Love, Fate, Destiny


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Love. Fate. Destiny. Three words, three simple words brought them together.

Love: That tumbling, mysterious force that hits you in the face and leaves you in a dark pit of confusion. That feeling that leaves you dazed and light-headed. That feeling that makes you feel everything is right in the world. That feeling that comes with those three little over used words: I love you.

Fate.You can't run from it. You can't hide from it. What you do, whoever you meet, that's fate. It's a cruel and stern master; deciding everything without your consent. That first chance meeting between two lovers, that's fate. That shock you find within after you find out you're working together, that's fate too.

Destiny,you have to grab it. You can't wait for it to come to you. You decide for yourself what destiny you have. Once you have it, you have to pursue it. You can't stay in one place, waiting for the expected changes to kick in. You have to run after it, fight for it with every inch of your being.

Love. Fate. Destiny. Riza Hawkeye knows those three little words well. It was fate that she and Roy Mustang should meet. It was love that made her want to protect him and stand by him. It was destiny that Roy Mustang was after. And until he met it, Riza Hawkeye would stay two steps behind him. She'd stay quiet about her feelings until then.

"Why do you always protect me!" Mustang asked in drunken exasperation. "Why do you always stand by me? When you know I've done a million horrible things?" he asked, staggering out of her grasp. "I can't even protect the people close to me anymore…"

Wordlessly, Hawkeye reached out and touched his cheek. He looked up. "I'll protect you until the very end. I'll stand by you until then too. You've done a lot of horrible things, I know that." At that Mustang looked down. She brought his face up to look at her again. "Until you accomplish what you've been striving for, I will be there, two steps behind you. Always."

From this you can conclude, that even though they were never spoken, three little words brought these two closer than anyone.

Love. Fate. Destiny.

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