Days passed, weeks passed. Finally, Simba was sprawled out on the dry water bed, along with Jar Jar. They had run out of water and food, and were near death. Anakin, on the other hand, was wide awake, trying to fend off vultures. "Shoo, shoo go away!" He soon collapsed from the intense heat.

Simba took in a deep breath. "Sorry for dragging you out here, guys," he rasped weakly to the other two, watching the vultures circle about, waiting for them to drop into unconsciousness.

Suddenly, something ran towards them. It was a meerkat ontop of a warthog. The meerkat's name was Timon and the warthog's name was Pumbaa. Timon and Pumbaa happily began swatting away the vultures, bowling into them. "Ha! Out! Allez allez!" shouted Timon, the meerkat, as Pumbaa the warthog kicked and gouged left and right, scattering the vultures in all directions. "Yow!"

"It never gets old, bowling for buzzards!" chuckled Pumbaa.

Anakin slowly awakened and saw the two animals begin to walk away. "Hey wait, wait, come back, help!" he cried out running toward them.

Timon and Pumbaa screamed and ducked, but then noticed it was only someone talking. "Hey, it's a human!" said Pumbaa.

"Even worse," muttered Timon, as he carefully came closer. "Heeey... what are you doing out here anyway? And how did you get here? Humans don't live here!"

Anakin pointed towards Simba and Jar Jar, who lay unconsious on the dry gound. "Please, me and my friends are lost. We need water. Please help them."

Pumbaa investigated Simba's body as Timon 'eww'd' quietly at the state they're all in. He bent down to investigate. "WHOA! He brought a lion!" Timon hopped onto Pumbaa's head. "And what is that?" he shouted, pointing at Jar Jar.

"Hey! Timon!" remonstrated Pumbaa. "They ain't gonna hurt us! They're all dried up and all alone!"

"Yeah, but what is it?"

"Thats Jar Jar," said Anakin. "He's a Gungan."

Timon blinked. "A goo-ga what now?"

Pumbaa ahem'd and whispered to his friend. "Be nice, Timon... ah, say kid, we know a place where you can get some water! Come on, we'll take you there!"

Timon coughed. "The lion and the frog guy too?"

"Timon, we can't just leave 'em out here! Besides, if we help them, they might be on our side!"

"Pppth... that's the dumbest idea I ever heard! Maybe they... hey, wait! What if we could get them to be on our side! Two's a crowd, five's a family! Come on, kid. Help us get these guys under cover."

Anakin smiled and picked up Simba, while Jar Jar hung off Pumbaa.


The two lead them all to a small oasis near what appeared to be the borders of a grassland, and beyond that, jungle foliage farther off. Pumbaa dropped Jar Jar into the water while Timon tells Anakin to splash some water on Simba.

Jar Jar quickly awoke, shaking his head. He looked down and screamed with joy, "WATA!!!!"

Anakin began to splash some water onto Simba's face. "Simba?" he asked.

Timon rubbed a finger in his ear as Simba groggily woke up. "Ugh... is that water?" Simba asked. "Give... give me some more..."

Anakin fed him more water. "You okay?"

Simba shook himself lightly. "I... I think so... who're those two?" he motioned to Timon and Pumbaa.

"That's Timon and Pumbaa, they helped us. You would've been a goner."

"Mesa glad you okiday now," said Jar Jar, gleefully.

Simba nodded. "Me too."

Timon and Pumbaa cocked their heads to the side. "So, where'd ya'll come from?" asked Pumbaa. "Not often we get visitors."

Timon chuckled. "We've never had visitors..."

"Well, my been banished," said Jar Jar.

Simba sighed, "Same here..."

"I just wanted to see what else there is besides my village," said Anakin, not looking discouraged.

Timon ahh'd and looked to Pumbaa. The two winked at each other. "Outcasts, eh? Perfect!" said Timon. "We're all on the same log! We're outcasts too."

Simba sighed, "Bet you didn't do what I did..."

Timon moved forward. "Not important, kid!"

"Yup!" agreed Pumbaa. "Sometimes you just gotta put your behind in your past!"

"No no no!" yelled Timon. "It's you gotta put your past behind you! Amateur. Listen, just all of you repeat after me... this is what me and Pumbaa say when the going gets tough! Ahem... Hakuna Matata!"

The gang looked at each other, puzzled.

Pumbaa stepped in. "Hakuna... Matata! It means no worries."

"Sounds great!" said Anakin.

"Know anywheresa we stay?" asked Jar Jar.

"We have the perfect place for ya... follow me!" Timon lead them all back into the jungle, and up to the famous overlook. "This is our humble abode..."

The gang were amased. "You live here?" asked Simba.

Timon shrugged. "Wherever we want, pretty much!"

"It's big!" said Anakin.

"It's wet." said Jar Jar, eyes widened.

Simba said, "It's beautiful."

Pumbaa smiled proudly. "I guess everyone's satisfied, Timon!"

Timon chuckled. "Fellas," he said. "This looks like the start of a beautiful friendship."