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A young girl stood outside the Leaf Village. She had a bag swung over her shoulder. She let out her breath before she walked forward to the gate. The two ANBU officers stood there at the gate. They soon reacted when they saw this girl coming towards them. She didn't look dangerous but things could also be deceiving. They both took good looks at her as she came closer. Her dark brown flowing hair, and it was about the same length as Sakura's old hair. It was cut in different layers at the end. Her vibrant dark blue eyes, just wanted to make you go "awe". She had a porcelain complexion. The young girl wore camouflage shorts that only came up to her mid-thighs. Her kunai holster was on her right leg. Her black tube top showed off this girl's curves as the black fishnet covered her midriff. You saw a red orb on a circle of steel, almost like an earring except it was going through her belly button. This is what shocked the ANBU; they have never seen a piercing like that. The two males tried their best not to stare at her chest as it seemed like she was very developed. She was thin and looked fragile almost delicate. There was a Konoha headband tied under her shoulder.

"Halt, who are you? State your purpose in Konoha." The male ANBU said as he tried to keep his eyes at her face. If you had to use one word to describe her appearance it would be beautiful, breath-taking, gorgeous, angelic, stunning, the list could go on forever. She almost looked as beautiful as their own pink hair kunoichi.

"Maria, Ava. I'm here back from a seven year mission given by the Third Hokage."

"The Third? He died during the last chuunin exams." He paused. "A seven year mission? High doubtful." The other guard interrogated.

"It's the truth, I'm a chuunin myself. There should be a file on me and the mission. It's upsetting that he died. I was close to him. He wouldn't have died that easily, what killed him, old age?" She joked.

"No he sacrificed himself trying to stop Orochimaru."

"I understand. So who's the new Hokage?"

"That would be Tsunade-Sama."

"So I would check in with her, right?"

"Yes, we'll escort you. We're off our shifts anyway." They both walked aside Ava as they walked trough the village. Two different ANBU took their place at the gate. The villagers started to stare at the three. Even caught a certain blonde boy's eye. He had a wide grin on as he was eating ramen at Ichiraku's. His cerulean eyes went very wide as he dropped his chopsticks. The owner of the restaurant was befuddled since his number one customer stop eating for once in his life. He glanced over the counter to see what the commotion was. He seemed to get the idea why the boy stopped eating.

"So the new girl has caught your eye, eh Naruto?" The said boy stopped staring and turned back to the man.

"It's nothing like that old man… but who is she?"

"Don't know, but apparently important since she's being escorted to the Hokage's office." Naruto picked up his bowl of ramen and slurped the rest down.

"Thanks for the free ramen old man. But I got get going. Sasuke-Teme wants to spar with me." Naruto got up from his seat and ran off while waving at the old man. He ran off to the old training grounds. A grin plastered his face as he saw the log where he was tied to on the sliver bell test as a gennin. He continued on and saw Sasuke waiting fro him. Then he couldn't believe his eyes, there was Sakura- his crush sitting against the tree. He couldn't help but grin her presence would make anyone smile.

"Oi Teme! Can we make this quick, there's something I need to do?"

"What's the hurry Dobe?"

"I need to talk to Tsunde-baachan." Sasuke soon went after Naruto, both using Taijutsu against each other. Sakura just laid against the tree watching her two boys fight. She was concentrating so hard on the fight she didn't notice the ANBU member appear by her. Sakura did finally notice the extra chakra presence and turned to him.

"Tsunde-Sama requests your presence at her office."

"For a mission? Or for training?"

"I was only told to get you, Sakura-san; I don't know why."

"Hai." Sakura did a few handseals and disappeared to the Hokage's office. After a few minutes both boys stopped their fighting. Naruto looked over to the tree excepting to see Sakura only to see- well the tree.

"Where's Sakura-Chan?" Sasuke shrugged. "Well let's stop for now." Naruto started walking towards the Hokage's office with Sasuke following for some odd reason.

"Why are you coming with me?"

"Hn" Naruto just ignored him as he climbed the stairs. He didn't even bother knocking on the door as he walked right in. Tsunde was sitting there overlooking paper work, scribbling. Naruto could tell she was in a good mood since she was doing paper work with a smile on her face. There was no one else in the office. She looked up from her paperwork to see Naruto standing there.

"What do you need-"

"Baachan, who was that girl I saw earlier being escorted?" He wined.

"Naruto hold your tongue! But apparently the girl came back from a seven year mission. Her mission was a success. She was just here checking back in."

