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Hakuba wasn't paranoid. He wasn't damnit!

The chill up the spin wasn't a figment of his imagination….he knew someone was following him…the blonde detective would even go as far as saying stalking him.

Especially after the incident at the last Kid heist when the phantom thief pulled him into a closest and-

Hakuba thought that Kid was stalking him.

Let's keep it at that shall we?

Hakuba would always look over his should often, knowing that Kid was out there, staring at him from afar. Just waiting for him to go into a dark ally so he can molest him of or of other things of the sort.

When he stupidly told someone at school, he was laughed, mocked, humiliated!

By Kuroba…

He didn't even tell Kuroba. He told Takimo, a fellow classmate.

Apparently Kaito was right behind him. (Takimo took note that Kaito seemed to be sniffing the brits hair.)

Takimo thusly forgot about the whole incident, caught up in Kuroba's teasing.

Hakuba went back to his first idea of which Kid was, noting that the magician was in a similar mood that the Kaitou was in.

A Stalkerish mood.

Hakuba shuddered.

He's here…

Suddenly he felt his arm become gripped and pulled hard into a small, dark ally.


'But isn't this what you want?'

Who are you?

'You're conscious.'

You're saying that I WANT Kid to molest me?

'Well, I wouldn't go as far as molest…'


'…to be felt up?'

You're a horrid conscious…

YOU DO! Or at least Kaito do it…



"AH! Kuroba? What are you doing here!"

"Scaring you."

"Congratulations." The blonde huffed.

"Listen…I'm sorry…"

"About what? Humiliating me in front of the whole class, or stalking me? Or scaring me to death?"

"None of the above. They all were fun."

"Shut up."



"Well what?"

"What are you sorry for?"


Hakuba was about to question him farther but was interrupted by Kaito's lips pressed hard on his. "Mph!"

The blonde detective thought that it would be like those that he'd seen in shojou, being the first kiss, being short and light.

But Kaito pressed hard and that was when Hakuba thought that the magician should take up the trumpet with lungs like that. "KUROBA!" Hakuba shoved, gulping air like it was his life line. "What…what the hell?"

The magician's face was slapped with a silly grin. "You have no idea how long I've wanted to do that."


"And seeing the way that you're acting, you've wanted it to?"

"What are you going on about!"

"You're holding onto my shirt."


"You shoved me away, but instead of shoving me out of arms reach you clenched your hands and grabbed my shirt…" his grin never faltered.

"I…I need something to hold onto…you took my breathe away."

"I'm flattered."

"Shut up." Hakuba fumed.

"It just shows how much you want me."

"Oh my god shut up!"


"Shut up! At least I don't go around stalking people!"

"Why stalk someone when the person that you would stalk is stalking you eh?" Kaito explained locking eyes with the detective.

"So you ARE-!"

"Yeah…" he whispered, eyes staring at the other's hazel through a half lidded gaze waiting as the detective slowly came towards the other.

"WELL!" Kuroba exclaimed straightening up and slinging his arm on a still half dazed detectives shoulders. "I'll walk you home! You gotta' get ready for the heist tonight!"


"And…" the boy whispered into the taller one's ear, "You're stalker might walk you home tonight as well…"

Hakuba blushed, nodding dumbly.


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