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Summary: Danny and Phantom are twins. Then one day, while they were playing, Phantom goes into the ghost portal and accidentally activates it. When he awakens he has snow-white hair and glowing green eyes. He learns that he has ghost powers but only tells his little brother, Danny, about it. Ten years later, Danny and Phantom start high school. How long can they keep Phantom's secret from their new found friends Sam and Tucker? Especially with ghost hunters and the Wisconsin ghost on their tails? And what are these feelings that they are having toward each other?

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Is death the last sleep? No, it is the last and final awakening.


Seven year old Danny and Phantom Fenton were playing ghost hunters in their parents' basement. It was a common game amongst them, especially since their parents were ghost hunters. They had everything planned out. Phantom was the evil ghost haunting the citizens of Amityville and Danny was the brave ghost hunter who was there to save everyone's lives.

"Get back here you evil ghost!" Danny cried as he pointed his "ectoplasm gun" toward the "evil ghost". Surprisingly the ectoplasm gun looked a lot like a finger.

"You'll never defeat me Daniel Fenton! Never!" The "evil ghost" retorted as he continued to run.

Danny started chasing his brother making noises to indicate he was firing his gun. Phantom looked back laughing at his brother mockingly as he continued to dodge the invisible green goo (as they usually called it). His laughing stopped when he tripped and landed in his parents new "ghost portal" which they had yet to figure out how to make it work yet.

Danny stopped running a foot in front of the unfinished portal and looked at his older brother. "Phantom are you alright?"

Phantom got to his knees holding his head. "Yeah, I'm fine."

"Do you need help getting up, big bro?"

Phantom shook his head and started to get on his feet, using the wall as support. As he got up, his hand accidentally pressed a button. Before Phantom could deceiver what he had pressed against a very sharp pain raced through his body sending him in a whirlwind of pain. He screamed out in pain as his little brother watch in horror.

In the kitchen of the house, Maddie was doing the dishes with her only daughter Jazz. While in the middle of washing a plate she heard a bloodcurdling scream. Maddie dropped the dish and ran toward the source. Halfway there she met her husband. They raced toward the basement to be met with the sight they prayed they'd never see: Danny was kneeling next to the body of Phantom Fenton.

Danny's eyes were glazed over. He was just sitting there staring at his brother. His face was emotionless. It was as if his very soul was sucked out of him and left nothing more than a human shell.

Jack ran toward Phantom and took him in his arms as Maddie ran toward Danny. Jazz ran around panicking. Asking herself what she could do to help her little brothers.

"Jack, get Phantom to the car! I'll be there in a sec!" Maddie commanded. Jack just nodded dumbly before heading out. "Jazz, calm down! I need you to take care of Danny while we're gone, okay?" Jazz nodded as well. Maddie turned to youngest child. "Danny, listen to me son, we're going to take Phantom to a doctor. Now I need you to be a good boy and stay with Jazz while we're gone, okay?"

Then, as if everything just clicked in Danny's mind, his once cloudy eyes became focused again only to be blurry by tears. "No! I want to go with you!" Danny cried has he grabbed his mother by her jumpsuit.

"I'm sorry, honey, but we can't take you to the place we're going. Now please let go" Danny's grip only tightened. "Jazz, could you please take your brother?"

"Come on, Danny. Let's go play somewhere else." Jazz said as she tried to pry her brother off of her mother's leg.

"No!" Danny protested. "I wanna go where you're taking Phantom! Please! I don't want to leave him!"

"Honey, please! Your fighting isn't helping Phantom! Now let go!"

Danny reluctantly let go of his mother's leg and watched as she left the basement leaving him alone with his older sister.

"Danny I…" Jazz began but was interrupted by Danny screaming and running toward his mother. Jazz not far behind.

The raven haired boy tried desperately to catch up to his mother and father as they drove off. Screaming for them to stop and take him with them only for it to land on deaf ears. About a ten houses away from their house, Danny tripped and fell on his face. Jazz ran up to him and knelt down next to him.

"Danny! Are you alright?" Jazz asked softly. It was a terrible ordeal for her, but it must have been a 100 times worst for Danny. That was his twin brother who was going to the hospital.

"Why can't they take me with them? Why wouldn't Phantom wake up? Why do I always have to be so darn weak!"

A fresh new burst of tears came after the last outburst. Jazz grabbed her little brother in to a comforting hug. "No Danny, you're not weak. There's just nothing you can do at the moment."

Jazz held her little brother for what seemed like hours, comforting him with smoothing words. Trying her best to be brave for her little brother, while deep down inside, she prayed to whatever god that would listen that her little brother would be alright.


"And then the doctor gave me this lollipop because I was so brave!" Phantom explained to his little brother.

Danny's eyes widen in amazement. "Wow! I don't think I could have been able to take the needle like you did. I would probably cry and scream than let them put a needle in me."

