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WARNING: This is a yaoi fic which means Male/Male relationship so if you don't, don't read! Also this might have some abuse, citrus, teacher student pairing, me trying to make Gohan wear an all leather outfit...er...anyways so yea if you don't like this then simply don't read. Oh this will have some bad language I like to cuss a lot so...; well have fun reading.

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"Sekushi Sensei"

"Today class we will be discussing about diffusion and we might have some time today to do a small lab which will require you guys to have partners, so lets begin today's lesson" Gohan said over the class chatter, Gohan who is 25 was a high school teacher for biology and P.E in Orange Star High School, he was single since his marriage was broken off about two years ago. Videl was cheating on him with Sharpern, who Gohan hates with a passion but never showed it due to his timidity in high school. He was sadden by his lost but thought of it as a new beginning, he can get a woman who understood him, didn't care that he was sometimes a nerd or likes to fight once in a while. Gohan began talking about the lesson he had plan for today, some of the students listen others pretend to listen but passed notes to their friends and erupt in fits of giggles, he shakes his head and grabbed the notes swiftly as the two girls froze.

He adjusted his thin rimmed glasses and opened the note, "Let's see, Terry do you want to go out with Mai on Saturday to the movies?" he said loudly as the class erupted in laughter and Mai sat there mortified, Terry blushed but declined her request, Gohan stared at the girl and walk back to the white board.

"OK enough now class, settle down" he said calmly the class quiet down and Gohan continued teaching his lesson, Gohan didn't mean to be rude or anything but he notice he became somewhat stricter with the divorce and didn't play around as much as he did with the class like he did before. He became something he didn't want to be: Cold.

"Damn Goten your brother heartless..." Trunks said quietly knowing Gohan will hear him, he and Goten sat in the back of the class. Goten didn't answer but just nodded his head afraid his brother will hear him and give him detention or worse tell his mom that he wasn't paying attention in class. Trunks rolled his eyes at his friend's fright and put on his earphones and tried to sleep in class. Gohan who was now looking at Trunks's direction threw a paper ball at his head Trunks shot up and the class erupted with laughter once again.

"Trunks' since you like to doze off in class would you mind giving me the definition of diffusion?" he said glaring at Trunks.

He straighten himself out and grinned, "Well Mr. Son diffusion is the random movement of particles from an area of high concentration to an area of low concentration" Trunks said with a bigger grin, Gohan almost rolled his eyes but just mumbles "Right..."

"Mr. Briefs if I catch you sleeping in my class one more time..." he paused and continues, "...I'm calling your father" Gohan said knowing Trunks would behave like an angel with that threat. Trunks eyes widen and look down.

"Hai Mr. Son..." he said miserably knowing his father would throw a fit if he got in trouble in class again. Gohan knew he shouldn't threaten Trunks like that but he isn't in the mood to put up with Trunks's little games, he continued teaching his lesson once again with the class full attention. Goten look at his friend who was biting his lip mumbling inaudible things to himself. After Gohan was done explaining the lesson and the lab to the class he order them to get with another class mate and start working on the mini lab. Trunks and Goten were partners and work on the lab.

"Sorry Trunks about my bro...Being an ass, he's just been different ever since that thing cheated on him" Goten said hoping he will calm his friend's nerves; he never referred as Videl as Videl ever since he found out that she was cheating on his brother her name was "thing" he did have others names for her but couldn't say them around Gohan. Trunks looked up and smiled, he was glad that he was his best friend.

"Thanks but it was partially my fault I wasn't paying attention in class..." he said looking at Gohan who was sitting at his desk grading papers from pervious classes.

"Yea Trunks but you know all of this stuff Gohan should know that you know all of this stuff I don't know why in you're in this class anyways..." he said.

"Well without me here you wouldn't be able to pass this class" Trunks said grinning; Goten narrowed his eyes playfully and work on the lab. After everything was done Gohan came by to inspect everyone's work he smiled and told everyone that they did a good job and they got an A on the lab.

"Well class since that you have done an excellent job on the lab you can have the rest of the class time off" Gohan said sitting back to his desk taking off his glasses and leaned his head back on the leather chair.

