Title: Trust Me

Author: Orilon

Rating: PG-13 for language

Pairing: CM Punk/Austin Aries/Alex Shelley

Disclaimer: Everything from Ring of Honor belongs to Gabe Sapolsky and Cary Silkin.

Distribution: If you want it, take it, but let me know where.

Summary: Trust issues between the three.

Author's note: takes place after the Austin Aries, Alex Shelley and Jack Evans vs. CM Punk, Ace Steel and Jimmy Jacobs match on ROH Gold. The Ricky mention is Ricky Steamboat.

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I lay on my stomach with my head pillowed on my arms, eyes closed. I'm hoping that the ice pack on my lower back will help me get through the night and also get through my match with Joe tomorrow night. I am not looking forward to doing my second hour long draw with Joe with a fucking injured back but I don't have a choice at this point.

The faint smell of cinnamon and the feeling of hands messaging my neck and upper back let me know that Alex is back. I almost purr softly at the feeling of the message.

I hear Austin come slamming into the hotel room and then he stops when he sees us and I hear him growl. He gives me a shocked look when I ask him why he doesn't trust me.

I heard his soft growl when he saw Ricky giving me a brief neck rub before the match and his "hitting" on Traci was actually him telling her to stay away from me. In addition his baseball slide into her later on in the match was fucking uncalled for and she's still getting medically checked out. I don't need her to be injured because he had a jealous hissy fit. I already dealt with one female friend, emphasis on friend, being injured and taken out, I don't need another one to be taken out.

Also his tackling me from behind in the brawl on the floor after the ref and Ricky took Traci to the back didn't do my back any favors. I also didn't want to have two matches in one night with an injured back, but once again I had no choice. Several months ago I chose to be with him and Alex and I don't intend to sleep with someone else.

Even if "no promiscuous sex" wasn't part of straight edge, I'm not the kind to cheat. I stay faithful to my partners until the very end and don't even think about cheating. I know that they are suspicious of how close I am to Traci, but as I mentioned before, she's just a good friend.

They haven't said it out loud, but I can tell that they hate how close I am to Colt. Once again we're just very good friends that may be close, but its still just friendship. I also cannot believe that they would think that I would do anything with Ricky. I love working with him and having someone I respect teaching me, but he's just a mentor, nothing else. That's just a fact about me, I purr when someone rubs my neck. I'm purring now under Alex like I was earlier with Ricky.

I know that they've seen the pic of me kissing Ace on my website, since they have complained about it; but that was just goofing around. Ace was my teacher and I respect him, but I never would take that farther.

I find it hypocritical it's ok for them to hang around with Strong and Evans but they get uptight when I hang around with Colt and Ace. Trust needs to go both ways.