"A seven year mission? Is there such a thing?" Sasuke asked- more like snorted- from the doorway.

"It wasn't an ordinary mission; it was specially given to her by the Third Hokage. There was a file on it, she was telling the truth."

"Her parents must be really happy to have her back." Naruto commented.

"Her parents were KIA about nine years ago."

"So she has no place to live?" Naruto questioned.

"No, I set her up with an apartment. And I have enrolled her in your school."

"WHAT?!" Naruto shouted, saliva landing on the Hokage's face. She made a face a wiped the saliva off.


"She's already too advanced for the girl's school."

"How come?" Sasuke's calm voice heard through out the office.

"Maybe the fact that she became a chuunin at age of seven. Then she was put on a seven year mission at the age nine for the Hokage's request. For the Hokage to do this means she must have been an advanced ninja. If it wasn't for her seven year mission she possibly could have made ANBU by the age of ten. I'm betting she would have been more powerful than the missing-nin, Itachi, himself." Sasuke's eyes narrowed at this comment. "Why shouldn't she go to your school?"

"The fact that she's a girl!"

"So, your point?"

"It's an all boys' boarding school!" She still didn't seem convinced.

"She's not going alone. Sakura is going along with her."

"WHAT?!" Tsunde stayed unfazed by his outburst. She wiped the spit off of her face and her chakra was starting to show that she was irritated.

"Why not? She's a top medic trained by me, top of her class, and the girl needs a roommate. Also she can handle herself in a boy's school. Besides she already accepted the offer. Don't you want your teammate in your school?"

"That's…true." He sighed in defeat. He knew Tsunde was stirring up trouble. Naruto sat back in his seat.

"Who's the girl?" Sasuke asked. Naruto looked back at him as like he forgot he was in the room.

"Her name is Maria, Ava and she's sixteen. She will be in your classes and you can ask her the rest since I've told you too much without her consent. It's her life and she can decide what she wants to tell you."

"Can we have her address?"

She cocked an eyebrow. "What are your intentions, Naruto?"

"Just to meet her and to get to know her better, she is going to be our classmate."

"Alright, but if I get complaints or a fight breaks out then you two are in trouble." Sasuke scoffed at her statement. Why should he get in trouble for Naruto's mess-ups? The Hokage handed them the piece of paper and they left the office. The blonde haired woman watched them walk down the street, she let out a sigh. "What am I going to do with you, Naruto?" She asked herself as she picked up the profile again and reread over it.

"So Teme do you really think she would be stronger than…well you know?" He didn't want to mention the taboo name to Sasuke. He always got this dark aura whenever that name was mentioned.

"Hn." It seemed to be his answer for everything these days. They walked to rest of the way in silence. The two boys turned towards the batch of apartments. They walked through the door and up the stairs to the second level.

"Did you hear Gaara is coming to the boarding school? I heard the elders wanted him and his siblings to go for a semester to socialize and become more allied with us." Sasuke's eyes narrowed a bit. He still didn't like Gaara after the Chuunin Exams. He still somewhat respected him since he was the Kazekage but it still doesn't mean he had to trust him. Naruto halted in front of one of the apartments and Sasuke followed suit. Naruto started to feel nervous so he backed up a bit. He then shoved Sasuke toward the door.

"You knock, you're closer." Giving a sheepish grin as Sasuke was giving him a glare.

"You dobe; why do I have to?" He started to give him the Uchiha glare however Naruto seemed unfazed by the glare.

"Because…um…because girls fall in love with you instantly. That's right, they all love you. So she'll fall right for you, like everyone else."

"Fuck you, do it yourself!" The boys continued to fight on who was going to knock on the door they didn't realize that the door was open and the girl rested against the doorway watching the two fight. After a bit she coughed to show she was there. Both of the boys left go of each others shirt and embarrassment was shown on Naruto's face. Sasuke remained emotionless as ever.

"So what brings two shinobi fighting in front of my door…over who's going to knock on it?" Her voice rang out through out the hall, it showed confidence, boldness and strength. It wasn't like other girl's voices which sounded cheerful, flirty and such. No, the only girl whose voice came in comparison was Temari of the Sand. But hers was still different somehow. From what Tsunde said it made her seem like she's intimating. Yet her body said something else, more like fragile. She wasn't ugly that for sure but they couldn't figure out where she would be categorized. She was wearing the same outfit Naruto saw her in earlier. She quirked an eyebrow at the two boys.

"I'm Uzumaki Naruto and you must be Ava-Chan?" She grimaced at that question.

