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Long Awaited Chapter 5: The Temptation


Tezuka rubbed his temples as he sat on the bed with an infuriated Atobe standing above him.

"His real name isn't Horio, but Ryoma," Tezuka repeated for the third time.

"You're telling me the brat lied to you!"

"I'm sure it was for his own safety."

"Who cares! Lying is lying!"

"I'll straighten things up with him. I'll even ask him why he lied if that will really satisfy you."

"No. It won't satisfy me. But go ahead, beat it out of him if you must."

Tezuka slowly shook his head then stood up from the bed. He had to talk to Ryoma personally now about his real name.

When he stepped out of the room, he glanced down the hallway but saw the door to Ryoma's darkened room open. He was about to go check inside when he heard noises from the living room.

There Tezuka saw the back of a white cap from the couch. The television was on.

Tezuka walked over to it but before he could speak Ryoma easily admitted, "I lied to you because I didn't trust you. These days a lot of harm can be done just from knowing a person's name."

"How did y-"

"The walls are a lot thinner than you think," Ryoma remarked, part of his tone seemed to be referring to the incident the other night.

Tezuka thought for a moment then calmly stated, "So you told me your friend's name."

"He's not my friend," Ryoma denied, flipping the television channel.

"Your real name is Ryoma Echizen then," Tezuka had to be assured.

Ryoma didn't reply, which seemed to tell him that it was indeed his real name.

"Atobe doesn't trust you."

"And I don't trust him."

"Do you trust me?"

There was long pause before the television was turned off. Ryoma turned around on the couch, so now his golden eyes were peering at him from beneath his ruffled bangs.



A week had already passed with Ryoma living with them, and his job at Kawamura's sushi restaurant seemed to be going smoothly. His mild-mannered friend had praised how diligent of a worker Ryoma was and how a lot more female customers seemed to be pouring in.

Although this was good news to Tezuka, Atobe, who should have been raving with excitement since it was a step closer to the evil munchkin leaving, was not. He cringed with annoyance and vehemence every time Tezuka would bring up how well the rascal was doing.

Once when Tezuka had said in a complacent tone, 'I told you he could change his ways.' Atobe had to use all of his will and strength not to choke the life out of the nearest object to him, which at that time was Tezuka.

But as kami would have it, Atobe had to leave tonight for his fashion show in Paris.

"Yuushi. I don't feel comfortable leaving Tezuka with that cunning little rat," Atobe commented, scrolling through the final pictures of the photo shoot from the other day.

"You've been ranting about this boy every day now. It sounds to me like you're jealous." Yuushi couldn't prevent an amused smirk.

"I'm not jealous of that-that thing! I'm just annoyed and frustrated! It's been over a week since Tezuka and I have last had sex. Any longer and I might just have to rent out a room at the Cerulean Tower (1)." A/N: To SnowBlizzard because I wouldn't be surprised either! HA!

"Atobe," Yuushi addressed in a gentler tone. "It's Tezuka you're talking about. He wouldn't cheat on you."

Atobe sighed and turned to give Yuushi an appreciative smile. "You're right. Tezuka would never do that."


That night at the airport, Tezuka stood there patiently, a heavy suitcase filled to its maximum capacity in each hand.

"Remember. I'll be gone for three days. You have my cell number in case you need anything or you just want to hear my mesmeric voice," at this Atobe paused to give a brilliant smile. "Well my flight should be coming in early Monday morning so don't worry too much."

Tezuka really didn't know why Atobe had to make such a big fuss over these things. From the times that Atobe had to leave the country and he himself had to, it was a natural part of their life.

Atobe snapped his fingers and two random men stepped over and took the suitcases from Tezuka.

"Now give your beautiful model a goodbye kiss."

The beautiful model wrapped his arms, almost possessively, around Tezuka's neck and brought their lips together for a pleasant melding. Atobe made little mewling noises and deepened the kiss, his hands splaying into Tezuka's copper strands.


