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Sengoku High

Sae's POV

Tears fell down my face as I was staring at an old photo of us.

"Why did I think I was in love with him? He was a senior, and now he's graduating. I'll

never fall in love, who could love me? I'm just a nerd, who was being used

to cover for the popular kids. I even did their homework," I said trying to

sound happy, but you could tell I was still sad.

You're probably wondering who the hell I'm talking about. It's Kuwabara,

I should probably go back to the beginning, the first day of his senior year.

Kuwabara's POV

I said, "We can't Hiei, there's no way we'll be able to get away with it."

Hiei answered, "What do you mean? Kurama will make the plants in the principal's office grow and Yusuke will have an army of his ancestor's followers ready to back them up if they're able to get through the plants. It's foolproof."

I laughed. "Look, everytime you say that, we get in trouble. Somebody's gotta cover for us," I said.

He said, "Fine. We'll just get some nerd who the principal always believes to cover for you."

I asked, "And how's that gonna work?"

He answered, "We make her your girlfriend, you can cheat on her if you want."

Mizuki heard them and said, "Wait, you're gonna make Kuwabara get together with some girl just so we can get away with putting the principal's car on the roof. Then you're gonna make him cheat on her."

Hiei said, "I'm not making him cheat on her, that's his choice. Plus, you're my girlfriend, you're supposed to be on my side."

Mizuki then became silent.

"Just because she's your girlfriend doesn't mean she always has to take your side Hiei," said Chi who was standing up for her friend.

Yusuke decided to step in. "Who cares? Kuwabara can just dump her!"

"So thats the plan!" Kurama said hugging Chi, his girlfriend.

"Fine, whatever!" Said the two girls, Mizuki and Chi.


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