Yes I know I haven't updated in the longest time and there's no excuse. I'm sorry that I haven't updated any of my stories in a huge while. I'm working on them. I had the hugest Writer's block because there's been a lot of clinks i had to work out with Wildfire goes to Boarding School. So I couldn't type out the story until I figured it all out.

I also had a lot of High School drama happen. So i wasn't in the writers mood as I had to work through all that shit. But it's summer and I'm taking Yoga to help me get away from all the drama. I've been working on my first real Novel one that i want to get published before i finish high school. But I've hit a road block with that story until i can scope more out of the Setting. So now i can focus on my Fan Fictions. I'm definitely going to work on Wildfire goes to Boarding School since I'm really excited with writing out the plot. Expect an Update soon since i have nothing huge planned this summer.

But for now i want your opinion.

On Each chapter you can vote for the next fluff in the next story. The couples of choice are...







So vote who you like best. I of course am going to put the winning couple have a little scene in the next chapter. There's also going to be the fluff required in the story. So you don't know there may be tons of fluff in one chapter. Vote now with reviews. The couple will be featured in the next chapter.

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