Atobe's eyebrows furrowed a little as he refused to back away from his lover, not that stupid little rat's who's just jealous that he's kissing Tezuka.

This time the interruption came from someone else. "Atobe! We need to be leaving."

Reluctantly, Atobe slowly pulled away. He gave Tezuka a melodramatic, wistful frown. "I'll miss you."

Tezuka, more for Atobe's sake, returned his antics. "I'll miss you, too."

"I love you."

"I love you, too."


"Atobe!" Yuushi once again snapped.

"Yes, I mean really. You'll be seeing him in a few days," an uncaring voice piped up from behind Tezuka.

"No one was talking to you, Ryoma!" Atobe scowled. Then he placed a peck on Tezuka's cheek before turning to follow Yuushi onto the terminal.

Tezuka watched Atobe's lean form until it disappeared.

"Finally. Peace and quiet," Ryoma smirked, adjusting his cap glancing up at the strong features that made the stoic, very attractive billionaire. "Now it's just you and me."


Tezuka heard a quiet knock on the bedroom door. His eyebrows furrowed in curiosity as he called out, "Come in."

The door slowly creaked open and Ryoma had entered. However, when Tezuka looked up his eyes widened a little, astounded. Ryoma was wearing an overlarge shirt that loosely hanged down to just above his mid thigh, revealing way too much of those legs.

"What is it?" Tezuka asked into the silent air when Ryoma just stood there.

"I-" the boy paused and to Tezuka's surprise, he shifted awkwardly and stared down at his naked toes, as if abashed. But then he continued, "I'm scared."

Now Tezuka was completely in shock and he set his book on the nightstand. "Why?"

"Can I sleep with you?!" Ryoma burst out, finally looking up to meet Tezuka's concerned gaze. "I mean… I don't want to sleep by myself right now."

Really trying to process this turn of character in his head, Tezuka just simply nodded. Then he pulled back the covers next to him and watched in astonishment as Ryoma smiled in relief then almost hopped onto the bed like a child.

Tezuka continued to observe, his jaw slackening up when a flash of navy blue briefs taunted him as Ryoma bent his legs so he could slide underneath the thick blankets. And as he slid down on the bed to rest his head on the plush pillow, his shirt deviously rode up showing even more of the tight under garment.

When he saw Ryoma glance at him Tezuka quickly averted his gaze. He adjusted his glasses and forced down a large lump that had formed in his throat.

"Well good night Kunimitsu-san."

Despite the fact that the boy had used his first name so casually, Tezuka could only nod his head in acknowledgment. He didn't know why he was so tense.

The bed's movement told Tezuka that Ryoma was contently snuggling into the warm blankets and pliant mattress.

A few moments passed of Tezuka just sitting there, not even registering the words in his book. Low, rhythmic breaths were all he could hear. But soon the hard beating of his heart seemed to rumble in his ear. Giving up, he set the book on his nightstand.

Tezuka risked a glance, but immediately regretted it. A tempting vision of supple lips invitingly open and eyelashes gracefully resting on rouged cheeks called out to him.

'Give in,' they whispered. 'Give in to temptation.'

All coherent thoughts being pushed out of his mind except for those words, Tezuka found himself leaning down. The center of his vision was those lips, those lips that looked soft and warm.

'Give in… Give in.'

So close now that he could feel the rhythmic breaths ghosting upon his chin. And now, mere millimeters away, he slowly lowered his lids.

'Give in.'

But then realization came to Tezuka and he paused. No! He couldn't do this. He couldn't take advantage of Ryoma who was sleeping, and he certainly couldn't do this to Atobe . . .

"Why'd you stop?"

Tezuka's eyes shot open and jumping slightly, he instantly sat up. That bewitching set of golden eyes was staring up at him in disappointment.

Tezuka couldn't find the words to respond.

Ryoma sat up, still keeping his gaze with Tezuka's. Then he asked again, this time his voice in a low whisper laced with a hidden sensuality, "Why'd you stop?"

Once again Tezuka couldn't answer. It seemed his body was in a frozen slumber.

