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Chapter 11

For what was only a few seconds seemed like an eternity to Kim. Time seemed to slow down. There was no sound, no feeling, nothing. She could do nothing except stare at the sight before her.

She didn't even hear the shill cries behind her. She wanted to look away and yet her eyes could not.

Mr. Lewin's eyes were glazed over, his face emotionless. And yet in this state, a hint of fear could be seen in his staring eyes. Kim looked at his face, and then her eyes moved to the rest of his body, which was about three feet away from where his head was on the floor. His body was slumped against the lockers, sitting in its own blood, clothes completely saturated with the crimson liquid.

She had never seen anything like this before, save for horror films, but she knew then she could hide behind a pillow and tell herself it was just a movie. But this wasn't a movie. This was reality.

Just then she felt someone abruptly shake her out of her trance. She blinked and quickly shook her head to find Tori clutching to her arm. Her face showed the same emotions that Kim herself was feeling.

"Come on! We have to get out of here!"

Not protesting this, Kim and the others quickly moved to the nearest exit. They were so close to the exit. So close to escaping this nightmare. Until they saw three others blocking the exit.

They were huge, hideous beasts, like something one would find in a fairytale. But no fairytale could ever have had such monsters as these. Black, ugly beings, with menacing faces. Along with that, they brandished intimidating weapons. Kim was no weapon expert but she could tell that these poorly made weapons could do a lot of damage. The edges of the blades were jagged and rusted and looked like that they had been used many times.

The creatures were immediately alerted by the four student's presence and all held a frightening smirk on their faces.

"Run!" shouted Jensen as he guided the girls to another exit.

But alas their hopes had been shattered again as there were more of these creatures than before and all were now chasing them.

There was a split in the hallway as Kim and Tori ran off in one direction and Jensen and Jennifer had run off in the other direction.

Kim would have said something sarcastic in any other situation, but now was not the time to hold a grudge. They both ran round another corner to find a dead end. There was nothing but two classrooms and the janitor's closet.

Both girls tried to pry open the classroom doors, but to no avail. Suddenly, Tori grabbed Kim and shoved her into the janitor's closet and followed in herself. Both were now confined in the small space which was filled with buckets, mops and various cleaning products but were thankful that for now they were out of sight.

Kim went to the wall opposite the door and breathed a relived sigh. This was short lived as heavy footsteps could be heard on the other side of the door.

The creatures smelt the air, trying to pick up the scent of the girls who had been seen running down in the direction they were at.

Both girls were silent and dared not to move as if one slightest sound was to be heard and they would have been found. It sounded like the footsteps were moving away from outside and was now rushing off into the distance. Both girls turned to each other and saw the fear that reflected in their eyes, both knowing that they couldn't stay where they were and wait to be rescued.

"What do we do now?" Tori whispered.

"I don't know" Kim said as if she had given up hope.

"Is there any way we can get out of here with out being seen?" Tori asked, still hopeful.

Kim looked up at the ceiling hoping that God would strike her with an idea, not that she was a religious person, but she was still hoping it could happen.

Something in the corner of her eye caught her attention. She turned to see what it was and an idea struck her. She silently thanked herself for having watched many spy movies. She turned her head towards Tori and whispered "The vent! We can climb though the vent!"

"Good idea 007" Tori replied sarcastically, "But how will we know where we are going?"

"That's a good point and one that we shall soon find out" Kim said optimistically.

Kim climbed up on the shelves in the closet and pushed the door of the vent. There was now a dark hole in the ceiling that both the girls were climbing through. Once they were both in Tori shut the vent behind them so that they couldn't be followed. The vents were darker than Kim had anticipated, how could they escape when they couldn't even see their own hands in front of their faces. Kim was trying to mentally map the school and which direction they should go in. Going left, the girls carefully crawled through the vent. All the twists and turns, it felt like they were in a labyrinth and no closer to freedom. Going left again for the sixth time, light dimly shone though the vent. Leading the way, Kim crawled towards.

Looking down she just about saw that it was a dark classroom with a window open. Although from the angle she was looking from, she couldn't see any other part of the classroom, only the windows. Tori hadn't realized that Kim had stopped moving and crashed right into her. This sent Kim onto the vent. The vent door fell open with Kim on top of it, sending her crashing down onto the floor of the classroom. Her head collided with the floor and for a brief moment blacked out.

She was only gone for seven seconds and when she woke up, she wished she hadn't. Kim had landed in slippery liquid on the floor, only to realize that it was blood. Quickly she sat up and her face fell in horror as she realized that the blood belonged to both Jenson and Jennifer. The two bloods mixed together as the bodies were carelessly thrown together. By this time, Tori had landed on a desk and stood in the same horror.

"Oh my God", Tori whispered in disbelief.

She looked down and saw that Kim's clothes were saturated with the blood. She helped her up and moved her away from the bloody mess. Just as she was doing that a monster appeared in the doorway with a sinister smile on its face. Faster than lightning, Tori ran over to the door and slammed it in its face. She pressed her back to it, stopping the monster and others from getting into the room and doing the same to them as they did to Jensen and Jennifer.

Seeing this, Kim pushed the teacher's heavy wooden desk to the door and both girls barricaded themselves just in time as more monsters were trying to break though. This was their only chance to escape.

"On the count of three we jump out the window", Kim told Tori.

She nodded and began the count down.


At the same time, both girls got up and ran to the open window, silently thanking that they were on the ground floor.

They both felt the sweet prolonged fresh air on their faces but new that they couldn't linger in the sense of freedom any longer.

"Where are we going to go?!" Tori panicked.

"To my place, its closer", Kim replied.

Both girls fled from the school and ran in a blind panic as fast as their adrenalin fueled bodies could carry them.

Kim had never been so happy to see her home, she knew the back door wouldn't be locked so her best chances of getting in her house quicker was through there. Kim swung the back gate open will all the strength in her body, almost breaking the gate and ran to the back door.

They had finally made it.

After Tori was in, Kim hastily locked the door, then turned her back and slid down it. Sitting on the kitchen floor she brought her knees up to her chest and started crying.

She heard someone walk in and was happy to see that it was Legolas.

Without realizing it, she ran over to him and hugged him as if for dear life. Not knowing why she was in this state or why she was covered in blood or why Tori was here, he gingerly put his arms around her as she started crying into his chest.

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