"Well what do you expect from someone like me, little bro? I'm the great and awesome Phantom Fenton!"

Maddie smiled as she watched the brothers talk. It had only been a day since the horrible accident. Doctors were baffled at what had happen. They said it was a miracle that Phantom was even alive, let alone able to move! It was as if it had no effect on him, except the white hair and green eyes. It was rather strange how his hair and eye color changed so drastically.

Jack was off filling in some paper work at the register and Jazz with him to correct him. That left Maddie alone with the boys.

"So why do you need the needle in you?" Danny asked. "Is it a shot or something?"

"They call it IF. I'm not sure what it is though." Phantom explained. "Hey mommy, can you get me and Danny something from the vending machine. I'm hungry."

Maddie smiled at the boys and nodded. "Sure thing honey. I'll be back in a second, don't go anywhere you two."

The two boys nodded in unison. Once Phantom sure his mother was gone he turned to his little brother with a serious look on his face. "Danny, there's something I need to tell you."

"What is it, Phantom?" Danny asked concerned. What if it was something bad? What if he was dying?

"I think I'm dead."


"I think I'm dead, Danny."

"How? Why? Are you a zombie?"

Phantom shook his head, "I think I'm a ghost."

"Why? I can see you just fine." Then in a blink of an eye, Phantom was gone. "Ahhh! Phantom! Where are you!"

"I'm right here." Came Phantom's voice.

Danny looked around the room but couldn't find him. "Where is here?"

Then just as he had disappeared, he was back in the same spot as if he never left.

"Wow! That's a neat trick! How did you do that?"

"Danny, that's what I'm talking about. I can turn invisible."

"Wow! That's so cool! Wait till we tell mommy and daddy!"

Phantom winced. "No Danny."

Danny pouted. "Why not? If I were them I would want to know."

"Did you forget who they are? They're ghost hunters! They'll try to dispend me!"

"What does dispend mean?"

"You know, dispend. Cut you open and see how you work!"

"I thought that was 'dissect'."

"That's not the point! The point is that you can never, ever tell mom and dad! They'll freak!"

"He's right." Both Danny and Phantom jumped at the sound of the new voice. "You can not tell your parents."

Unconsciously, Phantom pulled Danny closer to him. "Who are you? And why are you here?"

The stranger chuckled. "My, my, my, aren't you the frisky little tike, aren't you? Phantom, right?"

Phantom's eyes narrowed. "Who wants to know?"

"Brother, you're supposed to be respectful to grownups!" Danny preached to his older brother.

"And you must be Daniel." The man said to the smaller of the two. "Daniel and Phantom Fenton, it's nice to finally meet you two."

"How do you know us?" Phantom asked in a low menacing voice.

"Why I'm friends of your parents." The man explained. "The name is Vlad Masters, ring any bells?"

Both boys shook there heads. Vlad growled and said something under his breath that sounded a lot like "Stupid Jack for not telling his children about me".

"But what are you doing here Mr. Masters?" Danny asked innocently.

"I've come here to check up on you boys." He spoke to the twins as he knelt down next to where Danny was sitting (on a chair). "When I heard about the accident I rushed right over here. I just happen to hear about your predicament, Phantom. And I thought I should give you some advice, some heart to heart from a fellow ghost."

Both boys' eyes widened. "You mean that you're a…"

"Ghost too?" Vlad finished for Phantom. "Yes, I am. And I'm here to tell you that you can not, under any circumstances tell your parents about your powers. It'll break their hearts."

"I already know that, stupid."

Vlad frowned. "My, what a sharp tongue you have. I would be careful what you say boy, you may find you and your brother in a world of trouble because of something you said."

Phantom glared at him. "Whatever"

"Um…Mr. Masters," Danny said in a shy, meek voice. "How do you expect us to keep it from our parents?"

Vlad smiled innocently. "Why, I could maybe take you two in. Teach your brother how to control his powers and let you watch. How does that sound?"

Phantom smiled back. "Why that sounds…" His face grew dark. "Horrible! There's no way I'm going to live with you and neither will my brother!"

Vlad's smile quickly faded. "Why you little—"

The strange man made a move to strangle the rude child when Phantom suddenly started screaming. Vlad's expression turned from anger to fear. In a quick motion he turned into a ghost and disappeared from the room. Just as he left, Maddie came into the room hands filled with junk food.

"Phantom! Are you okay?" Maddie asked as she ran to her son.

Phantom nodded. "I'm sorry, Mommy. I just thought I saw a ghost or something."

Danny stared at his brother in silent pride as his mother tried to comfort him. He really wished he could lie like his brother could. Be rude like his brother was. He wished he could have the courage that his brother had. It amazed him how he could stay calm during the scariest of situations. And that was why he loved his brother so much.

To Be Continued…

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