"Goten, Gohan doesn't look so good you think he's ok?" Trunks said full of concern. Goten stared at him then his older brother.

"I dunno, he's looking kinda pale...you think he's still stressed out?" Goten ask with concern too, both of the hybrids stared at each other thinking what was wrong with Gohan.

"...Possibly but it was two years ago Goten you think he misses her or something?" Trunks said softly, his feelings for Gohan grew more. "I hope that his ok...wait why would I care?" Trunks thought to him self.

"Yea...maybe he's just stress from work wanna talk to him after class?" he said looking at Trunks. Trunks nodded and talk about something else.

The bell for seventh period to end rang loudly and the students left swiftly to the weekend ahead of them, Trunks and Goten stayed behind like they planned and walk up to Gohan who was cleaning the white board.

"Yo bro how are ya?" Goten said to his older brother who didn't turn around.

"Good..." Gohan said quietly still cleaning the board, both boys stared at each other and Goten kept trying to converse with him.

"So...did watch the game last night good eh?" he said hoping he will answer.

Gohan snorted, "No I didn't, I don't watch the games..." he said sounding annoyed. Goten gulp and Trunks glared at Gohan rudeness.

"Um so what did you do last night then nii-chan" Goten said still trying to open a conversation.

With an annoyed low growl, "Listen Goten don't you got somewhere to go? Or your just want to talk to me about meaningless babble!" Gohan said turning around sharply Goten look hurt then said sorry, Trunks eye twitch in annoyance and Goten left. Trunks stayed behind and Gohan continued to clean the board without noticing Trunks was there.

"What's the deal Gohan! We were just trying to help you and you come off like an ass!" Trunks yelled out in rage, Trunks felt Gohan's ki rise and regretted saying anything, Gohan turned around slowly, and his eyes narrowed deathly, "What's my 'deal' My deal is that bothersome people come to me everyday saying "Gohan are you ok, "Gohan is there something bothering you?" all the shit! That's my deal, that's what's bothering me!" Gohan yelled with such anger that Trunks coward, Trunks felt like shit, all he wanted to do is help his friend and now he's gotten him anger at him.


"Just leave I can care less about your 'Sorry's'!" Gohan snapped again, Trunks look down dejected and left the older hybrid alone.

Gohan bit his lip causing blood to trickle down his chin, he lick his lips tasting the metallic flavor and sighed. "Just trying to help...trying to help a loser..." Gohan told him self sadly.

"Wow sorry Trunks, I didn't think Nii-chan would blow up like that..." Goten said drinking some soda his mother brought for him and Trunks. Trunks sip quietly just nodded his head to Goten's apologies.

"Its ok, I blew up on him too so it was like a cause and effect thing..." Trunks mumble sadly thinking about the words Gohan had said to him earlier.

"Yea but still..." Goten answer trying to comfort his friend. Chichi came in with a plate full of snacks smiling happily at the two sad boys.

"What's the matter you two? You usually are talking non-stop about a girl you two saw" Chichi said softly full of concern. Trunks didn't answer so it was Goten's job to reply.

"Oh its nothing Kaasan, were just thinking about stuff so were quiet today but thanks for the food!" Goten said grabbing the little sandwiches. Chichi smiled once again at her son and left them alone to 'Think'.

"Goten...I think I'll leave now...I'm feeling kinda sick sorry bye..." Trunks said walking away, Goten stayed there looking at his hurt friend not saying anything.

"...and I'm addicted to your punishment, and you're the master and I'm waiting for disaster...I'm getting away with murder...I'll drink my drink and I don't even want to I'll think my thoughts when I don't even need to I never look back because I don't even want too and I don't need too because I'm getting away with murder!" Trunks sang while lying on his bed staring at ceiling.

"Well if your getting away with murder you can also take out the trash and clean your room boy" Trunks sat up staring at his father who was leaning against the door way. Trunks frowned, Vegeta grinned, "And maybe me and your mother will sign you up for singing lessons too boy..." Vegeta mock while walking away.

"Asshole..." was all Trunks said and went to do his chores.

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