Ryoma slowly pushed the covers away to display his youthful legs. He then inched closer to Tezuka, an intense depth of hunger glowing in his eyes. Close enough, he provocatively sat in Tezuka's lap, his shirt risen so far that a small sight of navy blue was peeking out.

A quiet gasp escaped from Tezuka when he felt warm fingertips composedly caress his cheek. Then he felt a smooth thumb faintly run along his bottom lip.

Ryoma was following his fingers' movements finally being able to touch the tender skin. He raised his gaze through long lashes to alluringly smile at Tezuka.

To Tezuka's hesitance yet yearning, the boy gradually leaned in. Far back in his thoughts forgotten at the moment was one simple word, 'Atobe.'

However, all he could think of now was that teasing glimpse of navy blue briefs against luscious skin. Tezuka shut his eyes, overridden with a desire he had been trying to repress.

Silky lips barely brushed against his and his heart leaped in exhilaration. Those full lips had a purpose as they pressed against Tezuka's, slightly opening.

When Tezuka felt a velvety tongue drag across his lips he vaguely opened his eyes in satisfaction, but closed them once again as he felt teeth tug at his bottom lip. Then an elated groan resounded in his ears. It wasn't his own voice though.

Soon intoxication enveloped him as Ryoma delved his tongue into his mouth, tasting the billionaire. Ryoma's smaller warm body was flush against his and a persevering hand clung to his hair, pulling their mouths harder together.

Tezuka's hands lustfully swept down to squeeze the boy's inner thighs. Then he guided one hand up, and with pure desire overwhelming him, he slipped a finger into the briefs. A wanton moan emitted from Ryoma in their deep kiss as his finger trailed the inner curve, then lightly grazed over his length.

Rapture overtook them both. But it wouldn't last. Like a door being opened to exhibit the corrupting sounds of the world, their kiss was broken to let reality sink in.

Ryoma was currently assailing kisses along Tezuka's jaw when reality struck the billionaire. Here he was; Atobe out of town, in his and Atobe's bed, committing infidelity.

"Echizen, I cannot do this." He removed his hands from the boy.

Ryoma cast his words aside and continued to kiss along his neck.

"Echizen." This time Tezuka grabbed his shoulders and gently pushed him back. Still grasping his shoulders he looked Ryoma in the eye sternly. It was already bad enough that he went this far. "No more. I can't do this."

A look of disbelief and hurt quickly passed over those golden eyes but were quickly replaced with severity. "Why not?!"

"You know why," Tezuka immediately replied. "I can't do this to Atobe."

The boy's eyes hardened even more hearing that name. "So what, if Atobe knew and let you, you would do it?!"

This was just a resentful rebuke, but Tezuka's response to this made Ryoma falter.

"Yes. But only if he knew and let me. I cannot deny any longer these temptations and desires I have for you. Not anymore," Tezuka looked down almost in shame, but he was just relieved he hadn't gone any further. That he was able to stop himself before it was too late.

"Fine!" Ryoma retaliated, regaining his rage. He roughly got off of Tezuka and practically stomped over to the door. When he wrenched it open he turned to deliver Tezuka a storming scowl. "Certainly that monkey can't mean anything to you." And with those last words of animosity he slammed the door shut.

Tezuka sat there. Never had he been in this type of situation. On one hand he had obvious desires for Ryoma but on the other, he loved Atobe. Right? Didn't he love Atobe?

Soon his conversation with Oishi came to him as he tried to settle in his bed. He and Atobe had been together for a year, yet why was he so unsure about marrying him?


Although at the time it was just a response he did not think too deeply about, Tezuka would later find out that Ryoma would use these words for his personal use.

"If he knew and let you, huh," Ryoma ventured aloud as he stalked back to his room. He thought of how that would exactly happen. How could he convince that rich prat?

Ryoma shut the door to his room and clutched the doorknob in frustration. Now in order to get Tezuka he would have to seduce the diva . . .


An actual 5-Star hotel in Tokyo!

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