Hermione's Secrets

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Sun broke from the dark red velvet curtains in the Gryffindor common. Everyone was asleep in there dorms all but one person, we know this person as the one the only Hermione Granger. It seems that this bookworm of the Gryffindor tower apparently dosed off while trying to complete some late night studying. Her head was snuggled in a worn leather-bound book. Her hand still loosely holding the black feather quill with ink dried on the metal tip. She was having a wild dream, beads of sweat were beaming on her forehead. She let out a gasp if someone or something in her subconscious had grabbed her.

Hermione's Dream

In a rather larger living room stood four figures. The living room was filled with muggle toys so it was clear a young child lived there.

"Peter, how are you?" said a much younger Hermione. She looked to be about seven, her hair back to its bushy glory and her two front teeth as well. The younger Hermione was wearing a blue long sleeve shirt and a pair of overalls. Peter turned to face the younger girl. Peter looked to be around fifteen, he was very tall, towering at six foot. His hair was a lovely array of color, locks of red and blonde completed his head full of hair. His face smooth and perfect except for a fair amount of stubble on his chin. His figure was much like Ron's tall and slender. His style in clothing was not what kids would say "cool" it was rather dorky.

"I'm fine and how is my favorite neighbor?" he picked up the young lass and spun her around. She was giggling as she spun around her hair whacking her in the face. As she spun she could she her living room flash in all different directions. A flash of blue walls and hardwood floors flashed at her.

Mrs. Granger turned to she her daughter being spun by their friendly neighbor. Mrs. Granger allowed a smile to cross her face.

"Now Peter, you know all the phone numbers and call us if any thing happens." said Mrs. Granger grabbing her purse. She was dressed in her best dress, it was a long black dress the tips of the dress brushing the ground so softly, every step she took it flowed with her motions.

"Of course, trust me this might be my first time baby sitting, but you can trust me." said Peter a smile brushing the tips of his thin lips. He was about to say something else, but Mr. Granger beat him to the punch. Mr. Granger was wearing a very nice suit it was a pinstriped suit but fitted Mr. Granger fabulously.

"Okay, we trust you." said Mr. Granger he quickly grabbed Mrs. Granger by the hand. Mrs. Granger turned to Hermione as she walked out the door and blew her a kiss, the young girl returned the favor. The door closed behind her mother and soon she was gone.

"So hermie, how's school?" asked Peter making his way to the green plush couch. He was reaching for the remote to start the tele. He turned is attention to the seven year old. Tears brimming in her eyes not tears of sadness but tears of hatred.

"I hate it." said a grumpy Hermione, she looked down at her sock covered feet moving them around the hardwood floor. Yes, hard to believe that the Bookworm of Gryffindor tower was once a slow kid.

"Oh, how come?" the young boy looked at her rolling his eyes. This so-called friendly neighbor could really care less. He was starting to feel uncomfortable this little girl was a very pretty girl. He was looking at her up and down like she was a piece of meat.

"Kids, say I'm stupid," the bushy haired girl looked back down at her feet as if trying to burn a hole in the hardwood. Tears welded in her eyes, she really hated the fact that she was the slowest kid in her class. She was about to go to her room to cry but was called.

"Hey, come over here." the little girl obeyed and walked over to the handsome teen. After a lot of struggling she finally made it on the green plush couch. Peter put one hand on her stomach and he started to tickle her. She started to giggle totally forgetting about her fussing on the most dreaded topic of that seven year old life. Hermione started to feel the urge to use the bathroom. She tried to tell him but he would not listen. Peter started to feel excited.

The tickling started to get worst and more violent, she started to feel the need to go to the restroom. She told the boy to stop that she was about to wet her pants. The teen didn't stop instead he got on top of her. Hermione's beautiful brown eyes got bigger confusion written on her face.

"We are going to play a little game." he started to pant as if he was a dog. He started to kiss her moving his tongue around her face. She was struggling moving her face from side to side to avoid that horrible slimy tongue.

He started to get really angry. He raised his hand and grabbed her neck.

"You are going to stay still so I can explore your meager body. You are the most ugly girl I have ever seen you are nothing," Peter leaned into her ear licking it. She was getting nervous she really wanted out of the house.

She was screaming hoping that her neighbors would hear. Peter got up but keeping his knee on her legs. He started to glare at her, his breathing got more heavy.

He violently ripped her clothes off, he leaned in closer breathing in her scent, the scent of fear.

"Will, you please get off of me," she asked tears running down her petite face.

He did answer of do as told, he started to move down on the poor girl. He started to touch her "danger zone" as her parents told her. He was touch her she started to cry. Why is he doing this he was supposed to be my friend. He stopped, he was about to do the most horrific thing he could do to the poor lass.

"What are you doing," she said confused as to why he was pulling his clothes off.

"This game will hurt but it will be fun after awhile," she was struggling trying to get away but her size was way over matched.

He entered her, She screamed the pain was overwhelming. Blood was trinkling down from where he entered her.

" It hurts stop it…gasp…. I want my mummy," she started to cry uncontrollably. Her whole body was shaking. This seven year old was losing the very thing she loved her childhood.

"If you tell your mummy I will kill you," tears rolling down her face, she started to cry.

"Oh, would you SHUT UP," he grabbed a sock and stuffed it into her small mouth. The only sound that could be heard was her muffled screams.

The pain was unbearable she couldn't take it anymore. She started to feel her self slip away. He began to move faster, causing her to break down.

The young Hermione's vision became blurred, she was checking the clock constantly. Minutes seamed hours, she wished she could be somewhere far away somewhere were monsters couldn't hurt her.

After he was done, he told the young girl that if she told her that he would tie up her parents and rape her in front of them and then kill her father and rape her mother and then kill her.

Weeks after that terrible day, the young girl slipped into a depression. The only thing in life that matter was school. She wanted to prove the other students wrong and most of all wanted something to get her mind off of that dreadful day.


"Hermione, wake up," said a tall red-headed boy. She turned to look at him tears running down her face. Ron looked at her a worried look in his eyes.

"Are you okay Mione?" he took a seat in the chair opposite her.

"I'm okay bad dream." she hastily wiped the tears from her face. It was still early, the air gave off the sweet scent of dew.

"Would you like to tell me about it?" should I tell him, well his is your best friend.

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