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Hellos! Heh well I'm back to writing now. I don't know how long it has been since I became a yaoi fan, but it has been a long time. Anywho, one of my favorite couple is Goku/Vegeta! I just love them; I love how they are so different yet they fit so perfect with each other. Well I hope you like this story! And if you are not a yaoi fan and think this stuff is disgusting...then why are you here? Why are you reading this? Are you that stupid that you couldn't read "Warning: this is a yaoi fic!" huh? Don't you just hate it when people flame you and say "Why did you write this? It's disgusting! Yaoi is wrong!" it makes you think "Then why did you read it, when it has a clear warning saying it is a yaoi?" 'Specially when the people who don't like pan/trunks or Trunks/Marron flame your story cuz they don't like that couple. I don't like trunks/marron but I don't go around flaming the people who do. I think it just stupid! Wow I better shut up and let you read this story instead of my ranting. Ok, well once again I hope you like this story! Oh, one more thing this story is in point of view!

"Me and My Koi"

Goku's Point of View

The bright light hits my face. I moaned I didn't want to get up from my warm, comfortable spot next to my mate. The sun persists to annoy me. I put the covers over my face hoping to escape the sun's wrath. The baby birds on a tree branch near our window began to chirp loudly. Growling, I gave up, apparently they want me up. I sat up, looking around 'til my vision gets used to the bright atmosphere.

Once I regain my vision, I look at my mate. Long raven hair, eyes darker then coal. I love him. You may ask "him?" yes, him, my high prince. Prince Vegeta, the proud arrogant, cocky, short-tempered Vegeta.

My prince.

My lover.

Soul-mate whatever you wanna call it. He's mine. All mine; he is nobody else except me. I brush my lips against his, hoping to wake him from his slumber. The response that I got wasn't what I wanted but he is starting to wake up. Growling and slurred words spoke

"K-kakarotto stop, before I chop off your lips and feed them to the blasted birds!" he said then fell back to sleep. Grinning I sat on his stomach, and began playfully nipping his neck. All I got was his moan and cheery colored cheeks. I know he wouldn't hurt his koi. I continue giving him my love nips, going further down south. Once I got to mid-stomach he sat up abruptly, bumping my head against his hard, strong chest.

"Ow!" I said rubbing my head.

"That's what you get! I was sleeping good for once!" he snapped. I look down trying to look hurt from his words. I began to sniffle and pretending to wipe away fake tears from my eyes.

"G-gomen, my oujo." I said trying to sound hurt as I possible can.

"I'm not falling for it this time Carrot-Chan!" he said, my plan was ruined, grinning stupidly, I asked

"So, what's for breakfast?" his reaction was him staring at me and blinking.

"You woke me up to make you some breakfast!" he growled. I nodded my head.

"Vegeta you know I can't cook. Plus my tummy is hungry!" I said pointing to my stomach trying to convince him. He continued giving me his "You-baka-you-woke-me-up-for-this-shit" look. I grinned once more. He growled and tackled me to the ground. Pinning me to the floor, he began to bite me on my neck hard. I screamed and tried to push his small body off of mine. He continued his little payback for a few good minutes then stopped. He stared at me while sitting on my stomach. I pouted; I lost to one of his little games again.

"Oh stop being such a baby Kakarotto!" he said. I stick my tongue out at him. He got up and went to the bathroom I felt my neck and saw a bit of blood on my hand. That brought back memories. I remembered the first time we mated, the way he was so gentle with me, the way he whisper sweet sayings in my ear while he was pushing himself in and out of me. It sent shivers down my spine just thinking about it.

When we first bonded, it felt great, he bit me first. Feeling his fangs puncture my flesh, sucking my blood, licking it with his tongue. I licked my lips. When it was my turn I heisted, I was afraid that I might hurt him. Once he reassured me that it wouldn't hurt him and other stuff. Once I was reassured I sunk my sharp fangs into his strong neck. The taste of his blood was sweet. Knowing that blood didn't taste sweet, it was bitter; ok I just ignored that thought and continued sucking his blood. I sighed; those were good memories that keep getting better over time.

Not knowing how long I was daydreaming I heard him yell that breakfast was ready.

Vegeta's Point of View

Setting the food down on the oak table, waiting for my koi to get down here and eat the breakfast that he woke me up for.

"Waking me up for this..." I hear my self mumbled under my breath but I had a smile on my face, he was the only one to make be really smile. I look up to see him already pigging out on his food. I sighed and began eating. After he was done I took the dishes to the sink and started to wash them. He came to help me, well more like play with the soap bubbles.

As I washed the dishes and he playing with the soap bubbles, I started to remember the first time I had feelings for him. Our mates had been dead for years. They died of old age; lucky for us Saiyan-jins we have a much longer life-span and our youth seem to never run out. I and Kakarotto still look like we are in our early-late 20's.

As I was saying when I found I had feelings for this clown, I felt...weird. I was never attracted to any male, but was bizarre. Kakarotto was different; I loved his smile and his "Happy-go-lucky" personality. The man who was my arch rival is now the man who I now cherish. When I told him I had feelings for him he said. "Yea, I know Vegeta. You're my friend too!" he obviously didn't get what I meant so when I explained what I meant, his reaction was a tight hug and said he felt the same way.

I smiled back on that memory. I and he have been together over 5 years; five wonderful years. I smiled as I watch him trying to blow the bubbles into the air, so much like a child.

Lately I've wanted a child. Saiyan-jin males can have a child. So getting him pregnant wouldn't be hard, but I don't know how he feels about that matter.

Putting the clean dishes away I look toward him. Kakarotto is still playing with those damn bubbles. I grinned then unplugged the sink, and watch the pipe suck the water and bubbles away. Now he is glaring at me and all I do is grin.

"Hey! That wasn't nice Vegeta!" he growled.

"So" was my answer.

"So? I was playing with the bubbles!" he yelled, showing his fangs.

"...So..." was my answer again. He growled once more and lunged at me pinning me to the cold tile.

"I was having fun playing with them!" he said.

"...So..." then he did something that gets on my last nerves. With his whiney, high-pitched girlishly loud voice

"'Geta-Chan stop being so mean!" Kami, I hate that voice and he knows I hate it. Growling, I pushed his larger body off mine.

"Ow, 'Geta that hurt." He said while rubbing his head. I rolled my eyes.

"Well if you want a reason to say "ow" then follow me to the training room!" I said walking to the room; he made one of his pouting faces but complied.

After hours of training, we tired out our bodies. Usually we wouldn't be so tired but I and Kakarotto have been slacking off on training. Thinking, me slacking off on training? That's unheard of! But his laziness has been rubbing off on me.

We both walked upstairs to our room to bathe and rest. While my mate sleeps peacefully, I start to think again about having children. I do want another gaki to train, another little one running around the house playfully. Sighing I look at his stomach hoping that one day a child will be in there someday.

I brushed my hand softly against his hard stomach. I carefully lift up his shirt so he will not be waken from his peaceful slumber. I began rubbing his stomach softly again, with each stroke a low, soft purr comes deep within his throat.

I smirk.

"I think I'll ask him tomorrow" I said thinking out loud. When I stopped the belly rubbing his eyes narrowed, I smiled; I knew he would do that if I ever stopped. I continued rubbing him till I fell asleep.

So how is it? Do you like it? Hate it? Tell me! Lol, but really how was it? I think I did pretty well for a first time yaoi story. Don't you? Anywho, send in your comments, I would love to hear what you think. I have more chapters already written but I'm only putting them up till later. Heh heh well I must go, I hope you guys like it, and if you send me flames I'll just simply deleted them, it's that simple. Gotta go! Bye bye!