4000 Years Was Worth It.

Author's notes: This is where I'll be dumping all my Kratos/Yuan oneshots. Since they come up way too often at times… Hope you like them, and I'll be more than certain to come up all kinds of stories. Oh and don't forget to review!

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Kratos weakly grasped his shoulder in anguish. His mortal body felt as if he were to give in. He could've collapsed in that moment right then and there.

No…just a little bit longer… Kratos pleaded his body.

"Dad! Are you okay?" Lloyd exclaimed as he noticed his father's sudden moment of weakness.

"Yes…I'm alright. Please, head on to Dirk's house, I'll catch up with you there." Kratos insisted.

Unexpectedly, a rush of dizziness overran his body, as he started to feel very light-headed, but he didn't let his companions know. They'll throw a worrying fit over him, about his well-being. He couldn't let that happen, not to what's already going on.

Please…just a few more minutes…Kratos asked once more.

Lloyd, being unsure of himself, knew he could not change his father's mind. It was made up and he was not one to argue.

"O-okay. I'll see you there." Lloyd managed to say, then turned around, and headed for the Iselia forest, along with the rest of the party.

Kratos gave a very tired sigh, as he saw the figures before him, hop onto the Rheiards, and fly off into the ominously-looking sea of purple.

As his knees gave in, Kratos suddenly felt a rush of hands catching him and now supporting his body. Once again.

"We should really stop meeting like this." Kratos slightly teased, as he looked onto the eyes of his holder. Yuan.

Yuan only gave a quick smirk at the remark, as he gently settled his partner down on the ground. He then took a few moments to examine his companion, looking very concerned at that.

He looks so weak, so fragile. The great Kratos Aurion. Fragile? Yuan thought.

Almost as if he were reading Yuan's thought, Kratos looked away and tried to sit up in the least. He writhed in pain at his movement, knowing his body just wouldn't let him.

"Please, you shouldn't move…" Yuan counseled, placing a hand on Kratos's chest, gesturing for him to stay still.

"I have an apple gel if that helps any. I'm sorry I don't have more than one" Yuan said, getting a red, gel-like substance from a small pouch he carried and placed it between Kratos's teeth.

Kratos weakly chewed the substance, as a new wind of strength came forth his body. He managed to get up now, with much more ease, even though he found himself leaning on Yuan. His arms and legs still couldn't hold his weight and it seemed as though he was going to be there for a while.

The two men were sitting down now, Indian-style, on the dirt path. It was a rather awkward sight, as Kratos closed his eyes and rested his head on Yuan's shoulder. Yuan looked on to his companion with a tender watch. It had been a while since the two men had a chance to even enjoy each other's company. They had been too busy with trying to kill each other instead. After a long spell of silence, Kratos has spoken up.

"Yuan...Back there in the forest, I felt something course through my body as you held me." He softly said. Seconds later, the redhead soon noticed how his sentence could easily be taken as something else. Trying to reword his sentence, Kratos had spoken up again.

"Ah, no, what I really meant was-"

"It was the mana I transferred to you." Yuan calmly interjected. I mean, it surely must have been it, for he sure felt something, and it wasn't quite pleasant either.

"Hmmm" was all Kratos said, although he didn't quite seem at all satisfied with the explanation.

He felt as if there was another factor in the equation. And there indeed was…

The auburn haired swordsman took a long, deep breath, thinking about his next move. Yuan noticed it, but didn't mention anything about it.

Then, without warning, Kratos had crawled up on Yuan and placed his head on the other's chest. Yuan was utterly surprised by his friend's actions, yet some part of him did not retaliate. He…found himself to wrap his arms around the body before him.

"It wasn't because of the mana transfer I felt like that…for I'm feeling it again as we speak." Kratos said, burying his face on Yuan's chest.

Yuan felt strange, a warm, pleasant feeling coursed through his body.

"This is how I've always wanted to feel…" Kratos's voice trailed off.

Yuan only tighten his embrace on the man that lay before him. A Cruxis angel should not sense the outside world, as the sense of touch is useless, yet Yuan can clearly feel the other man on top of him. He can feel his warmth as their bodies touch.

"This is how I've always wanted to feel…when I'm with you." Kratos finished.

Another long spell of silence arose as the two embraced in a new sense of passion.

Kratos had spoken once more.

"Yuan…why did you save me?"

"Because I made a promise to myself"

Kratos looked puzzled. What promise could Yuan have made?

"I promised myself to never see you die… To never let you die... I don't want you to die…" Yuan finished off, having an immense expression of hurt and betrayal.

Kratos only cuddled deeper into Yuan's shirt, comforting the man.

"Why did you say…that I would live a life of damnation…?"

Yuan contemplated this for a while, trying to formulate a correct response.

"Because my own life had been living hell…"

Kratos then remembered about the day Martel had been killed. Yuan lamented her loss for weeks. Since then, he was never the same man. Kratos knew of a lost like that was well. Anna was his most prized possession, only to be tainted by his own two hands…

"My life had been a living hell, because I couldn't have you." Yuan finished.

Both had been quiet for a moment when out of the blue, Kratos had knocked Yuan to the ground.

Now, lying on top of him, Kratos looked into his lover's eyes once more, getting dangerously close to the man. As he inched closer, ready for the kiss, the gap had been closed off by Yuan, and their lips met tenderly and the two embraced with emoting desire. The kiss grew deeper and deeper as both men unleashed all of their passion for one another. Yuan forcibly clasped clumps of auburn hair, pushing the other towards him. Kratos tauntingly snaked his hands sensually behind the other man, later digging his fingernails deep into his flesh.

4000 years of waiting for the other went into the kiss. Yuan let a silenced moan inside the other's mouth, finding his tongue to be roughly scraped by Kratos's.

4000 years of wanting the other went into the kiss. Kratos chocked audibly, gasping for breath as the liquids started to spill from the corners of his mouth.

4000 years of sheer lust. As the two finally slowed down, and in the end detached from one another, Kratos had finally said.

"You already have me."

4000 years and it was well worth it.