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Chapter 17

What are you Crazy?

"WHAT!" Ron bellowed, his eyes roaming her face frantically, trying to find a hint of sanity. She was completely manic. Her eyes didn't hold their wise and brilliant stare as normal but now they were manic and new personality to them.

She stood up, shaking her head at him.

"You don't understand! I want someone that really wants to be with me!" she yelled. Ron stood in shock. He always tried to make her happy, and he truly wanted to be with her.

"You don't think that I love you, that I don't want to be with you," He yelled. Why was she acting like that?

She didn't answer.

"Answer me!" he said in an angry mutter. His eyes were stinging as tears traitor tears threaten to fall.

"I'll answer you!" she screamed, she ripped off the engagement ring he gave her and threw it in his face. His eyes fell as it hit the floor. His cheeks burned in anger.

She started to walk out but he reached out and grabbed her upper arm.

"NO, you listen to me," He said trying to sound forceful and calm. Her eyes widen in shock, her mind violently flashed back to her attacks at the rough motion he grabbed her.

"Lemme GO!!" she yelled smacking him with all her might with her free hand. He dropped her hand as his cheeks burned from the force she smacked him with. She ran out the door pulling at her dress strap. Ron frustrated kicked his chair making it tumble over. He sat down on his bed pushing his hands to the side of his head.

As Hermione ran down to Ginny's room she could feel her tears fall as she hastily wiped them away.

She knocked on Ginny's door hoping that she and Harry (she knew that Harry was visiting) weren't getting cozy.

"Open," said Ginny

Hermione busted in crying loudly. Ginny sat up her book tumbling down to the floor.

"Hermione, Good Merlin what's going on?" she yelled her eyes wide from Hermione's state.

"I….I b-broke up with R-Ron." She sobbed. Cramming her face into her pillow laying on her cot that Ginny put out for her.

"What are you serious," she said sitting up in her bed.

"Yeah, I did," she sobbed.

"Why, what happened?" said Ginny leaning into Hermione brushing her shoulder. Her hands moved over the fingerprints Ron left on her arm. Ginny inhaled deeply as she saw the marks on her arm.

"Hermione did he do this to you?" Ginny asked her fingers lightly tracing the marks.

Hermione nodded.

"I'm going to talk to Ron," Ginny said grabbing her wand anger in her voice.

Hermione stood up grabbing Ginny, her eyes wide.

"No don't he didn't mean too, I was acting mental he grabbed me to calm me down, I was totally out of control, I threw my ring at his face. I was just so angry," Hermione said her wise glaze coming back to her eyes.

Ginny's eyes scanned Hermione, her brow arching.

"So he didn't mean too," she started to sit down "but he hurt you, regardless, he hurt you."

"No, no he tried to grab me as I was leaving his room," she said sighing.

"Well, why did you have a fight and break up for anyway?" she said.

"It's I don't feel like he loves me, like he spends so much time worrying that I'm going to freak out and I don't want him to worry," she said picking at the trim of her dress.

"He is still going to worry about you," She paused sneezing "excuse me, I mean he is your friend he is going to worry still."

"Yeah I guess, but I just thing we are moving to fast, I wanted to have sex with him but I don't know now I'm rethinking everything." She said walking over to Ginny's dresser, picking out some pajamas.

"Well just do what you want, I know Ron's going to be upset but if you want to break up with him it's your business," said Ginny laying back down on her bed.

"Thanks Ginny, I hope Ron doesn't take it hard," she said pulling over her night shirt and pajama bottoms.

"Of course he's going to take it hard you're his first love," Ginny said turning over turning out her bedroom light.

Hermione didn't say anything.


Ron was laying on his bed staring at his ceiling as Harry talked about his plans of attack incase Voldemort just decided to spring up during school.

Ron's thoughts went over her frantic stare her twisted face.

Was she serious? Why did she freak out when he said no?

He finally drifted to sleep as he dreamt of Hermione throwing her ring at him over and over.


