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BtVS: None really. Post Chosen.

Fantasy Island: 1970s series with Ricardo Montalban and Hervé Villechaize. I actually prefer the 90s remake (given the ratings it was just me about four other people) but this version fit better. Takes place anytime in the first couple of seasons.


Poor Scheduling

"So who do we have today Boss?" Tattoo asked.

"Today we have some very special guests Tattoo and a very difficult fantasy to fulfill," Mr. Roarke answered.

They both watched as the seaplane began to coast up to the dock.

"Smiles everyone, smiles," Mr. Roarke instructed motioning to the band to start playing.

The plane came to a rest at the dock. After a few moments the door opened and the first passengers got out. A rather tall man with a short blonde hair accompanied by an attractive brunette.

"Are these our special guests, boss?"

"No, no," Mr. Roarke said. "That is Mr. and Mrs. Tadline. They are here to experience the thrills of turn of the century Paris."

Another passenger got out of the plane, a woman, perhaps in her early thirties.

"She is lovely," Tattoo observed.

"Yes, she is Tattoo," Mr. Roarke acknowledged. "That is Catherine Denutein."

"And what is her fantasy?"

"To see the world through another's eyes," Mr. Roarke replied. "It is an experience she will long remember," Mr. Roarke perked up. "Ah, here come our special guests."

Five people exited the plane. An older gentleman accompanied by what appeared at first glance to be three college students and a teenager.

"The young blonde woman, I've seen her before," Tattoo said.

"That is not surprising Tattoo," Mr. Roarke said. "She and her friends are quite well known in some circles."

"Who is she?"

"That Tattoo, is Ms Buffy Summers, this generations Slayer," Mr. Roarke said.

"A Slayer," Tattoo's eyes went wide. "Here on Fantasy Island. Why?"

"The same reason everyone comes Tattoo," Mr. Roarke explained. "To fulfill a fantasy."

"And what is her fantasy?" Tattoo asked. "To fight in the Coliseum, to battle history's greatest warriors."

"No, no Tattoo, nothing so simple," Mr. Roarke said. "Ms Summers and her friends have already battled great evils and are destined to face even greater foes in the future. What Ms Summers has asked for will be far more difficult to provide."

"And what is that boss?"

"Ms. Summers has asked for a vacation for her and her friends," Mr. Roarke said. "'A couple of quiet days where nothing happens' in her words."

"How hard can that be?"

"She is the Slayer," Mr. Roarke said. "That alone guarantees difficulties. But I'm afraid I failed take into account the dates she booked for this trip. That will make things far more difficult. Had I known at the time what day their stay would coincide with I would have insisted they change their plans."

"Why boss? What day is so bad?"

"You see Tattoo," Mr. Roarke sighed. "Tomorrow is Tuesday the thirteenth."


A/N #1 – So I did some traveling last month (training class for work, yippee. Eight hours staring at a computer screen to learn a program I've been using for seven years. Thrill a minute) and that got me thinking vacations and this silly idea showed up.

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