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Chapter 1: Intros, Rain and Boredom

The rain came down heavy outside and a very bored Kimberly Chase sat with her head pressed against the cold glass window. The darkness outside reflected her mood. Once again her parents were out of town on business. They were usally gone for about three months at a time doing something "important and businessey" as Kimberly liked to put it. Normal sixteen year olds dream of their parents going out of town for long periods of times so that they can throw outrageous parties without being caught. But no, not Kimberly like that. She wasnt one to go out to parties, get drunk, smoke or come home pregnant.Kimberly had jet black hair with bright blue eyes. She moved to Lakeview three years ago when her parents wanted Kimberly to grow up in a small town rather than in the Big City. She was doted upon by her parents because they felt guiltly for not being there for her all the time like other parents. Kimberly was fairly quiet and shy and so she didnt have many friends, exept for her two bestest best friends in the world Kelly-Rose LaVelle and Alex Brendon.

Kelly-Rose was Kimberly's gal pal. She was known as the class geek until Kimberly moved to Lakeview, which improved her social status slightly. Her parents Andre and Celeste LaVelle moved from France when Kelly-Rose was two. (A/N: Kelly-Rose may not sound like a French name but I like it so neh). Kelly-Rose had dark hair with darker eyes, with slightly tanned skin, just like her parents. She possessed a slender frame and was neither tall or small.

Alex Bredon was the typical teenage boy who thought of nothing but sex, cars, girls...sex. But above all his male faults he was a loyal friend. He and Kelly-Rose have been life long friends since kindergarden. When Kimberly arrived at Lakeview High, he developed mild feelings for her. Alex was tall with the adverage build for a teenage boy. He had brown hair with blue eyes making him look seemingly innocent.

(back to the present)

Kimberly was wondering round her now lonely house pondering on what she could do to stop boredom overcome her. There was nothing interesting at all on T.V exept for re-runs and celebrity gossip (insert yawn). She looked at the clock hanging on the wall. It was currently 8 o'clock and Kimberly groanded as she flopped on the couch and pressed her face against the cusions. 'Meh! Its only 8 and yet Im still bored', she thought. She popped her head up as she thought 'If I cant make this night go any faster, I'll just have to sleep'. So she padded upstairs into the bathroom to brush her teeth and wash her face. She came into her room and changed into her 'My Little Pony' pjs. She closed her curtains and then slid into her double bed. She snuggled into the middle and closed her eyes and slept through the night.

Until...a noise came from downstairs.

ooooo the drama, the suspense! yep its sort cos it needs to be short otherwise id be boring ya all. but never fear, the next chapter will be longer