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Chapter 1: Change of plans

I woke up to an annoying pounding on my door.

"Go away," I said from beneath the sheets.

My sister Petunia walked in pompously. She and I used to be best friends, but then on my birthday about seven years ago I received a letter explaining that I was a witch, and inviting me to Hogwarts school of witchcraft and wizardry, ever since that fateful day Petunia loathed me because of my so called "abnormality".

"Get up, get up" she screeched, pulling the curtains away from the window allowing bright sun rays into my room. "Today you are leaving for you little freak friends house. And I am going to do every thing in my power to get you their ASAP," she moved towards me to pull the blankets off. I clutched the warm fabric only to have it pulled away by the last person I wanted to see first thing in the morning. My sister's long and pointy face peered over the covers with muddy brown eyes. "Get up" she said one last time before she left the room making as much noise as possible. I looked at the clock and groaned. The numbers 7:45 shone on my alarm clock. I planned on waking up an hour from now. I tried to fall asleep again but when the aroma of pancakes made its way to my room I knew it was useless. Damn her, who the bloody hell does she think she is I thought. I rarely cursed but being woken up an hour earlier than I planned definitely called for some profanities in my mind. Unlike my spotless dorm at Hogwarts my room at home was a complete mess with the exception of my schoolwork. I pulled my robe on over my PJ's and trudged down the stairs sleepily.

"Hello Lily flower," said my mother, Nicole Evens. She and I where the same height 5'9", Her hair was auburn and wavy/curly just like mine and we had the same splattering of freckles across our noses. My eyes however are almond shaped and a beautiful shade of green a trait I inherited from my father David Evens. My mother placed a mound of homemade pancakes on the plate in front of me. "Can you explain to me again how this powder works?" asked my mother for the hundredth time.

"Basically I put the powder in the fire and say a specified phrase or address clearly then I step into the harmless flames and I'm transported in a sense." I explained in the best way I knew how. I turned back to my breakfast leaving my mother still confused but their was nothing I could do I explained it the only way I knew how. A large owl pecked at my window with a roll of parchment attached to it. I let it in and found the letter was from one of my best friends Jazzia. That's funny we're going to see each other in a few hours, I thought.

Dear Lilly,

Hey how are you? I know you're coming to my house today and there is really no point in writing since we'll see each other in a few hours but I have some news. Before I tell you I need you to take a deep breath and let you know I wasn't too happy about this either. My parents and Mr. and Mrs. Potter have been friends since school and well, we're spending the rest of the summer with them. I'm so sorry to spring this on you they only told me last night. Please come anyways; I know you loathe Potter I do too! But his mansion is so big we'll never have to see them! I promise we'll still have loads of fun. The new address is Potter Manor.

Lots of love,


P.S. Julian says hi.

No, no, no! I screamed in my head. This cannot be happening, a full week with Potter! Potter the boy who had endlessly pursued me for the past three years. The same boy who pranked everyone and anyone for no reason at all, who walked around the castle as if he owned the place,and who grasped every possible opportunity to show off.

"He's just a big headed pompous git," I told myself. "A slacker who paid no attention and only cared about himself," I said. "No strike that who only cares about himself and those moron marauders," I added.

The marauders are a group of boys in my year. Potter is the ringleader of their little club. Together they plan, pull off, and pay the consequences of various mischief making activities. They are like brothers, indivisible and loyal to each other, I give them credit for at least that.

The one that potter is closest to is Sirius black. Black is my least favorite person next to Potter. He's a ladies man and a player; he has never kept a girlfriend for more than a week. Although he is technically on the "same side" as me (A.K.A the "good" side) his family is full of death eaters and almost 99 of them are stuck on pureblood mania bullshit. Which just goes to show how rebellious and brave he must be to go ageist his entire family. I know this sounds as if I like them but I don't. True I admire certain qualities but that doesn't mean I like him at all.

The next marauder is Remus Lupin; out of the whole groups his is the one I like the most. He is smart and quieter than the rest of the foursome. He's sweet and caring, he is a fellow prefect and was book-smart like me. He is friendly to everyone and is polite. But he has a big secret; Reamus Lupin is a werewolf besides the marauders I am the only one who knows.

The last marauder is Peter Pettigrew. He unlike the other marauders was not tall or handsome. Nothing came to him naturally like it did for Black and Potter and he wasn't book-smart like Reamus. His grades were just passing and he relied heavily on his friends for even the simplest assignment he had neither a way with the ladies nor a way with words in fact it confused me why people like Black and Potter would even hang out with him. He was like a tag along or third wheel.

I can't decide what I should do, stay home and suffer Petunia or go and suffer Potter. I guess I should go to Potters I mean Jay and Jules (my nicknames for Jazzia and Julian) will be there right, I said to my self.

I retrieved my trunk from the front hall and threw the powder into the fireplace I gave my mum a hug and said, "Potter manor" clearly into the green flames. Then I watched my living room swirl out of view.

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