

Tezuka watched cautiously as he reached into one of his pockets. When Tezuka saw him reveal his wallet, Tezuka quickly grabbed it from the boy.

Tezuka made sure everything was still there, even his cash.

When he looked up at the boy, a flash of sympathy rose in him. The teenager was furiously frowning at him. Tezuka pulled out a single bill from his wallet.

"Here, take this," he ordered lightly, holding out the thin bill.

A look of surprise crossed the boy's face but it was shortly replaced with an insolent sneer. "Don't want it."

Tezuka studied the boy. His golden eyes glanced at the tempting bill, but then focused on the molding brick wall.

"Alright," Tezuka said, motioning as if he was going to put the money back into his wallet.

"Fine then," growled the boy. "If you insist."

Tezuka felt the bill being snatched from his hands. When he looked over, he saw the boy stuffing it into a pocket, looking pointedly away to avoid Tezuka's knowing gaze.

A small smile tugged at Tezuka's lips, and he turned to leave. Still within earshot, he heard the street kid mutter, "Rich bastard."


During their usual conversation at dinner, Tezuka told Atobe what happened.

"You gave the little street brat 10,000 yen?" Atobe asked, incredulous.

"So he wouldn't have to steal for a while," Tezuka justified for the hundredth time.

"But he'll most likely blow it off on drugs," Atobe scowled.

Tezuka ignored Atobe's comment. He took a bite of the takeout food wondering what exactly the boy was going to buy with the money.

That night as Tezuka lay in bed with Atobe soundly asleep beside him, his mind further thought of the teenager. The brash boy must have been homeless. On the news Tezuka heard of more people being found dead in alleys with no families to identify them. Would that boy be alright?


Dom Perignon is very expensive, high quality champagne

Miyaki Issei is a famous designer from Japan, but I don't know for sure if he does men's clothes . . . we'll just pretend he does

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