Christmas and the holiday went by with out incident. Ron and Hermione spent most of the time avoiding each other. The most they said was apologies as the did the dishes together Christmas night.

Now they were on they're way to Hogwarts for they're final time seeing that this is their final semester at the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.

Harry, Ginny, Ron, Luna, Neville and Hermione shared a compartment. Ron sat closest to the door as Hermione read a book nearest the window. The rest talked about their holidays and the relief that no one was hurt over the holidays.

Ron was picking at a loose strand on his robe. He wasn't paying attention to the group though he did glance at Hermione every once and awhile when he knew she wasn't looking.

Hermione read but wasn't comprehending anything. She was thinking about school and if she wanted to get back with Ron. Though the thought of going back with him was tempting she really wanted to think things though first.

As Ron and Hermione spent the majority of the time avoiding each other. A very regal boy walked by and knocked on the door before pulling it open.

"Hermione, Prof. McGonagall needs to speak with you." The regal boy stated as he glanced at Harry Potter his eyes drifting to his scar. Harry rolled his eyes.

"Oh, yes of course what apartment?" she asked her eyes moving from her book.

"The head compartment closest to the conductor," He said glancing at Luna as a eyebrow arched.

"Okay thanks," Hermione said laying her book down on the seat and walking to the door as the boy step out of her way.

As Hermione walked to the head compartment she wondered why she was being asked to meet with Prof. McGonagall. Maybe it has to be about my Head girl position after Dumbledore's death they didn't have time to get to the decision of who would be the Head boy and girl.

She finally got to the compartment pulling the door she walked in as Prof. McGonagall was looking over some papers.

"Aww, Hermione nice of you to come," she said pushing up her glasses and putting down her papers.

"Thank you, May I ask why am I here Prof." she asked as she sat across from McGonagall.

"Aww well you are going to have to wait till Mr.Malfoy gets here." She said talking a sip of tea.

Hermione groaned, after a bad holiday all she needs is Malfoy.

After a few minutes of sitting in the compartment. The door slowly creaked open. A pale, tall figure walked into the room. One sight of her, his lips turned into a sneer as he rolled his eyes.

"Mr. Malfoy, Miss. Granger, I have great news you two have been chosen to be Head Boy and Head Girl!" she said passing the two their badges. Hermione ran her fingers over the gold and red badge. Out of the corner of her eye she could see Malfoy doing the same.

"As first act of Head Boy and Girl I'm going to need you to patrol the cart and help the students into the castle. After that patrol the corridors after I introduce the new head boy and girl at the welcome back feast." She said not looking at them.

They both rolled they're eyes.

"Great, could this get any better," Thought Hermione. Malfoy didn't even look at her.

Hermione and Malfoy left the compartment together as they patrolled the halls. Hermione didn't look at Malfoy as he barked at students to move out of his way. Hermione could see that they were approaching their compartment. She wanted to run in the opposite direction as they neared it. She just hoped no one would see her walk by. She past the compartment looking straight ahead not looking in.

While in the compartment Harry was discussing the fall he had in second year and how Prof. Lockhart removed all his bones. Harry rolled his eyes as he told his boring story to Neville who held interest. Luna was chatting to Ron who was staring at his shoe. Ginny sat at Harry's side gently rubbing his back.

"I told my dad that if he just added a pinch of peppermint that the Crumbled Horn Shortstack would be more attracted to the odor… he promised to write back if he actually saw one… Why is Hermione with Malfoy? I heard he was dropping out of school my dad said it was because his father wanted him to be a tap dancer." She said looking out the compartment window with mild interest. Ron shot up looking out the window. Hermione didn't even look at him.

Ron glared at her; he wanted to grab her and shake her and ask her if she was out of her mind. Malfoy turned around to grab a first year walking past him with his wand stuck up his nose. Ron gasped He saw the silver badge. Hermione turned around to help the first year with his wand as Malfoy yelled at him but smirking as Hermione popped out the wand. He closed the door and groaned she was head girl and Malfoy Head boy.

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