"Don't call me that. Call me Ava, just Ava. So what are you… the welcoming committee?" Man, who knew she would have so much attitude?

"No, we just saw you in the village and heard you would be coming to our school. So we decided to stop by and meet you." He gave her a grin.

"Whatever, come on in." Ava moved away from the doorway to let the boys in. As Sasuke passed she gave him a weird look. She looked out in the halls and quickly locked the door. Ava walked into the living room to see the two boys sitting on the mat in the middle of the floor. She sat on the opposite side of them. She looked over to Sasuke.

"So who are you?"

"That's Sasuke-Teme. He doesn't say much." Naruto answered instead of Sasuke.

"Uchiha Sasuke?" The said boy nodded his head. "So what's your brother up to?" Sasuke's eyes narrowed greatly as an evil aura radiated off of him.


"I. Told. You. Not. To. Call. Me. That." Naruto suddenly felt trapped. Ava was radiating an evil aura but she was starting to look like Sakura when she would hit him for doing something stupid. He decided to deal with Sasuke before he got really upset.

"Sasuke she didn't mean that. She didn't know."

"Know what?" Ava seemed to be back to normal. She completely forgot she was mad at Naruto for calling her that.

"That his brother killed every Uchiha except for Sasuke and then went and joined the Akatsuki as a missing-nin." Naruto soon made an "eep" and put a hand over his mouth. He just spoke something really taboo in front of the one person who would kill if you bring up his past.

"Oh, I'm sorry I didn't know. I won't bring it up again." Sasuke slowly relaxed. "Why is there a Boarding school? Last time I remember there was an academy and then you were put on three man teams and carried out missions. What changed?"

"That's true but Tsunde-baachan and the elders decided during that the time where we're not on missions we should be still learning and since there was a whole bunch of jounin who were no more need on the missions they became teachers. It's like training yet there's much more learning. The elders also wanted us to learn pointless stuff like English and other stuff. But it alternates classes from training to pointless. You still can go on missions; you would get excused from the class. Though we hardly get missions, things have been going really slow since the Chuunin Exams four years ago. Not much activity since. So the Boarding school was created."

"I see. Are we going to be in the same classes?"

"From what baachan told us, yes."

"Oh what room number do you guys have?"


"I have the room right next to it, then. 143."

"Really? That means you're between us and Gaara. I wonder what his roommate is."

"Who's Gaara?"

"He's the Kazekage of Suna."

"Why would he be going to our Boarding school, isn't he really old? Too old for school. And why here, doesn't he have a boarding school there?"

"No he's only sixteen and the elders said something but keeping us as allies strong."

"So much has changed in the last seven years."

"What was your mission?" Ava seemed a little shocked. Sasuke was the one who asked the question. She didn't know he could even speak.

"Studying human behavior outside our village and also learning about the herbs and what they could do to help us. It took a long time but the mission was a success."

"What are you going to do now?" The Hyper-active ninja asked.

"I don't know. So many things have changed. I guess I should pass the jounin test and teach or something. I don't care, I'm just glad I'm back home."

"Yeah, I have to become stronger and become Hokage."

"Why do want to become Hokage?"

"If I was the greatest Hokage the whole village would stop disrespecting me and treat me like somebody…somebody important."

"Well good luck with that. What about you Sasuke, what's your goal."

"To restore my clan and destroy a certain someone. It's not a goal it's an ambition. It will happen." His voice was very dark, very intimidating. So it must his brother that he wants to destroy. Who else would it be? He's not going to be able equal Itachi's abilities for a very long time. As long as they don't meet he should believe he's getting close to equaling. Meaning he wouldn't…I shouldn't think that kind of stuff. Sasuke wouldn't be like that, would he?

"Well it's getting late. I guess I'll be seeing you guys around."

"Believe it!"

"Hn" They all got off the mat ran ambled to the door. Naruto and Sasuke left and Ava locked the door making sure no would break in. They continued to walk down the streets when Sasuke spoke up.

"She's hiding something."

"What makes you say that?"

"How could she have passed the Chuunin Exams when she was seven? There's a reason why and she keeping it a secret."

"Why are you so curious? It's not like you Teme."

"If she knows a way to get stronger fast then I need to know how."

"She's not going to help you unless you go up and ask her. Talk to Sakura, she can help big time."

"Hn" Great, he's going to do something stupid. I might as well make sure he doesn't do anything to serious. He always trains until he's about dead.

"Whatever you're planning count me in." The Blonde said with a huge grin.

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